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1 EDUCAUSE 2001 Tuesday, October 30, 2001. 2 Presenters Tim Bete E-Marketing Manager for Advancement University of Dayton Suzanne Petrusch Director of.

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1 1 EDUCAUSE 2001 Tuesday, October 30, 2001

2 2 Presenters Tim Bete E-Marketing Manager for Advancement University of Dayton Suzanne Petrusch Director of Marketing for Enrollment Management University of Dayton Stuart Harper Senior Vice President LiquidMatrix Corporation

3 3 Where we are now 92% of teens send and receive e-mail 42% of alumni at UD specifically desire regular electronic communication Nearly 100% of institutions have an admissions and alumni web presence

4 4 Technology to increase ROI 84% of universities report that the internet allows them to communicate more effectively with inquirers Stanford study - direct correlation between electronic communication and giving University of Dayton – results of personalized communications

5 5 Web Traffic Growth User Sessions Nov. 1997 – 2000 +738 %

6 6 UD Web Objectives Gain competitive advantage in the marketplace Achieve academic profile Measures that matter— enrollment and net revenue

7 7 Delivering Services Personalize the admission site and join our electronic mailing list (PERMISSION MARKETING) Submit the online application for admission and scholarship Check admission status Submit a financial need estimator Request a campus visit

8 8 First Year Enrollment Outcomes Measures that Matter

9 9 Why We Encourage Use of Our Web Site Personalization 1493students personalized the site – inquiries 797 (53.4%)applied for admission 17.1 % deposit yield Financial Need Estimator 979submitted a financial aid need estimator 754 (77.7%)applied for admission 38.0 % deposit yield Overall Data 47179total inquiries 2000 7495 (15.9%)applied for admission 3.75 %deposit yield Fall 2000 Data

10 10 Three Strategies to Drive Traffic to the Web Cultivate Prospects and Inquiries Use of highly personalized microsites for student search —LipmanHearne Interactive CD-Rom —Avideon Flash E-mail —LiquidMatrix

11 11 Use of Micro Web Sites for Student Search Highly personalized Web sites based on student search URL address contains student name Capture student information and drive them to UD Web Site Students are tracked for visit rate

12 12 How Do We Contact Them? E-mail Message

13 13 How Do We Contact Them? Impact Letter

14 14 How Do We Contact Them? Personalized Postcard

15 15 Visit Rate Results ForecastPlus™

16 16 Microsite Home Page with Personalization Window

17 17 Click Throughs to UD Web Site—Most Popular Life At UD613 Financial Need Estimator476 Admission Home Page341 Admission Mailing List298

18 18 Interactive CD-Rom At a glance statistics Download user data Configure promotion Statistics by hotlink Manage e-mail service

19 19 Interactive CD Results ForecastPlus™

20 20 Flash E-mail Macromedia Flash E-mail — a multimedia experience Personalized with links to UD Web site Reporting tools

21 21 End of Flash E-mail with Links Embedded

22 22 Flash E-mail Tracking Statistics User Listing

23 23 Flash E-mail: Link Tracking Flash E-mail Statistics

24 24 Personalized Home Page w/ To-Do List

25 25 Four years, eight semesters and 26 all-nighters later...

26 26...enter the alumni Web site

27 27 Login uses existing data

28 28 Pre-populated fields

29 29 Grads enter new data

30 30 Opt-in subs are easy

31 31 We got ’em!

32 32 Find your classmates

33 33 E-mails and profiles

34 34 Increased revenue

35 35 Personalization engine

36 36 Stories are targeted

37 37 Editorial linked to $$

38 38 Unique e-newsletters

39 *********************************************** NEW FROM UDQ -- July 31, 2001 University of Dayton news specially selected for Tim Bete *********************************************** Dear Tim, Ask them and they shall give. That's true of UD alumni, who just set a record for donations. Tell them and they shall come. UD's undergraduate enrollment remains strong, and high school guidance counselors have named UD's admission site one of the top five in the country. Thomas M. Columbus Editor, University of Dayton Quarterly ------------------------------------- ALUMNI SET RECORD Twenty-six percent or 14,654 of UD alumni made a gift to the University in the fiscal year ending June 30. This is the best participation rate in UD history. This year's goal: 30 percent. You can save Telefund callers a phone call by making your gift for this fiscal year online at: ------------------------------------- A QUICK GUIDE TO THE ALUMNI WEB SITE How do you find classmates and view the KU Plaza Web cam? Take a peek at the Quick Guide to the Alumni Web site. See ------------------------------------- PIANOS FOR SALE The department of music will have new and used pianos for sale from noon to 4 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 5, in the Music/Theatre Building. See Personal greeting New subscribers only Dayton-area only All alumni

