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Fractalia Media “Solutions to change your company”

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1 Fractalia Media “Solutions to change your company”

2 About Us We are a spanish company specialized in solutions and services of internet public access, management of IT networks and Digital signage services. Currently we have presence in Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Germany, Dominican Republic an Mexico. Presence Spain Portugal France UK Germany Dominican Republic Mexico

3 Software Platforms Fractalia Manager The most advanced software for Network PC management. A solution that guarantees high levels of operability and a reduction of maintenance costs through various modules as: System Restoring. Remote Access. Software Distribution. Inventory. Fractalia Media Communication and Digital signage tool for remote distribution and management of contents (static and dynamic) to any tipe of electronic device. Fractalia Screen Intercative Screen saver for corporative use.

4 Fractalia Solutions Public Internet Access WiFi Digital Signage Kioscs PC management

5 Digital Signage uses graphics and multimedia power of persuasion to impact the consumer. The dynamic displays generated 7 times more attention than static. 75% of purchase decisions are made in the point of sale. Products advertised through dynamic advertising in retail outlets, increased sales between 19% and 36% (average 20%). About 65% of visitors, visualized advertisements issued through screens. And these, were 52% more time on the premises. Source: study by POPAI (Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute), research by I-Open and Environsell in U.S. and Nielsen. About Digital Signage One of the obstacles to develop the sector has been the lack of management platforms that can acomplish all the features without going into high operating costs.

6 TECNOLOG ÍA OPERACION ES New ways of communication New technological proposals Pc Management. Remote Control. Content and messages upload Marketing and comunicación Technology Operations Messages Specific contents Who participates in Digital Signage projetcs? Fractalia participates in the three areas…

7 CreaciónEdición CreationEdition Conventional Signage Fractalia Media vs. Conventional Signage Fractalia Manager

8 Tool for the distribution, management and remote control of media content. Visual attraction, capacity segmentation, updated in real time infrastructure management. Infrastructure Management: Remote players. Combines several elements of reproduction: LCD displays, projectors, kiosks. Ensuring availability and failure recovery software. Allows the installation of applications and updates on a massive scale. Access Remote Diagnostics for HW and SW maintenance and correction. Access 24 hours x 365 days. Content Management: Creating, viewing, and quick and easy distribution of all types of content. Organization of programming. Stats impact on hearing. Digital Signage - Fractalia Media

9 Fractalia Media Control Design is the design and editing module of Fractalia Media. Philosophy GUI (drag'n'drop) and project-based playlists. Allows instant previewing of work. Organization of the screen in different panels. Supports all Multimedia standards more widely in the market (WMF, MP3, WPF, JPG, AVI, etc..) Supports the integration of dynamic content from virtually any repository (intranet / internet). Fractalia Media Modules – Design Tool

10 Fractalia Media Content Manager is the management and broadcasting content module. Lets you assign different content in different time for each device thanks to a schedule management system very simple (like Outlook ®). Monitors the status and operability of each of the devices connected to the network and provides visibility into the actual issuance of each device. Generate statistics on system performance (spots shown, instant messaging, etc.). Fractalia Media Modules – Content Manager

11 Fractalia Media - Attributes 100% availability guarantee. Immediate recovery of PC configuration. Full functionality of device management. Integrated with Fractalia Manager. Using vPro capabilities Device Management Interactivity warehouses tactile (sms, wifi, bluetooth). Advertising predictive (biometric). Systems management shifts. Music channels (integration into the schedule). Added value solutions 5661800 73 10001010 73771 24 10101110 210013 121 11100111

12 Broadcasting of content to the entire network of workstations in an organization through a corporate screen saver. Content Distribution segmented by company policies (compatible with Active Directory) from a single control center. Infrastructure management tool of the job. Other applications: Fractalia Screen – Corporate Screen

13 New developments Interactivity Tactile devices (emission display, keypad...), mobile devices (bluetooth, SMS) and even visual interaction. Audience Measurement Automated measuring number of viewings of each commercial spot. Analytics and Content Formats Fractalia is working with various media agencies and advertisers on the analysis of the types of media and which ones are more effectively Dynamic Marketing take. 5661800 73 10001010 73771 24 10101110 210013 121 11100111

14 Fractalia Media works on any device attached to a PC or Media Player and any remote connection system. Networks can be set up on newsstands, LCD screens, plasmas, LED's, projectors, PC's conventional, and so on. Playback devices

15 Architecture Content design and software distribution Content distribution P2P technology Possibility of configuration and distribution of contents Content Presentation

16 Case Study: Vodafone * 3600 screens in over 1600 points of sail. Pc management, remote control, customer service. Centralized remote management in all spain. Success Case: 100% operational. Zone control system validation and generation of usage statistics. The demo area and control area were settled Fractalia Manager. The 200 elements of reproduction are managed from a central PC. The issue of creating customized presentations are planned in a grid programming software Fractalia Media. Remote monitoring: it reduces the costs of IT service and 24 hours x 365 days. We currently provide service to 1700 stores.

17 Vodafone Stores


19 1. COVIRANSupermarkets : deployment of Fractalia Media for 100 supermarkets, with an average of 7 to 10 screens per location. Hardware is of Investrónica, integrated with software and engineering support of Fractalia. 2. Vodafone: digital advertising in more than 1,600 points of sale. a. Vodafone Live Channel: 45 shops formed between 6 and 12 dynamic marketing displays with different content. 27 New Image stores with 24 screens with different content, interactive kiosks and integration of a management system shifts. 165 stores with 2 to 6 screens with different content. 15 New Image stores up to 10 screens with different content. b. Vodafone Indirect Channel: 1150 specialist channel with two-screen image with independent content. 80 Vodafone booth in El Corte Ingles Store. 3. Public Access to terminals located in rural areas managed by the public entity For over 5 years have been managed within this project some 100 different content in more than 15,000 screens. Projects and Clients

20 3. Banesto: dynamic advertising system in 200 bank branches. Fractalia Media has been integrated with the bank's corporate network, supporting and providing hardware and overhead transmission and content development. Growth in 800 branches. 4. Airports in Uruguay: dynamic advertising content information screens in 50 airports. Through Ikusi, Fractalia makes the deployment of the integrated solution with the airport information systems. 5. UOC: interactive solution, 11 interactive touch screens and two video walls (large format screens) for corporate communications at 6 points for student information. 6. Banco Santander: Managing the corporate channel through 65 screens. 40 in vending areas and 25 in totems information on the financial city. Project management is responsible for Ruybesa, Neo Advertising and content architecture and software are from Fractalia. 7. Hotels: corporate channel management from more than 60 hotel chains in 8 countries, issued in the waiting times of the screens of Internet Corner and Business Center. More than 3,000 screens in management. 8. O Jogo Online: self-installing screensaver with dynamic content and remotely managed, centralized portal for users of the Portuguese sports information. Projects and Clients

21 Why Fractalia? Fractalia services have been created to fulfill a dual function: to increase profitability and secure the loyalty of its customers. Our team, comprised of young, skilled and with a strong service allows the customer relations near and long term. Our high degree of expertise with our technological leadership ensures our customers have the latest generation of services. All our solutions are turnkey performed and completed with a customer service 24 hours x 365 days.

22 Spain (Central Office) Gobelas, 13, 1 28023- Madrid T.: +34 917 081 100 F.: +34 917 081 102 Portugal Edifício Miraflores Rua Sta Teresa do Menino Jesus 6 - 9ºF 1495-161 Algés T.: +351 214 109 483 F.: +351 214 106 211 UK 72 New Bond Street London W1S RR T.: +44 (0) 207 514 5880 F.: +44(0) 207 514 5811

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