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CHLA Annual Meeting Ottawa 2007 EFTS Goin’ North!.

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1 CHLA Annual Meeting Ottawa 2007 EFTS Goin’ North!

2 Staff Evelyn Morgen, Program Director Jackie Lewis, Program Manager Jola Sliwinski, Program Coordinator Lucy Piechowski, Program Assistant Steve Bazinet, Application Developer

3 Membership

4 Follow the links at the left … Join EFTS

5 Easy to follow, step by step instructions …

6 User friendly “ template ” format

7 Member Login LIBID same as in Docline Password chosen at online application

8 You’re in the zone Indented links … for ‘member s only’

9 You’ve Got Mail!!! E-mail messaging resumed “I didn’t get any e-mails” Say it again … Member messages duplicate information sent to e-mail

10 Transaction File Using Docline File Builder, QuickDoc, Clio or Illiad

11 DOCLINE File Builder

12 Build an Online Transaction File Just fill in the blanks

13 …and that’s all folks! click

14 Online Transaction File (OTF) Table Instructions More

15 Online Transaction File (OTF) Some columns contain bogus data.

16 Reports – New and Improved Color!!! Seeing RED? Current Month Activity – includes field for ‘date filled’ Attention to DETAILS. Corresponding data for all fields in Account Summary. What’s in a name? A ‘lend’ by any other name is still a ‘lend’…

17 Reports

18 Canadian Transactions Rates retrieved on an hourly basis

19 Currency Conversion

20 Promotional Items When logged in as a ‘member’… …you may request items be sent to you for an upcoming event or presentation.

21 Coming Soon ………… Move system to new platform Killing (more) bugs! Batch delete function in Online Transaction File Detailed information regarding transactions processed overnight Add “Release Notes” to website

22 Testimonials I'm more than happy to sing the praises of EFTS. It has reduced my workload tremendously! And my Accounts Payable department LOVES not having to cut dozens of individual checks every month for $11.00 each. I was once told by our AP department that the average cost to process one check was about $110.00. If that isn't an incentive for joining EFTS, I don't know what is! - Molly Harrington, MLS, AHIP /St. Joseph's Hospital & Med Center Phoenix, AZ I serve 5 rural hospitals-- EFTS is a life saver for us, enabling us to acquire articles from out of state that would surely otherwise be unavailable. Sometimes the direct impact on care is hard to assess, but I would hate to find out. -Kathleen Hughes, Community Memorial Hospital Hamilton, NY

23 Reminder… Log on! Review your OTF – Error table LIBID on all correspondence AC representation in every region

24 Call Me! Office staffed weekdays 8:00 am – 4 pm Questions, comments, concerns and SUGGESTIONS always welcome Contact us: 1-866-561-5045

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