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Master Teachers’ Guild ATTENDANCE & LECTURE CAPTURE John H. Becker, Ph.D. 9/27/11.

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1 Master Teachers’ Guild ATTENDANCE & LECTURE CAPTURE John H. Becker, Ph.D. 9/27/11

2 Types of Media Audio recordings Video recordings – With or without persons shown Computer capture – E.g. Camtasia records Powerpoint slides and audio Projector capture – Similar to above

3 Issues of Lecture Capturing (L-C) Intellectual property rights – Yours – Anything you borrow and show and post Pre-recording vs live recording +/- editing Camera-shyness (for video) – onto You-tube? Loss of interaction with students (Q&A may be gone) But, near-universal student preference for L-C Costs & technical problems Commercial vs Freeware vs home-made Attendance

4 Literature on L-C and Attendance Cardall 2008 paper –Harvard Medical School – Students M1, D1, M2, & D2; N =353 – Surveys 35 Likert-style questions – Special focus : ability to accelerate video playback – Results Attendance at live lectures – 48% regular, 34% variable, 18% rarely Of all the lectures, how many did you view via: – 57% live, 29% video, 4% both, and 9% neither Video viewing – 100% saw some lectures; 89% used the accelerator

5 Cardall, 2008, continued Most important reason for attending live lectures – 28% not motivated to view recordings – 18% show professionalism/respect to professor – 12% talk with classmates – 11% consumerism (value for tuition) – Other Most important reason for NOT attending live lectures – 22% learning style that works for me – 20% can structure my own day – 20% can watch at my own pace – 14% can set my own learning priorities – other

6 Cardall, 2008, cont. Conclusions Reasons don’t show a lack of commitment : choices are for their professional goals Only 4% of lectures were viewed by both methods – so students are not using them much as supplements Acceleration is a popular time-saver, and 65% said they used that saved time for school-related pursuits. When given an option, students will vote with their feet.

7 Paper #2 Schreiber 2010 Imperial Medical College, London – Students M3s, new Rheumatology didactic unit – Case/control randomized cross-over design N=100, randomized 50:50, then go to other mode – Topics & Modes Vasculitis and Arthritis, same professor, had printed notes Live lecture and “video podcast” 15 minutes each, then Quiz of 17 MCQs Immediately switch to the other unit, using the other mode – Survey Rated content & retention, presentation, and pleasantness Qualitative: free text comments – Results of Survey All 4 presentations rated favorably or neutral Live lectures slightly superior to podcast for content & presentation – 5-point scale, 1 is best: 1.2 for live; 1.5 for podcast

8 Schreiber, 2010, continued Results of Knowledge Assessment (Quizzes) No significant differences Qualitative comments on Podcasts – Pro = convenience (location & controls) – Con = less engaging, requires discipline to concentrate Group 1Group 2 ArthritisPodcast 88.8%Lecture 90.6% VasculitisLecture 89.9%Podcast 86.7%

9 Schreiber, 2010, cont. Conclusions – Students prefer live lecture to video podcast – Knowledge gains were similar – Students value Video for the convenience and ability to review – But Video is “less engaging”

10 Literature What other papers, seminars, blogs, etc have said: – Attendance suffers, but not too much Other tools to insure attendance: – 10 day delay of post, active learning, in-class quizzes, points, stop recording if attendance falls below a benchmark – Other issues Qatar Pharm: use video for teaching assessment & promotion “Dress rehearsal” effect from faculty Outcomes Assessment – Problems with surveys – Has anyone at RFUMS done attendance assessment? See next talk

11 New Technology and Attendance What do you think? Home-schooled med students? Audience debate

12 Software that tracks viewings 2011-09-042011-08-282011-08-212011-08-14Total User Actions Browse 280233802080292511187 DownloadPreview 4055683192741566 DownloadPreviewiOS 37169365 DownloadTrack 20002502130710136822 DownloadTracks 114512783632323018 DownloadiOS 93601914186 EditFiles 19516458192 EditPage 0471021 Logout 515163268 SearchResultsPage 817191862 Subscription 00000 SubscriptionEnclosure 00000 SubscriptionFeed 00000 Upload 16214537119 Not Listed 00000 Total Track Downloads323838401689125910026 Dr C Brandon

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