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Synaxon UK National Conference 2013 Derek J Jones Managing Director.

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1 Synaxon UK National Conference 2013 Derek J Jones Managing Director

2 Current UK Situation UK Population 63.2M (from the 2011 census, the trend line is upwards) Current unemployment now at 2.52m (a further 43,000 came out of work during the period Jan to March 2013) c.9.00 m aged between 16 & 64 were either not actively looking for work or not available for work (this increased by 47,000 Jan to March 13) The only thing supporting the economy is low interest rates – successive governments try to buy their way out with more credit National debt is increasing and is now at record levels Data from the Office of National Statistics They tell us we are not in recession Financially Britain is on it’s knees and will remain so for the foreseeable future HOWEVER ALL IS NOT LOST!

3 I think the Great is back in Britain! Great Britain in 2012 The athletes are no different to you, they simply selected a different path Cycling mastermind Sir Dave Brailsford

4 The truth behind GOLD, behind the WIN! Jessica Ennis - “Without a world class coach, I don’t think I’d be here today” Anthony Joshua - “I left as a new man. I want to thank the support staff” Ben Ainslie - “As athletes we’re there representing all those people who have put in all those hours and effort to get us there to the start line and in a position to win.” Natasha Baker - “I couldn’t have done it without my support team; each and every person has such a significant role to play and is a huge part of my success” Katherine Grainger - “To all the coaches, support staff and everyone behind the scenes, the success wouldn’t be anywhere near what it was without you.” “Psychology is hugely important in success. If you have two people with the same ability it’s what goes on in the mind that can be the difference between winning and losing.” – Catherine Shearer “Behind every well-oiled Olympic machine is a good mechanic.” - Vanessa Davies From behind the scenes: And from Synaxon UK: “You started with an aspiration, you drive it with hard work and tenacity and you succeed through having the best support mechanisms” - Derek Jones

5 Opportunities that support your business Synaxon UK behind the scenes NEW Service & Support Team NEW Synaxon Suppliers NEW Alternative Markets NEW Business Cost Savers NEW Clic2IT Mini NEW SynMarket NEW SynPrint Use your time wisely and discover the WIN WIN formula Buy Better – Sell More – Reduce Costs

6 The Synaxon difference Drum Brae Bear IT Servium Stronghold IT Kingsfield3C Technology Internal Supporting Team BDM External Team Synaxon UK is committed to supporting your business and helping you to WIN 600 Partner Members 50 Partner Suppliers 600 Partner Members 50 Partner Suppliers Buy Better – Sell More – Reduce Costs

7 Derek J Jones Managing Director Chris Butterworth Head of Purchasing Andrew Wygladala Vendor Support TBC–Sep 13 Member Support Sara Plunkett Member Support Ben Appleton Marketing Assistant Carolyn Arthur Office Manager Mel Mermer Member Admin Nathan Addison Snr. BDM Mark Hoole BDM Keith White BDM Possible 2014 BDM Synaxon UK new team members Internal Support UK Team External Support UK Team The UK team is fully supported by the parent company in Germany Dan Smith HTML Web Support Peter Baily Technical Support Simon Meredith Copy Writer & PR Experienced and professional team supporting your business Helping you to discover the WIN WIN formula

8 The Suppliers that make a difference These suppliers will help your business be a winner

9 Go for GOLD with new alternative markets Explore the opportunities that complement your existing business

10 B2B Marketplace, the Synaxon community platform Stands alone but Links products into EGIS Pulls product specification data from EGIS Works in the same way as Amazon or E-Bay Moves used, redundant or overstock products (90% is new) No shopping basket, single order Enter a single product or upload multiple with a CSV upload Full SEO and working well in the German market Sellers and products are given star ratings by buyers Payment is via a 2.5% transaction charge Paid as part of your normal monthly membership The world can purchase on SynMarket / Only Synaxon members can sell product over the platform Very simple to use / on-line tutorials UK Launch for Q4 2013 Go for GOLD with a new cash generator Another first in the UK reseller channel Synaxon Marketplace Pay ‘by result’ only

11 The Synaxon Printer Selling Solution Easy MPS solution, sell via Total Cost of Ownership A consultative approach to selling print & EOS Lock your customer into an extended EOS contract SYNprint information is powered by Context THE PROFESSIONAL WAY TO SELL PRINT HARDWARE Test the system over a 14 day trial period Monthly license fee from £65 per month Another BIG COST SAVER for your business Process card payments more efficiently Terminal rental offer: (9 terminal options) Mobile £19.99 or Countertop £15.00 pm Save up to 40% pa on processing costs Low rate e-com numbers / no setup fee Professional switching service The new services that make a difference Both services are available in the exhibition area or complete your further information enquiry form

12 In Summary Sod the economics be proud to be British, the GREAT is back in Britain and you are a part of the most dynamic fast moving industry that the world has ever seen. Look for marginal improvements every day, every week and every month, when these are linked together (like compound interest payments) you will very soon have a winning business. A little extra can make a huge difference …. the margin between winning in business and being an also ran can be measured in tiny fractions. Support the suppliers, visit every stand and don’t forget the important workshops that have been laid on for you. Book a meeting today with a Synaxon BDM and explore the massive opportunities for marginal improvements that your Synaxon membership has to offer. If you have not got a trading account with Ingram Micro or EntaTech you need one ask them directly or tell Synaxon to get it organised for you Get into selling office products to your customers, open an account with Spicers and if you really want to make this opportunity take off join Integra for only £15 per month. Ensure that you are getting and reading all of the information coming out of Synaxon, join us on our LinkedIn community, use EGIS and make sure you are getting the monthly newsletter. If you WIN then we WIN

13 The Evenings Entertainment Enjoy your Caribbean evening Thank you for listening

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