40 40 CONTINUED ------------------------------------- AMERICAN INDIVIDUALISM Will it override tradition, authority and community? Dennis Doyle of the religious studies department in a lecture this summer reminded us we are members of the communion of saints. See ------------------------------------- NEW DEAN ARRIVES Lisa Kloppenberg, an expert in constitutional law, an advocate of settling disputes before they reach court and a proponent of human rights, is the new dean of the School of Law. See ------------------------------------- BEST OF THE WEB High school guidance counselors, in a Kaplan/Newsweek College Catalog poll, named UD's admission Web site among the top five in the nation. UD was also one of two schools in Ohio noted for being responsive to individual student financial aid needs. See ------------------------------------- FREE ERMA BOMBECK SCREEN SAVER FOR WRITERS Phil Donahue to keynote 2002 Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop. See ---------------------------------------------------------------- SEND A CLASSNOTE TO UDQ: Copyright 2001, University of Dayton All alumni Law school grads All alumni Unique ID #

41 41 Targeted e-mail SUBJECT: FREE UD Birthday screensaver! We are sending this e-mail decree Because you have a UD degree Happy birthday to you May your wishes come true And, here's something to download for FREE! To celebrate your birthday, click on the following link to download your FREE UD screensaver ( ) The "Buildings of UD" screensaver works on Windows '95, '98 and NT systems and includes 11 rotating images of campus. A unique feature of the screen saver is that, if you have Internet access, you can use the function keys at the top of your keyboard to connect to UD. For instance, press the F1 key while your screen saver is running and you will automatically go to UD's alumni Web site. A list of the other function keys and installation instructions are below. Happy birthday from all of us at the University of Dayton! Downloads tracked by birthday

42 42 Ponytail e-mail Tim, It's hard to believe but Father Ken Templin, S.M., is going to cut off his trademark ponytail! Father Ken is losing his tail in a raffle that will help pay for 14 UD students to travel to Haiti over spring break to learn firsthand about life in a developing country. The winner will clip Father Ken's ponytail at noon on Tuesday, Feb. 13, outside Kennedy Union, weather permitting. You can watch it happen live, via Web cam, at: To see Father Ken's ponytail and read the complete story, go to: If you'd like to help support programs, such as students traveling to Haiti over spring break, make a gift to Campus Ministry today! Put the word "ponytail" in the "Other" gift designation field. Remember to watch at noon on Tuesday, Feb. 13! If you want an e-mail reminder an hour before cutting time, click here. Unique ID # Ask for $$ Live event Complete story

43 43 Original goals Get 20,000 alumni (25%) registered on the site by 2005 Increase revenue through online donations Decrease expenses by eliminating some printing and postage costs Provide a “wow!” experience for alumni and keep them connected to the University and their classmates

44 44 20,000 alumni by 2005 13,000+ alumni registered now 16.3% of all alumni Expect to have 16,000 to 17,000 by June 2002

45 45 Increase revenue $41,000+ in online donations Several $1,000 to $5,000 gifts Preferred method of giving for many graduates

46 46 Decrease expenses $190,000+ saved or avoided 275,000+ e-newsletters sent. Est. cost if in print: $137,210 100,000+ targeted e-mails sent: Est. cost if in print: $30,000 10,000+ e-birthday cards sent. Est. cost if in print: $5,250 Online address update savings: $18,000

47 47 Create a “wow!” experience 4,100+ UD screen savers downloaded Low unsubscribe rate: less than 0.1% Alumni comments... “Boy, do I feel flattered and special to get this news so timely.” “I have to admit I am impressed!” “I really appreciate all the work you do for us alumni. You really help keep UD a very present part of our lives…and I am grateful.”

48 48 Questions? Tim Bete E-mail: Web: Suzanne Petrusch E-mail: Web: Stuart Harper E-mail: Web: A copy of this presentation can be viewed at

49 49 Copyright University of Dayton and LiquidMatrix Corporation 2001. This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright statement appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the author.

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