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Welcome Q3 2012. Introductions Client Group Waddell Power Personnel.

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1 Welcome Q3 2012

2 Introductions Client Group Waddell Power Personnel

3 Class Background & Experience Mr. Mike Andis – Indianapolis Fruit Company Mr. Keith Howard – Sur La Table Mr. James Knorr – Sur La Table Mr. Chris Glasson – Hachette Book Group

4 History of Waddell Power & East Penn Manufacturing East Penn Manufacturing founded in 1946 by Delight Breidegam, Jr. Sally Miksiewicz- CEO & Vice Chairman Waddell Battery Company Inc. founded in 1978 by Gary T. Waddell Kerry Ridge - President

5 Waddell Power Business Segments Motive Power Batteries Chargers Handling Systems Standby Power Stationary Tel-com Parts & Accessories Recycling Service Motive Power Standby Power

6 Deka Batteries Material Handling Video Mr. Matthew Massingale – Service Manager

7 Battery Safety Mr. Max Beaver – Customer Service Manager

8 Battery Components Mr. Matthew Massingale – Service Manager

9 Battery Components Active Materials: -positive active material -negative active material -formed plates -sulfuric acid (1.290 @ 77˚F) Components: Separator -prevents shorting -microporous -different types Grid -positive & negative -post, foot, boot

10 Battery Chemistry, Operations, & Performance What is a Battery? Electrochemical Energy Storage Device -based on conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy -reactions occur at the positive plate and the negative plate to generate power -reactions are reversible, allowing for numerous discharge and recharge cycles

11 Battery Chemistry, Operations, & Performance How a Battery Works Fully Charged: Positive = PbO2 (lead dioxide) Negative = Pb (lead) Electrolyte = 2H2SO4 (hydro sulfuric acid) Two dissimilar metals in sulfuric acid

12 Battery Chemistry, Operations, & Performance What Happens During Discharge? Negative Plate = Pb (lead) -reacts with sulfuric acid ions to form lead sulfate and release electrons Pb + HSO4 -> PbSO4 + H+ + 2e Positive Plate = Pb02 (lead dioxide) -reacts with sulfuric acid ions and electrons to form lead sulfate and water PbO2 + HSO4 + 3H+ 2e- -> PbSO4 + 2H20

13 Battery Chemistry, Operations, & Performance What Happens During Discharge? Sulfuric Acid -consumed by reactions at the positive and negative plates -specific gravity decreases as the discharge progresses -both plates sulfated Overall Reaction Pb + PbSO2 + 2H2SO4 -> 2PbSO4 + 2H20

14 Battery Chemistry, Operations, & Performance What Happens During Recharge? -current is applied in the opposite direction -reactions are reversible -original starting components are restored Overall Reverse Reaction Pb + PbSO2 + 2H2SO4 2PbSO4 + 2H20 -gassing @ 80% or higher

15 Battery Capacity Amount of Active Material: -plate size -number of plates in cell -proportional to active material -concentration of sulfuric acid Measuring Capacity: Ampere Hours @ the six hour rate to 1.70 VPC @ 77˚F 18-D125-17 -1000 Ah Battery (6hr 166.7amps)

16 Battery Operation Operating Window: -charged battery approximately 2.15-2.18VPC -discharged battery approximately 2.00VPC -charged battery approximately 1.285SG -discharged battery approximately 1.160SG Recharge Window: -charger puts out rated ampere hour -voltage approximately 2.12VPC -80% recharged @ 2.37-2.44VPC (gassing) -2.55 to 2.65VPC finish rate

17 Battery Operation Battery Watering: -ideal time to water battery -over watering will cause the electrolyte to overflow -under watering will cause damage to the plates -use approved water only

18 Battery Application Proper Sizing and Use D-Series Fast Charge E-Z Link MaxPowr ChargeMate Maintenance Saver Dominator GelMate PowrMate

19 Battery Application Guidelines Battery TypeDescriptionCapacityLife ExpectancyMaintenance RequirementsDuty Cycle D-SeriesFloodedHighLongestNormalHeaviest Fast ChargeFloodedHighLongestNormalHeaviest E-Z LinkFloodedHighLongestNormalHeaviest MaxPowrFloodedVery HighLongNormalHeaviest ChargeMate**FloodedMediumLongestNormalMedium HydraSaverFloodedNormalLongReduced MaintenanceMedium Maintenance Saver*FloodedSlightly LessLongestReduced MaintenanceMedium DominatorSealedSlightly LessMediumNo WateringLight to Medium GelMate**SealedSlightly LessMediumNo WateringLight to Medium PowrMate**SealedMedium No WateringLight to Medium * Denotes ~ 3" Taller headspace for extended watering intervals ** Denotes on-board charger

