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Hello, Welcome to Raven Housing Trust. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the staff, and I hope that you will find your working life.

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2 Hello, Welcome to Raven Housing Trust. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the staff, and I hope that you will find your working life with us both fulfilling and enjoyable. You join us at a challenging time, and in order to maintain the service to our clients all staff need to be willing to adapt to these changes. Your Manager will provide you with any support you require in your new position, so please do not hesitate to speak to him/her if you have any difficulties, whether of a professional or personal nature. Finally, if I have not already done so, I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Yours sincerely Jonathan Higgs Chief Executive

3 Welcome to Raven Housing Trust. Please read the presentation as it will give you valuable advice for your first few weeks here. During the first six months your induction will be an ongoing process and you should meet with your Manager at regular intervals on a one to one basis. You and your manager will need to complete the probation form together. Please use this time to ask any questions with your manager or your team discuss any gaps you may feel are missing, this will help you settle into your role quickly. We offer extensive company benefits. Please continue to click on the following pages to view each benefit.

4 Raven Housing Trust, in conjunction with Busy Bees, has introduced a system whereby part of your salary can be exchanged for childcare vouchers, as part of its flexible benefits initiative. These vouchers are exempt from National Insurance contributions and therefore by choosing to have salary paid in this way, you can save up to 8% on the cost of childcare. You can use the vouchers to pay for all sorts of childcare, ranging from nursery fees, to holiday play schemes, after school clubs, and even friends and relatives. The childcare provider has to register with the company providing the vouchers (Busy Bee Corporate Vouchers) in order to be paid in this way.

5 More comprehensive advice specific to your circumstances can be obtained By contacting Busy Bees directly on Freefone 08000 430860. (Childcare vouchers cover children up to 16 years of age) If I use vouchers am I restricted in the type of childcare I choose? No. Vouchers can be used over a wide range of childcare provision: For children under 8 (carers requiring registration): Independent Nursery Schools Registered Childminders Seasonal or Day-care Playgroups/Crèches Registered Private Nursery Schools Workplace/Partnership Workplace Nurseries Local Authority Day Nurseries Community Nurseries Out of School Schemes/Holiday Schemes Nanny caring for children of more than two families.

6 For children under 8 (carers not requiring registration): Nanny Share Scheme Member of the family (full blood, half blood or step parent but not spouse) Nanny in Parent's home. But not informal childcare away from the parents home For children 8 and over: Carers at Parents Discretion: Childminder Relative Other Out of School Schemes / Holiday Schemes You should contact your child carer and ask them if they are prepared to accept vouchers. An information pack to give to your carer is available from Busy Bees on Freefone 08000 430860. For further information on how to receive these vouchers: contact Human Resources for details and Finance for an order form (Anne Prosser).

7 Workplace Options: 0800 243 458 Raven Housing Trust Your Employee Assistance Programme run by OPTUM

8 EAP Service Overview  Practical information  Face-to-face/telephone counselling  Support on work and personal issues  Accessed through 0800 282 193 telephone number, email  Available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year  UK-wide

9  Free  Confidential  Unlimited access - you can use it as much as you want to  Completely independent from Raven Housing Trust  Immediate access to specialists  Saves you time - one point of contact on a wide range of issues Key Benefits to You

10  You only need to state that you work for Raven Housing Trust  You do not need to give your name/can use a pseudonym  All counsellors abide to BACP’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice  Only broad utilisation STATISTICS are provided to Raven Housing Trust Confidentiality

11  Telephone information  2000+ leaflets  700+ fact sheets  Information packs  Practical help e.g. form-filling and letter-writing  Up to 6 sessions of telephone debt counselling  One session of telephone career coaching  One session with an IFA  Referrals to specialist organisations Information Service

12 Workplace Options: 0800 243 458  Very practical focus  Up to a maximum of eight sessions  Comprehensive EAP assessment  Appointment within 48 hours  First session within 5 working days  Flexible hours  Proximity to work or home: 800+ counsellors UK-wide  Face-to-face couples counselling  Options of referral to longer-term support Face to Face and Structured Telephone Counselling

