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Moist Air Incubation And Deep Matrix Incubation Box.

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1 Moist Air Incubation And Deep Matrix Incubation Box

2 Experiment at Lookingglass FH 2010 used MAI to Incubate 30 Females All females spawned on the same day 21 females’ eggs split into 2 egg trays 9 females’ eggs into 1 egg tray MAI unit temperature set at 44 F MAI unit is 58”W x 82”H x 31”D

3 Monitoring Temperature inside MAI verified by independent thermometer No formalin, no signs of fungus Eggs had strong eye at 480 TU’s Eggs picked, eyed up at 93% 122,256 total eggs, 113,700 good and 8,556 dead Average fecundity 4,075

4 Deep Matrix Incubation Box Come in 2-3 sizes or egg capacity Put 50K-60K eggs per box Plumbed in with flows at 5 gpm Eggs placed on top of screen plate, 3/16 x 3/4 Koch ring media up to 6-8 inches deep Eggs hatch on top of screen plate, then pass through plate down into Koch rings Swim up fry swim out into rearing unit Cost: $950/unit, 5 or more-$900/unit











15 Traditional otolith mark


17 MAI otolith mark


19 Near future Smaller MAI units with a capacity of 30- 150K eggs Units will be more plug and play Tod Jones hopes to give a presentation or paper at the next NWFCC in Vancouver o Brian Ashton shop remodel finished, will catch up on backlog of orders Considering mfg. site in Sandpoint, Id.

20 Summary New Technology Benefit-no formalin Benefit-water conservation Benefit-environmentally friendly Benefit-otolith marking Benefit-no need for large water chillers Benefit-space saver Benefit-alarm system integration

21 Summary Need to have a place for eggs before they hatch Need to have replacement parts on hand: High pressure pump head (replacement head comes with new models) and chiller refrigerant (available at auto parts stores as R134A)

22 Contact Information Tod Jones 503-791-9854 Brian Ashton 907-305-0400 or Company names are Redd Zone Inc. and ARED Inc. Try, if you’re feeling

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