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Mr. Davis.  Teacher: Jonathon Davis   School Phone: (951) 739-5670 ext 3120  Classroom: 120.

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1 Mr. Davis

2  Teacher: Jonathon Davis  Email:  School Phone: (951) 739-5670 ext 3120  Classroom: 120  Twitter: @davishistory  Website: School Website  Facebook: Davis History (just a page) like to follow

3  This course will provide students with an understanding of the way in which society organizes its limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants. Students will be introduced to the major characteristics of the mixed market economic system in the U.S. and how basic economic questions are answered. Emphasis will be placed on the individual’s role as producer, consumer, saver and taxpayer in relation to the system.

4  A=90-100%  B=80-89%  C=70-79%  D=60-69%  F=>60%

5  You are expected to be prepared for class. This means that you have read the required text assignment and have your text book, paper, and pencil each day. You will be required to take and keep notes from lectures and class discussions. Everything that will be tested will come from the lecture, reading, class discussions, or projects. Main Procedures to be discussed in class.

6  Attendance is critical for success in this class. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain missed work (notes from lectures, handouts, etc.). Almost everything will be available on the instructor’s website but the instructional aspect is critical to the understanding of the material. What is not available online will be available in class. It is the STUDENTS responsibility to obtained said late work. Quizzes and tests must be made up within ONE WEEK

7  Be on time, excessive tardiness will not be tolerated.  No food, drink or gum in the classroom.  Hall passes – emergency use only – none the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class – no exceptions.  No electronic devises (phones, ipods, headphones, etc)  I enforce all school rules. THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Other rules and procedures will be discussed in class!

8  Stock Market Project – Students will be assigned to a group and compete in an investment project. Students will be given the assignment of investing $50,000 in the stock market. Student groups will compete against each other and extra credit will be given for the top two groups. Each student is expected to keep a stock portfolio and company research notebook. Students portfolios (logs) are to be kept weekly for the six week project.

9  How things work Project- Students will take on different facets of the life that adults must deal with every day including retirement, buying a car, medical and life insurance, etc and determine exactly what they would be willing to do with various budgets.

10  Balancing a budget- Students will balance a budget taking into account many varying factors that contribute to the budget including clothing, electricity, medical, and automobile costs.

11  Spring Break 2013  Plan a vacation to a destination you would like to visit during Spring Break, 2013 (this coming Spring Break). Consider your savings, personal budget, and how you will pay for your vacation. Decide where you will go, how long you can go, and how much money you can afford to spend. Then, develop an itinerary (a travel plan) for your trip.

12  Spring Break Cont.  Your itinerary needs to include the following information: Mode of transportation Routes of transportation (if applicable) Lodging Food Sites to visit

13  Spring Break (cont)  You should document all contacts you make to find information. Brochures, correspondence and records of telephone calls should be included in your itinerary. Also included with your itinerary are costs of the trip. All costs must be exact, to the penny, except where noted below. The costs should include: travel food lodging attractions other entertainment (may be estimated) souvenirs. (may be estimated)

14  When the itinerary is complete, the student will write a 1 page introduction discussing why the area was selected for their vacation. After the itinerary, a 1 page conclusion detailing the comparison of costs and discussing how you can afford the trip will be included.

15  The following are some ideas where to get information from: Individual state, province, country department of tourism travel agencies Sunday newspapers (travel section) Internet Maps Encyclopedias Airlines, Bus Depots, Train Stations City Department of tourism

16  1 st Assignment: Understanding the syllabus and what is expected of you as an individual. Sign this along with a parent/guardian and return by Monday.

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