13 Workplace Options: 0800 243 458  Practical information  Fact sheets  Interactive self-assessment tools  Flexible search tool to find and evaluate care  One-to-one e-mail with EAP Professional  On-line debt service  On-line counselling Web Based Support

14 Relationship Issues Personal Stress Family Marital issues Depression/ Anxiety Physical Illness Bereavement Neighbour Disputes Childcare Elder care Probate Family law C.S.A. Marriage Breakdown Consumer Issues Debt Benefits and entitlements Work/Life balance Personal Issues

15 Statutory information Taxation Dealing with Change Workplace pressure Relationships with manager/colleagues Policies & procedures Retirement Redundancy/job security Restructuring Promotion Appraisals PerformanceBullying/Harassment Workplace trauma Workplace Issues Legal information

16 Workplace Options: 0800 243 458 Call: 0800 282 193 Web: Username: ravenhousing Password: ravenhousing

17 Eye Care Vouchers

18 Eye Care Vouchers for VDU Users In keeping with the Display Screen Equipment Work Guidance on Regulations 1992, vouchers are available upon request for a free eye test for those eligible. For those where the majority of your day is spent using display screen equipment, the Trust has set up the purchasing of Accor Eye Care Vouchers to enable you to take the voucher as payment for the eye test to an optician near you. Accor have 6,000 Opticians taking part in this scheme and most of the High Street Opticians, but please do check that your regular Optician accepts them as payment.

19 Eye Care Vouchers for VDU Users The Optician will complete part of the voucher to confirm whether glasses are needed for VDU use and should this be the case you will receive a contribution of £50.00 (tax free) paid through payroll upon presentation of the receipt for your new glasses. A contribution will only be paid providing there is a special requirement for VDU spectacles.

20 Eye Care Vouchers for VDU Users Please attach the completed voucher from your Optician to an Expense Form, it would be helpful to highlight what you are claiming for a voucher buys a full eye examination, testing not only the function of the eye, but also its health. Opticians do recommend you visit them every 18 months or 2years so should you think you need an eye test please contact Human Resources to arrange for a voucher for you.

21 Raven Unions

22 GMB Union Raven recognises 2 unions, GMB and Unison in consulting on a variety of issues. The following is some information on the GMB Union, should you be interested in joining or in hearing more about it, please contact one of the GMB representatives: GMB representative at Raven is Dave Peters – Floor Layer in Repairs Direct 07795 170630 The GMB’s Mission The GMB's purpose is to improve the quality of life of our members and their families, widening horizons and striving to bring new opportunities into reach. We aim to enhance the lives of GMB members and ensure that their achievements spearhead the advance of working people throughout Britain and the world. Every GMB member should have the chance to discover and develop their talents. All our members should enjoy work which is fulfilling and rewarding and should enjoy real equality of opportunity.

23 GMB Union We will work in partnership with the more farsighted employers, negotiating constructive and beneficial agreements which help to achieve our purpose. We will work to widen the understanding of employers whose horizons and objectives are more limited. The GMB will be a friend to humanity but an enemy to exploitation, discrimination and injustice. We will persuade non-members to join, encourage members to become active, and invite activists to take a full part in the life of the GMB. In particular, we will recruit and nurture young people for their benefit and to safeguard the future of the Union and its values.

24 GMB Union We will train local representatives to represent GMB members with dignity and expertise, so that they win respect for their members, for the GMB, and for themselves. We will recruit and sustain our membership by outstanding service to working people and their families, encouraging membership that lasts from the cradle to the grave. We aim to achieve the reputation as the best Trade Union in Europe. We will create an atmosphere of team-work and joint endeavour in which every office holder and every employee of the GMB will feel personally responsible for achieving our purpose.

25 GMB Union Members There are 700,000 members of the GMB working in all occupations across the UK in both public and private sectors. GMB members work in all occupations in all industries across the public and private sector – it is that very diversity, not having all our eggs in one basket, which gives us our strength – no one employer can intimidate or blackmail us. Around 30% of GMB women members are part-time workers.

