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BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS Instructional Support Services Isaac and Kaitlin.

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1 BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS Instructional Support Services Isaac and Kaitlin

2 Basic Parts  Hardware Computer Tower Monitor Keyboard Mouse

3  Software  Windows vs. Mac Operating System  Computer Programs Installed Example: Microsoft Programs iTunes Games

4 On Your Screen Ribbon Tabs Quick Access Toolbar Zoom Control View Buttons Project Area

5 Using Windows  Starting Programs  Double click to open.  The program opens in a new window.  The program will be represented by a button on the taskbar.  Searching within the Computer

6 Managing Your Files  Saving Files  Places Flash/USB Drive FTP to (K:) Drive Desktop

7 Managing Your Files Continued…  How to Save Save vs. Save As Save As – Can rename file so that previous work is not overwritten Save – Saves under current document name File Tab Save Button CTRL + S

8 Managing Your Files Continued…  Transferring Files  Copy and Paste Hot Keys: CTRL C and V Right Click with Mouse  Drag and Drop  FTP  Deleting Files  Right Click with Mouse  Delete Key

9 USB Dos and Don’ts  Do  Log in to the computer before inserting flash drive.  Push flash drive all the way in.  Allow the computer a few moments to recognize the device.  Don’t  Remove before properly ejecting.  FORGET your flash drive.

10 FTP and Your (K:) Drive  Access K: drive on UMSL computers  Saving Directly  Programs  Internet & Web Publishing  Secure FTP  Access From Your Home Access From Your Home  Follow above link at: y/tsc/filestoragespace/ ml y/tsc/filestoragespace/ ml  Download on Home Computer

11 FTP and Your (K:) Drive Continued…  Transferring 1. Open Secure FTP Program 2. Click Quick Connect 3. Enter Username (Your SSO ID)

12 FTP and Your (K:) Drive Continued… 4. When prompted with this alert CLICK NO 5. Enter your SSO password

13 FTP and Your (K:) Drive Continued…  There are now two screens:  Left - contains the files of the computer that you are currently logged on to  Right - contains the files within your (K:) drive

14 FTP and Your (K:) Drive Continued… 7. Open the folder that contains the file you wish to transfer. 8. Right click on the file and select: UPLOAD – if transferring files to (K:) drive from current computer on the LEFT DOWNLOAD – if transferring from (K:) drive on the RIGHT to your current computer 9. Remember to disconnect. File  Disconnect

15 Personalizing Your Computer  Adjust your settings in the Personalization Tab of the Control Panel.

16 Personalizing Your Computer  You can select a theme or create your own.  Adjust your:  Background  Task Bar  Sounds  Screen Saver

17 Adjusting Your Background  You can browse optional photos through the drop down menu or the browse button.

18 Adjusting Your Background  Adjust the fit of the photo on the screen here.  You may select multiple photos.  Adjust the time between photo changes here.  Adjust the random shuffle of the photos here.

19 Adjusting Your Screen Saver  There are a variety of screen saver options for you to choose from the drop down.  Check this box to have your computer direct to your log in screen once you resume working on the computer.  Change the amount of idle time required to induce your screen saver here.  Preview the screen saver by clicking this button.

20 Adjusting Your Screen Saver  You can select your own photos as your background.  Click the ‘Settings…’ button to make adjustments.  Select photos by clicking the browse button.  Change the speed at which the photos change here.

21 Changing Your Visibility  Start > Control panel > Ease of Access Center >  Magnifier Tool for Display  Keyboard will open as a window on your display  Change Size of Text and Icons

22 Adjust Your Volume  Click once on the speaker at the bottom right portion of your screen  Slide this bar up and down to adjust

23 Task Manager  CTRL + ALT + DELETE  Programs  Utilities  Task Manager  Lists all programs CURRENTLY running on the computer.  Programs can be closed here.  Good solution to minor computer issues.

24 Useful Tools  Accessories  Snipping Tool  Calculator

25 Useful Tools: Snipping  Snip parts of your screen

26 UMSL Software

27 Microsoft Programs: Word Quick Access Toolbar Tabs Ribbon View Buttons Zoom Control Project Area Font Type Font Size Other Font Controls

28 Other Programs  Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint also offered  Blackboard Instant Messenger  Registering Via MyGateway  Access and Use Programs  Internet  Blackboard IM Can instantly message classmates.  Programs for Class

29 Entertainment Software

30  iTunes  Windows Media Player  QuickTime  Moviemaker  Adobe Photoshop

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