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Oracle Database 12c Upgrade

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2 Oracle Database 12c Upgrade
Tools and Best Practices from Oracle Support This is a Title Slide with Picture slide ideal for including a picture with a brief title, subtitle and presenter information. To customize this slide with your own picture: Right-click the slide area and choose Format Background from the pop-up menu. From the Fill menu, click Picture and texture fill. Under Insert from: click File. Locate your new picture and click Insert. To copy the Customized Background from Another Presentation on PC Click New Slide from the Home tab's Slides group and select Reuse Slides. Click Browse in the Reuse Slides panel and select Browse Files. Double-click the PowerPoint presentation that contains the background you wish to copy. Check Keep Source Formatting and click the slide that contains the background you want. Click the left-hand slide preview to which you wish to apply the new master layout. Apply New Layout (Important): Right-click any selected slide, point to Layout, and click the slide containing the desired layout from the layout gallery. Delete any unwanted slides or duplicates. To copy the Customized Background from Another Presentation on Mac Click New Slide from the Home tab's Slides group and select Insert Slides from Other Presentation… Navigate to the PowerPoint presentation file that contains the background you wish to copy. Double-click or press Insert. This prompts the Slide Finder dialogue box. Make sure Keep design of original slides is unchecked and click the slide(s) that contains the background you want. Hold Shift key to select multiple slides. Apply New Layout (Important): Click Layout from the Home tab's Slides group, and click the slide containing the desired layout from the layout gallery. Agrim Pandit Principal Software Engineer Oracle Software Support September 30, 2014 Copyright © 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. |

3 This is a Safe Harbor Front slide, one of two Safe Harbor Statement slides included in this template. One of the Safe Harbor slides must be used if your presentation covers material affected by Oracle’s Revenue Recognition Policy To learn more about this policy, For internal communication, Safe Harbor Statements are not required. However, there is an applicable disclaimer (Exhibit E) that should be used, found in the Oracle Revenue Recognition Policy for Future Product Communications. Copy and paste this link into a web browser, to find out more information.   For all external communications such as press release, roadmaps, PowerPoint presentations, Safe Harbor Statements are required. You can refer to the link mentioned above to find out additional information/disclaimers required depending on your audience.

4 Program Agenda 1 Why Upgrade ? Overview and Concept Upgrade Tools and Best Practices Useful References for Upgrade 2 3 4

5 Why Upgrade To 12c Release 1 ?
Benefits of upgrading the database New Features Useful and Desirable Features Improve Performance Potential Cost Saver Easy Administration Increase Support Length Premier Support until July 2018 Extended Support until July 2021 Premier Support Save Extended Support Fee Patchset, PSU,SPU and other Bug fixes are available

6 Upgrade Vs Migration UPGRADE The process of changing the data dictionary contents of a database to reflect a newer release No User or Application data will be touched or modified Independent of the size of the database Major Release Upgrade : Upgrading from 11.2 to 12.1 Patchset Upgrade :Upgrading from to MIGRATION Move to new OS ,hardware and character set conversation. Dependent on the size of the database

7 Upgrade Methods DBUA (Recommended) Manual Upgrade Expdb/Impdp

8 12c Upgrade Path Direct or Indirect Path

9 Upgrade Documentation

10 Upgrade Companion MOS Note Oracle 12cR1 Upgrade Companion

11 Upgrade blog

12 OTN upgrade page

13 Certification Database Sever and Platform certification

14 Software Download Locations

15 Install the latest Software
Reduce patching downtime: Install the LATEST PATCHSET or BASE RELEASE Patchset is complete installation software from Onwards Install the Binaries in new Oracle home . Recommended: OUT OF PLACE Apply the latest PATCH SET UPDATE for Unix and BUNDLE PATCH for Windows The first PSU for will be released on October 2014 Apply Interim Patches for Known issue Note : Quick Reference to Patch Numbers for Database PSU, SPU(CPU), Bundle Patches and Patchsets

16 Upgrade Grid Infrastructure
Upgrade Grid Infrastructure BEFORE upgrading the Oracle Database Install the Grid Infrastructure in NEW Oracle home ( Out-of Place Upgrade) Oracle Grid Infrastructure Home Oracle Database Server Home Note How to Upgrade to Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c Release 1 and Known Issues

17 Pre Upgrade Checklist Source Oracle home
VALIDATE Invalid database OBJECTS in SYS and SYSTEM schema Invalid database COMPONENTS SYS and SYSTEM does not have DUPLICATE OBJECTS CLUSTER_DATABASE is set to FLASE REMOVE HIDDEN parameter and EVENTS DEPRECATED parameter OBSOLETE database COMPONENTS RECYCLE BIN objects CREATE Gather Statistics Preserve Statistics Backup of the Database

18 New Pre-Upgrade Information Tool :preupgrd.sql
Upgrade SQL Automation preupgrd.sql is introduced in 12c R1 It has replaced utlu<nnn>i.sql Runs in the source Database Generates Fix up scripts preupgrade_fixups.sql postupgrade_fixups.sql