26 Benefits of being in the GMB and its range of involvement: Wages and Conditions Health, Safety and Environment Pensions Legal Services Members Advice Bureau A Guide To State Welfare Benefits Financial Services and Discounts GMB Credit Card Cash Benefits and Support Contributions And Benefits Convalescent Homes Annual Travel Insurance Research Department Publications Retirement, Unemployment, Maternity or Illness

27 The UNISON Union The following is some information on the Unison Union, should you be interested in joining or in hearing more about it, please contact one of the Unison representatives: Who we are? UNISON is Britain's biggest trade union with over 1.3 million members. Our members are people working in the public services, for private contractors providing public services and the essential utilities. They include frontline staff and managers working full or part time in local authorities, the NHS, the police service, colleges and schools, the electricity, gas and water industries, transport and the voluntary sector. Last year UNISON recruited 148,755 new members - 407 per day.

28 Unison - What can you offer me? Together UNISON members make up Britain’s biggest trade union - almost 1.3million members working across the public services. We have more workplace reps than any other union in the country - backed up by experienced full-time regional and national officers.

29 Being a UNISON member gives you a huge range of benefits, including: Unrivalled protection and representation at work Help with pay and conditions of service Health and safety guidance and support Confidential welfare services for you and your dependants in difficult times Excellent legal services including free help with work problems and legal support for members and their families Pensions advice A special hotline, UNISON direct, for help and advice on workplace issues Online employment and workplace advice Education and training advice and courses, leading to vocational and professional qualifications Cash benefits for accidents and injuries at work A colour magazine sent to your home four times a year, a fortnightly newspaper for our stewards and activists and a full range of publicity Special deals on everything from computers, tax returns, holidays, mortgages, car breakdown services, insurance and credit cards Our own holiday centre for members and families at the Devon seaside

30 Unison Membership benefits Unions offer additional fringe membership benefits such as cheaper mortgages and insurance, holiday clubs, shopping discounts, credit cards, discounted car breakdown membership and so on. What we campaign on UNISON campaigns and lobbies on key issues affecting our members and the public at large. We're working to protect and improve the public services, win equal pay and employment rights for everyone, improve safety in the workplace and end discrimination and harassment at work. We also support external campaigns on issues such as fuel poverty and fair trade.

31 Company Pension

32 RAVEN HOUSING TRUST PENSION ARRANGEMENTS FOR NEW STAFF The pension scheme in operation for new Raven Housing Trust staff is the Social Housing Pension Scheme (SHPS) Should you be interested in this scheme contact HR who can request further information for you. Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) May be available and you should contact the Pension Scheme provider you are joining to find out more. What you need to do: As soon as possible when you join Raven, please contact Human Resources to confirm which scheme you are interested in, so that further details can be provided and to ensure your pension is sorted out swiftly. Raven is unable to give advice regarding your particular pension decisions, and you should seek advice from a recognised Independent Financial Advisor.


34 On the telephone - Raven Housing Trust’s Standard Corporate Telephone Greeting

35 Hot Desking To log in to your telephone, dial the following: >  123 # Accessing your voicemail externally: 1. Dial, your number. Wait ….. You will hear your message start to play. 2. Press the  key. 3. The lady will say “Please enter your access key followed by hash”, type 1234 #. 4. It will advise you of any new messages. Press 1 for options on listening to your messages. 5. To change your voicemail message, press  and follow the instructions. Picking up a call To pick up a call from within your department: 1. Pick up your handset. 2. Dial  80

36 Voicemail Protocol Your standard voicemail message should be updated daily and state the following: Hello, you are through to the voicemail of NAME, JOB TITLE at Raven Housing Trust, today’s date is DATE. Explain your availability for the day, however if you would like to leave me your name and number I will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can redial 01737 272400 to speak to a Customer Service Adviser.

37 Voicemail Protocol When at your desk voicemail must be switched OFF If working from another desk you MUST log into the handset with your extension number As stated in Raven’s Customer Charter, messages left must be responded to within 24 hours. If you are going to be away from the office you must update the message giving the date of your return and the option to leave a message.


