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Water treatment/purification options for El Salvador project.

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1 Water treatment/purification options for El Salvador project

2 Chlorine threshold levels

3 Lifesaver jerry can Able to hold 18.5L of water Can produce upto 10,000L of clean water Flow rate of 3L/min Needs to be looked at the household level

4 Aquatabs Could be used as a point of use or community based Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) 1 tablet (8.68g) per 2500L (2 mg/L) Will protect water for 1-2 weeks if the tank is covered Effervescent and dissolves in 10 minutes in a big tank 30 minute treatment time (in smaller tanks) Minimal chlorine taste 3 year shelf life in tubs and 5 year shelf life in strip packs

5 P&G – Purifier of water sachet Point of use disinfectant Calcium hypochlorite and ferric sulfate (Useful for treating turbid water) 30 minute treatment time Chlorine taste dissipates after a few hours One sachet (4g) treats 10L of water – 2ppm of chlorine Shelf life more than 3 years

6 SE200 Point of use or community based Concept based on electrochlorination Eliminates the dependency on supply chain No issues with shelf life Raw materials needed – water and table salt Uncertain if it is commercialized yet  SE200 Target Specifications Treated Water Volume per run200 liters (55gal) Power Source External 12V Battery Run Time 5‐7 minutes Voltage/Amperage 12V / 4.5A Capacity (80 Amp hour Battery)200 runs Wholesale Cost Target$100 Approximate operational cost per 1000 liters$0.13

7 Cost-benefit analysis Weightage (%) Chlorine tablets AquatabsP&G PUR sachet SE200Lifesaver jerry can Cost2511 (?)324 Accessibility / Supply chain 101122 (?)2 Feasibility1011111 Complexity / Ease of use 1021221 Acceptance1543321 Effectiveness253 (?)2221 Shelf life532211 Ranking 1 – Best 5 - Worst ? – Yet to be confirmed

8 Definitions Cost – Cost of purifying water for 10 years per household Accessibility – Are the raw materials readily available Feasibility – Is the process feasible for the community Complexity/Ease of use – Is the process easy for people to practise Acceptance – Will people adopt the process (taste etc.) Effectiveness – Is the process effective in providing clean water to the families Shelf life – Storage duration


10 Backup

11 Overview of the different techniques Great overview of the different methods used currently (Also includes a TED video of Life saver bottles) Water purification methods for developing countries Talks about chlorine, iodine, bromine for water treatment along with reverse osmosis, lifesaver bottles and lifestraws

12 Filtration/purification at the tap  Ceramic filter at the tap Ceramic filters in Cambodia - Field report  Bio-sand filter How it works  Moringa Oleifera seeds How it works

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