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Shale Gas Supply Chain Business 2 Business Forum Venango Technology Center June 28, 2011.

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1 Shale Gas Supply Chain Business 2 Business Forum Venango Technology Center June 28, 2011

2 Outline Basics Marketing Teaming Supply Chain Draft Export Preparedness

3 SGSC Similar To Government Contracting –Maze –Who are the POC –What are SGB looking for –What are their requirements –How do I get them to recognize me

4 SG Phases Drilling & Well Placements Pipelines/Process Facility Maintenance of Lines & Wells

5 Basics Start small and work your way up Invest Time Invest Money Be Persistent Market Research Relationships Get use to “NO”

6 “The line between failure and success is so fine that we are often on the line and do not know it.” Elbert Hubbard American Writer & Business Person 1856-1915

7 Marketing How? –Government Marketing Concept

8 SWOC Analysis Strengths –Commercial client track record –Reputation –Financing –Logistics –Project Management –Geography –Teaming

9 SWOC Analysis Opportunities –New Companies – Looking Local –Urgent - environmental/disaster –Negative media –Local & State Agenda

10 SWOC Analysis Capability means you can do it. Competency is capability + past performance Core Competencies –Do NOT be a Jack of All Trades

11 Competency Statement Show Logo Contact Info Core Competencies Past Performance Differentiators from Competitors Company Data

12 Pre-Marketing Basic Research on Primes –Websites –Teams focus on Agencies (Regulations) –Comfortable with existing supply chain

13 Marketing Value Proposition Competency Statement

14 Marketing Limited Resources –People –Time –$$$ Trust Your Gut

15 Marketing White Paper –Expert –Don’t Pitch –Case Studies –Target Audience –Free access –Help Create Customer list

16 Marketing E-Mail –Practice Anti-Spam Techniques –Short Sound Bites –High Value Content –White Paper Delivery

17 Marketing Website –Most recent project/deal on front page –Two languages –Competency Statement PDF –Easy Navigation –Bullet Format –Past Performance/History

18 Marketing Relationship –LISTEN –Business 2 Business/Matchmaking –Personal Thank You cards

19 Marketing Social Media –LinkedInConnections –TwitterContact –FacebookCommunity –Can ask which ones they use or visit

20 Teaming Subcontractor Joint Venture/Partnership Mentor Protégé

21 Teaming Failures Cultural differences (business/personal) Unclear leadership Clash of management styles Imbalance of expertise or investment Unclear distribution of work Payments

22 Joint Venture/Partnership Help get contracts quicker Bonding Same Philosophies In Writing Relationship Breaks Apart?

23 Joint Venture/Partnership Price Financial Strength Personnel Experience Low Turnover Location Responsive

24 Mentor/Protégé Check with SGB Follow same format as JV/Partnership

25 SG Supply Chain Draft

26 Challenges Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) Prime Point of Contacts Outline

27 How to connect to Primes & vice-versa (Matchmaking) Mobile operations 24/7 operations Lack of local supply chain Insurance Safety/Drug Testing Proper training of suppliers Supply Chain Challenges

28 One-stop shop – Suppliers & Primes Need EIN # and D&B # Free Service Help in doing Credit Check Support Services – PTACs Nationwide System

29 County, Region, Zip Code Key Words NAICS Diversity Joint Ventures/Partners Detail Information –Bonding/Insurance –Past Projects DSBS

30 One Stop Shop – Primes Time Saver Matchmaking Events Prime POCs

31 Example

32 Export World is Flat Great Opportunity Culture the Critical Piece A Plus for Prime Contractors International Purchase of Parts/Services

33 Preparedness Disaster –Natural Flood Hurricane Tornado Earthquake –Cyber/Security –Power

34 Preparedness Business Resumption Plan –80-20 Rule –Workforce –Vital Documents –Equipment Needs –Relocate –Lack of Insurance/Slow Pay –Reviewed Annually at least

35 Outcome Customer Loyalty NOT Customer Satisfaction!

36 Questions

37 Contact Carl Knoblock 412.395.6560 x106


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