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Meritor WABCO Air Dryer Models

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1 Meritor WABCO Air Dryer Models

2 Current Air Dryer Family
System Saver 1200 and 1800 Series Excellent industry acceptance Positive response to design features Available in system regeneration, purge tank, and discharge line unloader variants System Saver Twin An industry exclusive Designed for high air consumption applications

3 System Saver Features Features Advantages Benefits
Spin-on desiccant cartridge Easily accessible Simple, quick maintenance Less down time Lower maintenance cost Premium desiccant material 100% greater water absorption capability 2 times greater material hardness Significantly increased tolerance to “oil contamination Maximum moisture removal in varying temperature conditions Increased cartridge life Less down time and maintenance cost Lightweight Providing weight savings compared to competition More freight can be handled Compact Small size requires less space on frame rail for mounting Easy Installation Coalescing Filter Standard Keeps oil from entering the air system Extended life of the air system Proven Reliability Less down time and reduced cost Improved bottom line and greater customer satisfaction

4 Air Dryer Cartridge with Coalescing Filter
Decrease of oil aerosols in the air and brake systems Improves against decreased valve performance Benefits are: Extended life of systems and components Reduction in costs of replacement parts and cost of vehicle down time Improved compressed air quality and optimized air dryer performance More reliable and cleaner braking systems in the vehicle Can be installed easily with no constructional change to the vehicle Can replace standard air dryer cartridges and is easy to retrofit

5 Meritor WABCO Air Dryer Performance Comparisons
Per SAE J2384 Capacity Test DRYING CAPACITY ADVANTAGE MW over AD9 SS1200P 40% SS1800P 85% Key performance advantage driver: Meritor WABCO amorphous Al. silica gel desiccant VERSUS Bendix molecular sieve desiccant

6 Meritor WABCO Air Dryer Pricing at Mack Meritor Wabco Air Dryer
Effective 5/1/09 Model Meritor Wabco Air Dryer Std/Opt PID Code Competitive Product Competitors Upcharge CX/CH Meritor Wabco SS 1200P Standard Bendix AD9 $215 Bendix ADIP $298 Granite


8 Meritor WABCO is the fleet managers choice
Price ( SS1200P $238 less than AD-9 at Mack) Performance (SS1200P features 40% more effective drying capacity over AD-9) Serviceability (SS1200P Spin on cartridge requires less than 5 minutes to service vs AD-9 bolt together design requiring at least 30 minutes. Weight (SS1200P 10.4 Lbs, AD-9 28 Lbs Lbs less) Choose Meritor WABCO for the Long Haul!!!

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