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RTF Small / Rural Subcommittee Thursday, December 12, 10am – 12pm.

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1 RTF Small / Rural Subcommittee Thursday, December 12, 10am – 12pm

2 Agenda Introductions Review of the 2014 RTF Work Plan Upcoming RTF actions that may affect S/R utilities Manufactured Home Decommissioning S/R checklists for UES measures – For measures approved by the RTF in July through November Ongoing S/R Work - Barn Lights, Schools Lighting, and Schools Weatherization contracts 2014 S/R Work Plan - measure scoping study of rural health care facilities in 2014 Discussion

3 RTF 2014 Work Plan All documents can be found at – Approved by RTF, RTF Policy Advisory Committee, and Council. Business Plan is a good place to start: – 2014BusinessPlan.docx 2014BusinessPlan.docx $40K budget for Small/Rural Subcommittee

4 Upcoming RTF Actions of Interest Ductless Heat Pump UES has been approved – Subcommittee working on screens, particularly useful for HZ3 because of prevalence of supplemental fuel. – Subcommittee webpage Scientific Irrigation Scheduling – RTF staff developing a Standard Protocol – Presented to RTF at November meeting, RTF asked staff to continue working with subcommittee – Subcommittee webpage 4

5 Manufactured Home Decommissioning Boyd Wilson, BPA asked to discuss this: This is a social engineering project. – It will take a variety of funding sources to accomplish because there is probably not one funding source that can support it all. Suggest that we get a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) student to look into the funding of this program. – There are about five accredited MSW programs in the Region, with Walla Walla University being one of the five. – Boyd is willing to see if they have an MSW student that is interested in researching this topic. 5

6 Recently Approved UES Measures – June 18, 2013 Commercial Grocery - Anti-sweat Heater Controls (small saver) – July 16, 2013 Commercial Showerheads (small saver) Commercial Cooking – Combination Ovens (small saver) Commercial Cooking – Hot Food Holding Cabinets (small saver) Commercial Cooking – Fryers (small saver) Commercial Cooking – Steamers (small saver) Commercial Cooking – Convection Ovens (small saver) Schools - Network Power Management (small saver) Grocery - Display Case Motion Sensor (small saver) – August 20, 2013 Residential - Advanced Power Strips (planning) Residential - LEDs (proven) Residential - Prescriptive Duct Sealing (planning) – September 17, 2013 Commercial: Cooking Equipment - Pre-Rinse Spray Valves Commercial: Grocery - Anti-sweat Heater Controls Residential: Appliances - Clothes Washers in SF – October 15/16, 2013 Residential: Lighting – CFLs and Specialty CFLs Residential: Lighting - High Performance 4-foot and 8-foot T8 Lamps –

7 Ongoing Work - Barn Lights Presentation by Nick Bengston and Eric Mullendore, PECI s/meetings/RTF_UES%20Barn%20Lights%20presenta tion_131209.pptx s/meetings/RTF_UES%20Barn%20Lights%20presenta tion_131209.pptx

8 Ongoing Work - Schools Lighting Analysis being conducted by Bob Tingleff and Mike Baker, SBW – Reviewed BPA Lighting Program data to identify common measures – Discussed measures with regional subject matter experts – Working on reducing measure set to manageable size that covers most common measures – PacifiCorp will provide HOU results from metered study – We will likely ask the S/R Subcommittee for feedback between now and our next quarterly meeting (March 2014).

9 Ongoing Work - Schools Weatherization RFP has been posted Proposals due December 20, 2013 sWx/ sWx/ This project is being funded out of the RTF General Fund, not the S/R budget.

10 2014 Work Plan Subcommittee selected a scoping study of rural health-care facilities as top priority for 2014. – Focus on small health clinics, not hospitals or large health facilities – Focus on human health clinics Some research into differences and similarities between human and animal clinics. – Subcommittee may want to expand scope of the effort to include more sites and/or veterinary clinics. We’ll likely have a special Subcommittee meeting to discuss this topic with NEEA, Avista, and other organizations that have been active on this topic (~ end of January). Do you know of any audit data of rural health-care facilities that could inform this research?

11 Discussion Announcements? Feedback on S/R Subcommittee 2013? Interests for Subcommittee in 2014 beyond health care measure scoping?

12 Happy Holidays Source:

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