39 Upon hearing the Fire Alarm, follow the Fire Marshals outside and assemble at the assembly point outside. The Fire alarm is tested weekly on Tuesday mornings at Raven House. Please ensure you know who is supervising you and what hours you are expected to work Please ensure you are aware of the Fire Exits wherever you are seated.

40 Door Security: You will be issued with a fob key that allows access to the entrance and other doors. Please do not lose your fob as you will be charged £6 for a replacement. Tea, coffee and milk are available for you in the Kitchens. Please ensure you clean up after yourself. Toilets are on every floor by the stairwell. at Raven House

41 Please find out who your nearest First Aider is. A sign is on the wall outside HR and in the kitchens. A local sandwich delivery company arrives every morning around 10.15am. There are plenty of cafés and shops to buy sandwiches in town, it is a 10 mins walk.

42 There is a photocopier with a scanner located on each floor at Raven House Outgoing post must be given to Reception to frank before Collection by Royal Mail at 4.30pm at Raven House. Please ensure you take your post in good time to be collected. All post will automatically be sent 2 nd class unless its stamped 1 st class by yourself.

43 Raven’s standard font is Arial size 11, in black. No pictures or patterns thank you!

44 E-Mail Signature We have a standard format for your signature at the bottom of e-mails. Please click on this link for more


46 Evacuation Procedure On hearing the fire alarm evacuate the building by the nearest available Fire Exit. It is essential you do the following: Following instructions from the Fire Wardens Keep Calm – do not run and do not attempt to pass others Use the nearest available exit Do not stop to collect personal belongings

47 Assemble outside in the private road running along the left hand side (as you face the building) of the building If you exit at the back of the building; walk through the gate which will be opened by a Fire Warden to the road If you exit at the front of the building through Reception; walk down the path, turn right and then right again to go round to Park Road Report to your Fire Warden and await further instructions Do not attempt to re-enter the building until instructed to do so by a person in authority If you can attempt the following: If you are near an open window, close it and ensure doors to vacated rooms are shut.

48 If you should spot a fire, sound the alarm by pressing the nearest red “Fire Break Glass” box. Do not attempt to put yourself at risk. Only attempt to tackle a fire if you have been trained, the fire is quite small, and you are between the fire and an exit. Remember: Do not attempt to tackle a fire which obviously out of control Fire Drill – Don’t forget the fire alarm is tested weekly on Tuesday mornings around 10.00am

49 Due to changes in the appearance of extinguishers, all fire extinguishers will be red, but the labels and a band around the top will be the old familiar colours:- Red Band – is water and is for use on fires involving paper &wood. It must never be used if electricity is present. Black Band – is carbon dioxide and can be used on more types of fires including electrical fires. Cream Band – contains foam and should be used the same way as water extinguishers

50 Do Not - attempt to tackle a fire which is obviously out of control Do – get out and call the Fire Brigade (if the alarm is sounding the Fire Brigade will have been contacted). If you see someone with burning clothes – Stop – Drop – Roll the victim to put out the flames Smother flames with a blanket, coat or other appropriate item and force the victim to lie on the ground. Immediately cool the burnt area with cold water. If water is not available, remove smouldering clothing if not stuck to skin, avoid pulling clothing across victim’s face. To avoid smoke or fumes keep low – to the floor, they may be toxic or very hot. Smoke will also reduce visibility, fumes may not be seen. Preparation – Familiarise yourself now with fire alarms, exits and escape routes and where you should go in an evacuation.

51 Get Comfortable Adjust your chair, monitor and keyboard find the most comfortable positions, as a guide, your forearms should be approximately horizontal and your eyes the same height as the top of the VDU. Make sure you have enough work space for whatever documents or equipment you need. Try different arrangements of keyboard, screen, mouse and documents to find the best arrangement for you. Arrange your desk and monitor to avoid glare or bright reflections on the screen, i.e. adjust blinds to prevent unwanted light. Make sure there is a space under your desk to move your legs freely. Avoid excess pressure from the edge of your seat on the backs of your legs and knees.

