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Scaling Bus Dev & Driving Channel Volume, The DocuSign Way KC Hamels, Sr. Director, Business Development July 24, 2014 The Global.

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1 Scaling Bus Dev & Driving Channel Volume, The DocuSign Way KC Hamels, Sr. Director, Business Development July 24, 2014 The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management™

2 Agenda DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL2 Quick DocuSign Overview Why is Business Development important to a Start up? How DocuSign leverages Business Development & Channel functions Wrap up/Q&A

3 How Did I Get to the Startup Sales Conference? 3


5 “Oh, I’ve used DocuSign! I just bought a house…” DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL5

6  Enables end-to-end solution to PREPARE, EXECUTE, and MANAGE transactions in an all-digital environment  Integrates with existing digital systems (e.g. CRM, HCM, ERP)  Mobile-enabled  Securely encrypted  Legally binding  Accepted and utilized around the globe How DocuSign Works DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL6

7 7

8 Vision Empower organizations to “keep business digital.” Leader Among Analysts #1 eSignature Takes Off #1 eSignature Wave #1 eSignature Solutions Market Leader More than 110K Customers 188 Countries, 43 Languages Top brands across industries Leader in Users 40M+ Users, 40K New Users/Day

9 DocuSign at work Mobile Apps iOS, Andriod, Win 8 Desktop/Laptop Create templates Admin controls System automated API Custom work flows Customer Integrations Integrated Enterprise Solutions Custom work flows Customer Integrations

10 Why is Business Development Important? DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL10

11 Quick Quiz  Who in your company has responsibility for:  Mapping and networking your ecosystem?  Building long-term relationships and driving deals with strategic partners?  Identifying, evaluating and executing acquisitions?  Developing and executing your strategy to go global?  Working with you to tackle major strategic opportunities? DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL11



14 Definition: Strategic business development is an investment in systematically mapping and networking your ecosystem to drive transformational opportunities. Although the CEO will be heavily involved at times, it’s not primarily the CEO’s role. Nor should strategic BD be confused with Sales. Although very complementary to Sales, it’s also very different in that it doesn’t follow a quarterly cadence. It’s focused on a very few high-impact events a year rather than a large volume of quarterly transactions, so it should have separate goals and incentives from those of Sales. Strategic BD should be low headcount and high impact, led by a senior professional operating at a peer level to Sales, Engineering and other company functions. O’Farrell, John January 6, 2012, Who you gonna call? The importance of strategic business development. Retrieved from DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL14

15 SO…why is Business Development important?  Need to create a network of partners that can assist with reselling or allowing access to your product  Strategic chess moves  Scalable = “more feet on the street”  Direct sales is $$$$  Enhances and lends creditably to your product  Gets everyone involved:  Developers are your friends, they will make your product better  FOCUS on the things that matter:  What do we want to be when we grow up?  What will move the needle? DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL15 “What distinguishes the winners from everyone else is that they are systematically networked into all of the surrounding companies that matter, so they can identify and seize the transformational opportunity when the time comes.” John O’Farrell, Andreessen Horowitz

16  Business case  Executive Sponsor (internal & partner)  Timeline for executing  Resources needed  Quick outline of opportunity Put action plans in place DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL16 Corporate wide strategic alliance to make cloud solutions default in Fortune 500 companies Strategic Alliance on Cloud X Phase 1: Digitalize Phase 2: Expand Continue to bring value to businesses with more robust cloud offerings in ERP, HCM, CRM Phase 3: Innovate and Unify Create new joint use cases and help unify digital transactions across different product lines Roadmap to Success Current pipe: Hamels Camels, Sailboats4you, 3DayWorkweek Identify new customers who could benefit from our joint solution Joint Customers Freemium RevShare Referral Revenue Model

17 Channel Surfing?  Is the reseller channel right for your business? DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL17

18 How does DocuSign Leverage Business Development? DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL18

19 Sometimes “Start Up” BD can feel like this… DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL19

20 DocuSign Business Development DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL20  Reports through Chief Revenue Officer  Team responsible for ISV’s, System Integrators, Developers/API, Channel, Partner Development, and Vertical Segments

21 Responsible for DocuSign’s Partner Ecosystem  Our primary goal is to enable partners to be successful, resources are key! Accelerating Partners’ Success Pre-Built DocuSign Connectors Hundreds of Partner-Built Solutions Certified Consultants & Systems Integrators Superior API & Toolkit

22 Self-Service Resources DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL22

23 DocuSign Channel Partners DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL23  Started small, scaling as we go  Global footprint  Address potential issues head on  Communicate value to DocuSign AEs  It just takes one deal…  Set realistic expectations for ramp

24 Keys to our success DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL24  “It takes a village…”  Partner Product Marketing  Partner Product Management  Partner Sales Engineer  Partner Engineering  Customer support  Executive leadership support  Team dynamic, hiring the right people  Evolution of digital transaction management


26 What I’ve Learned About Business Development DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL26 1.Identify goals for each partnership Revenue, reach, block competition, global expansion 2.Business Development is not “sales”---technically, put on your strategic thinking cap 3.Things change on a daily basis- oh boy, do they! 4.Identify key areas of FOCUS 5.Leverage the Developer community (because they rock) 6.Global expansion will not happen without a robust partner ecosystem 7.Provide self-service resources for partners= life saver! 8.Build a professional network & stay informed I never want to be the last to know 9.Communicate your plans & manage up 10.Collaboration is the name of the game 11. MOST IMPORTATNLY, HAVE FUN!!! 12.(chalkboard is the new Comic Sans)


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