20 Battery Operating Characteristics Values "Flooded" Lead-Antimony Batteries Date:1-Mar-09Replaces:5-Apr-07 # of CellsNominal Voltage Open Circuit Volts On Charge VoltageMin V/C Full Chg. Fork/ Tilt Load Fully Discharged (Final 80% DOD) Fully ChargedDis-Charged (80% DODFull DischargedCharger DC Amps80% ChargedFully ChargedCharger DC Amps A/1002.372.554 to 5 A/1001.901.84 61212.912.012.820 A/10014.215.34 to 5 A/10011.411.0 91819.418.019.220 A/10021.323.04 to 5 A/10017.116.6 122425.824.025.620 A/10028.430.64 to 5 A/10022.822.1 153032.330.032.020 A/10035.638.34 to 5 A/10028.527.6 163234.432.034.120 A/10037.940.84 to 5 A/10030.429.4 183638.736.038.320 A/10042.745.94 to 5 A/10034.233.1 244851.648.051.120 A/10056.961.24 to 5 A/10045.644.2 326468.864.068.220 A/10075.881.64 to 5 A/10060.858.9 367277.472.076.720 A/10085.391.84 to 5 A/10068.466.2 408086.080.085.220 A/10094.8102.04 to 5 A/10076.073.6 60120129.0120.0127.820 A/100142.2153.04 to 5 A/100114110.4 64128137.6128.0136.320 A/100151.7163.24 to 5 A/100121.6117.8 120240258.0240.0255.620 A/100284.4306.04 to 5 A/100228.0220.8 Specific Gravity Readings Fully Charged after "daily charge" value is 1.280 at 77F (25 C) Fully Charged after "equalize charge" value is 1.285 at 77F (25 C) Allowable Tolerances: Voltages + - 0.15 volts on charge Specific Gravities 0.020 points variations

21 Battery Charger Application Matrix Charger TypeFreezerHigh Temp Multiple Shift Single Shift Light DutySealed Batteries Opportunity Charging Fast Charging Ferro - 100% YYYYY Y Ferro - 80% YYYY Ferro - 60% YY Single Shift Y SCR YYYYYY SCR - Opportunity/Fast Y YY YY High Freq - Standard Output YYYY Y High Freq - Opportunity Charge YYYY YYY High Freq - Fast Charge Y YYYYY

22 Electrolyte End of Charge and End of Discharge Information 12-Aug-10 Battery TypeFull Chg SpG80 % Dod SpG100 % DOD SpGDanger SpGTemp F D-Series (D)1.2901.1651.1351.08077 MaxPowr (P)1.3251.1901.1601.10077 HydraSaver (H)1.3001.1801.1501.08077 Maintenance Saver (M)1.2501.1651.1351.06077

23 The Impact of Temperature on Battery Capacity Temp °FTemp °CBattery Capacity 8027100% 601680% 40465% 20-752% 0-1840% -20-2928%

24 Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

25 WADDELL POWER Indiana Operations




29 BATTERY & CHARGER MONTHLY RENTAL: VoltageBattery Charger 12V $200 $130 24V $315 $170 36V $380 $210 48V $450 $250 *Opportunity Charge Battery or Charger add $50.00 (includes BID, SPWS, & SREM) **Fast Charge Battery or Charger add $100.00 (includes BMID or BFD, SPWS, & SREM)

30 BATTERY EVALUATION INCLUDES: Wash battery, neutralizing corrosion Equalize charge (constant current charging if necessary to drive acid from the plates) Capacity load test Written report with recommendations Voltage Battery 12V $120 24V $156 36V $198 48V $216

31 ACID ADJUSTMENT INCLUDES: Specific gravity measurement of each individual cell Temperature correction Particulate removed Electrolyte exchanged with new Gravity restored to manufacturer specification

32 BATTERY EVALUATION & RECONDITIONING INCLUDES: Voltage Battery 12V $240 24V $312 36V $396 48V $432 Technical Inspection is conducted Cables, connectors, contacts replaced as needed Battery tray is ground to metal Battery is repainted Battery is resealed

33 Customer Service and Support Indiana Phone: (317) 547-3090 email:

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