52 Keyboard Usage Adjust your keyboard to get a good keying in position. Try to keep your wrists straight when keying, keep a soft touch on the keys and don’t over stretch your fingers. Mouse Usage Position the mouse within easy reach so it can be used with the wrist straight. Sit upright and close to the desk, move the keyboard out of the way if its not been used. Support your forearm on the desk and don’t grip the mouse too tightly. Rest your fingers lightly on the buttons and do not press them hard.

53 The Screen Adjust the brightness and contrast controls on the screen to suit the lighting conditions you may have. Make sure the screen surface is clear. You can enlarge your text and icons to ensure you can read your screen easily when sitting in a normal comfortable working position. Select colours easy on the eye if you feel that helps. Should your screen have any problems such as individual character flickering or it is unfocussed please let the IT Helpdesk know. Posture and Breaks Don’t sit in the same position for long periods. Take short breaks from your workstation and vary your tasks if possible to prevent staring at the monitor all day. Should you have any problems or questions please contact Human Resources immediately or a Display Screen Assessor on your floor (See Pauline Alston for names).

54 How to lock your PC. When you leave your desk for a Long period of time, you need together lock your PC, or set up a password protected screen saver, and here is how to do it. Locking your work station This is the easiest option, but you have to remember to do it each time. 1.Press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete Keys at the same time. You will then be presented with the following window 2. Click the “Lock Computer “ button. You will then be presented with the following window.

55 3.To get back on to your system, you need to press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys at the same time and type your password (this will be your normal password you use to log in to the system. Setting up a Screen saver and password. If like me you are forgetful, and you feel that you may forget to lock your PC, you can use the screen saver option, which locks it automatically. 1. Go to control panel (START – SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL).

56 2. From the Control Panel, choose “Display” Double Click. 3. This will bring up a new window called “Display Properties”. You need to go to the Screen saver tab. 4. You need to then choose which screen saver you want to use. Click on the drop down menu and choose. There will be a small preview in the monitor displayed at the top of the screen.

57 5. Once you have chosen the screen saver you require, you then need to set the time to wait before it becomes active. Use the  to choose the minutes. Once done, you then need to set a tick in the “On resume, password protect” box. 6.There is a “Settings” button that can be pressed, this will customise the chosen screen saver for you. (This is optional) 7. When complete, press the “OK” button. Your screen saver will then kick in if the PC hasn’t been used for the time you set. When you what to get back into your PC, wiggle the mouse. You will be prompted by the following window.

58 8.To get back on to your system, you need to press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys at the same time and type your password (this will be your normal password you use to log in to the system. Increasing free busy search 1In Outlook, go to tools then options to bring up the option window

59 2.Choose the button “Calendar Options” 3. Towards the bottom of the screen, you will see a button “Free/Busy Options…”Click on this button. 4. This is where you increase the months, which are visible when others are trying to do a free/busy search. This needs to be amended to 12. 5.Once this field has been amended to 12, click OK out of all windows.

60 Communication Please take time to read our website We also have the Intranet called ‘The Nest’ that offers you other information including all our Company Policies. ‘Raven Today’ is our company newsletter that is distributed every fortnight. You will be invited to attend a Corporate Induction 1-day programme looking at Raven’s values and objectives; customer service and resident involvement. In addition, there will be a Company Induction where you get to meet the managers from each team who will explain about their department.

61 And Finally…. Your manager will go through a number of items with you as part of your induction. Induction Checklist & Probationary Assessment Form (For you & your Manager) Organisational Structure (For you) Policies read and Understood form (You will sign this when you have read the policies below) Telephone Quick Reference Guide (For you) In the meantime, you need to read the following policies which your manager will also discuss with you. Bullying & Harassment Code of Conduct Data Protection – as outlined in the IT PolicyData Protection Equality & Diversity Health & Safety Incident Reporting Form Personal Safety Procedure on Incidents of Violence & Aggression to staff Racial Harassment/Hate Crimes Anti-Fraud Policy Child Protection Policy Best of luck in your new job!

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