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Mr C Johnston ICT Teacher

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1 Mr C Johnston ICT Teacher
BTEC IT Unit 09 - Lesson 11 Network Security Mr C Johnston ICT Teacher

2 Session Objectives Know risks associated with unsecure networks,
Know different security measures which network technicians and managers use to keep a network secure, Carry out a range of different configurations which will help to protect a network from potential security threats.

3 Network Security Networks are part of our everyday lives and are often as risk from potential security threats, Ensuring that network are secure is paramount not only to protect the data which is held on servers but also the potential impact of network failure can be financially costly. As a network administrator you must ensure that: Security software is up to date on all clients and servers, Firewalls are check regually, Privileges (who has access to what and why) are checked frequently, No business decision will compromise the network and vice versa.

4 Identity Spoofing (IP Address Spoofing) Hijacking
Trojans / Trojan Humans Identity Spoofing (IP Address Spoofing) Hijacking USB drives / optical media Sniffing Eavesdropping Wireless access points / WIFI Data Modification Potential Network Security Threats Potential Network Security Threats Lack of employee alertness Mapping Social engineering DoS (denial of service attacks) Flooding Employees bringing in own devices Man-in-the-Middle Attack Compromised-Key Attack Password-Based Attacks Application-Layer Attack

5 Security Measures Password policies Authentication techniques
Access control list Permissions and user rights Backing up and restoring Encrypting Biometrics Vetting and control of personnel Physical security measures (CCTV, Lock and key) Firewalls Software protection


7 Making Network Secure Activities
Activities which can help to make a network secure include: Creating a new user account with a sensible username and password, Apply permissions to the account for group membership, restrict login hours, restrict machines can log into etc. Create a security group and add users to it, Create a group policy object to restrict what users have access to on a client machine, Set authorisation permissions for the user to access a shared drive or folder on the network, Grant the user with Read, Write and Execute access controls to a shared drive or folder on the network, Create a password policy on the server, Set an access control rule on the servers file wall – open up / restrict ports, Schedule a folder to be backed up to either the NAS box or to tape, Delete and then restore the folder from the last available back‐up, Encrypt the data stored in the shared drive or folder so that it remains secure, Review the physical security of the server and recommend how this could be improved, Install Anti-Virus software on a client machine and ensure its scheduled to automatically scan the machine and update, Install a screen saver with a password on a client workstation, Remove a virus using Antivirus software.

8 Activity Guidance P6 requires you to complete as many of the activities on the list as possible, Some activities can be done on the E108 network others can be done on stand alone machines – Some software will be available to assist you on my website, Create screenshot evidence to illustrate each activity.

9 Impacts on Loss of Network Service
You have looked at potential problems associated with network security breaches and some of the measures which can be taken to prevent them…. M3 requires you to report on the impacts to business of network security breaches – Impacts are the problems which occur and how they affect the organisation as a result of network security breaches.

10 Impacts to Consider For each of the impacts listed below you need to give as many examples are you can along with measures which can be taken to prevent them arising. The impact of loss of service, The impact of loss of business or income e.g. through loss of customer records, Potential increased costs, The impact of loss of confidentially, The impact of compromised data integrity, The impact of potential security issues caused by a viral infections, malware, Trojans, worms, spyware and adware. You may choose to present your evidence for this task within a table or report – use the impacts above as headings.

11 Programming Constructs
P6 – Make a networked system secure M3 – Report on the business risks of insecure networks and how they can be minimised Programming Constructs P6 will be evidenced with observation records and/or witness statements, which should be supplemented with screen shots and other paperwork to show what activities have been carried For M3 you need to try and apply the risks to VeNew - the verb report suggests that you simply give information on the fact requested.

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