19 Prepare Source database
Run Preupgrade Tool on the Source Database Execute preupgrd.sql Location: $ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/<SID>/preupgrade Logs generated by preupgrd.sql Copy preupgrd.sql & Utluppkg.sql Source DB Target DB preupgrade.log preupgrade_fixups.sql - postupgrade_fixups.sql

20 Preupgrade Checks Compatible Parameter Check OCM user existence check
$ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/<SID>/preupgrade/preupgrade.log $ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/<SID>/preupgrade/preupgrade_fixups.sql Compatible Parameter Check OCM user existence check Gather dictionary statistics

21 Remove Obsolete Components
Enterprise Manager Database Control Repository is superseded in 12c By EM Express Remove EM repository It will be automatically removed during the catuppst.sql post-upgrade phase. $emctl stop dbcontrol ?/rdbms/admin/emremove.sql Remove Oracle UltraSearch before doing the upgrade Oracle UltraSearch does not exist in Oracle Database 11.2 and onwards For Oracle Database 10.2 ?/ultraserach/admin/wk0deinst.sql SYS password ‘‘ ‘‘

22 Oracle Label Security Essential Step if Oracle Label Security and/or Database Vault was already in the database before upgrade Execute olspreupgrde.sql in source Database ?/rdbms/admin/olspreupgrade.sql Prepares the move of AUD$ table from SYSTEM to SYS. Processes the audit records to minimize downtime. Move records to an interim temporary table.

23 Time Zone Version Pre or Post Upgrade Actions
Default Time Zone Version 12c R1 is DST V18 If Time Zone version at source database HIGHER than target database Apply the Time Zone patch on target to match the source database version If Time Zone version at source database LOWER than target database Time Zone conversion need to be done post upgrade. Most Recent Time Zone version is DST V22 Time Zone definitions in $OH/oracore/zoneinfo Note Scripts to automatically update the RDBMS DST (timezone) version in an 11gR2 or 12cR1 database

24 Backup the Database Take a backup of the Database. Always create a valid and complete online backup with RMAN Test the restore and the recovery at least once. Make sure your fallback strategy covers during and after cases

25 Compatible Parameter Compatible 11.0.0 or higher is MUST
Minimum COMPATIBLE parameter for 12c is Leave COMPATIBLE at the original value for a week before changing to No way back once COMPATIBLE set to Compatible or higher is MUST Downgrade NOT possible Compatible remain to 11.x.x Downgrade possible Database restart is required to change the COMPATIBLE parameter later SQL> alter system set compatible = '12.0.0' scope=spfile; SQL> Shutdown immediate ; SQL> conn / as sysdba SQL> startup

26 Diagnostic Collection Script (dbupgdiag.sql)
Note : Script to Collect DB Upgrade/Migrate Diagnostic Information (dbupgdiag.sql)

27 New Upgrade Utility :
It is introduced in Oracle database server 12c R1 It loads the data dictionary and components in PARALLEL Default Parallelism 4 Maximum Parallelism 8 supported options

28 12c Upgrade Start the Database in UPGRADE mode using the 12c binaries
Exit the sqlplus

29 12c Upgrade Parallelism Start the upgrade on the Shell with with PARALLEL option .

30 12c Upgrade Logs Default log location is current working directory
Use –l parameter to specify the log location One log file for each thread Upgrade is running with 8 Parallel processes Total DB components upgrade time

31 Post Upgrade Checklist
Target Oracle home EXECUTE $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlrp.sql $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlu121s.sql UPGRADE TIMEZONE version CREATE SPFILE for PFILE Gather STATISTICS BACKUP of the database

32 Post Upgrade Fixups TimeZone Version Check
$ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/<SID>/preupgrade/preupgrade.log $ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/<SID>/preupgrade/postupgrade_fixups.sql TimeZone Version Check Gather Fixed Objects Statistics

33 Verify Upgrade Logs Review Upgrade logs and traces
DBUA logs $ORACLE_BASE /cfgtoollogs/DBUA/<SID>/upgrade<n> If ORACLE_BASE is set $ORACLE_BASE /cfgtoollogs/DBUA/<SID>/upgrade<n> If ORACLE_BASE is NOT set $ORACLE_HOME /cfgtoollogs/DBUA/<SID>/upgrade<n> Manual upgrade logs Location Specified using - l parameter of Current working directory Check alert_SID.log utlu121s.sql output

34 Verify Upgrade New successful upgrade status for CATALOG and CATPROC component Run the utlrp.sql to change the status to VALID

35 Upgrade Status Summary Tool :utlu121s.sql

36 Useful References for Upgrade
Note Oracle 12c Upgrade Companion Note Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) Upgrade New Features Note Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) DBUA : Understanding New Changes With All New 12.1 DBUA Note Complete Checklist for Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) using DBUA Note Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrades to Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) Note Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) DBUA in Silent mode



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