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Web of Knowledge UPDATE – October 2010 SCIENTIFIC PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT JOHN A. ADAMS October, 2010.

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1 Web of Knowledge UPDATE – October 2010 SCIENTIFIC PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT JOHN A. ADAMS October, 2010

2 AGENDA WoK V4 Enhancements Web of Knowledge V5 Platform Update Web of Knowledge Value Research Web of Knowledge V5 Deployment Other Thomson Reuters Product Updates Journal Citation Reports InCites Shibboleth EndNote WURS New Thomson Reuters Projects Book Citation Index

3 Web of Knowledge V4 Enhancements Web of Knowledge V4.10 – (January 2010) –RefWorks export support –Cancelation message in All DB changed to reflect the name(s) of products no longer subscribed

4 Web of Knowledge V5 –update

5 WoK V 5.2 Release Deploy in April 2011 All Web of Knowledge customers will have access as a secondary platform. Access to all WoK products 5 All existing functionality Marked Lists Search Aids Citation Maps Citation Reports … Significant number of issues resolved

6 WoK 5.2 – Integrated ResearcherID Ability to search for a ResearcherID will be available on the General Search and Advanced Search ResearcherID number(s) will appear on the WoS full record, including a link to view the authors ResearcherID profile

7 How can your users claim publications in WoK 5.2? Create a ResearcherID account and add publications to the ResearcherID My Publication List. Publications will be picked up during weekly feed extraction. ResearcherID will appear on Web of Science full record Distinct Author Sets will be regularly updated to include claimed publication in a future release For more information see

8 Future Integration of ResearcherID - Web of Knowledge Ability to “claim” directly in WoS – send records to RID in same manner as print/email/send to ENW. Include RID information in record export. Send search alerts directly to a RID account. Display of RID information in WoS author profiles (under development). Display of RID information in other collections besides WoS.

9 WoK 5.2 – Author Search (New Feature) User can a search for a particular author and refining the resulting Distinct Author Sets summary (Replaces Author Finder) Ability to refine sets. Display of Last Known Institution Includes singletons (clusters of 1) Improved design

10 Web of Knowledge - Value Research Objectives Thomson Reuters needs to better understand the key benefits users perceive in relation to these improvements. The results will be used to inform positioning, marketing, for communication initiatives with key audiences. Research Approach We conducted 40 one-on-one interviews with key audiences (information professionals, faculty/researchers, and graduate students). 10

11 New and Improved Searching My searches are not always effective, either I get too many hits or I don’t get enough. Are there tools or techniques that would allow me to improve my searching precision and recall?

12 Improve Search Recall & Precision Automatic Spell Checking No Stop Word restrictions so queries such as “Vitamin A” will run properly. Proximity operator NEAR/x Ability to edit previous searches Automatic search for over 7,000 spelling variations such as British and US Automatically search for term variants such as Mice and Mouse Related Records functionality in multiple products Institutional name variants automatically searched

13 Analyze, Explore, and Visualize Can I learn something from all of these records without having to read them all? I could get a better picture of the effect of an article If I could see how it relates to other works in the field

14 Improve Results Summary Management See the total number of items in your search (not just >100,000) Ensure you don’t miss anything with the ability to select a specific date to start your search More Search and Sort options available Increases serendipity by searching All Databases at one time and then Refining the results to only specific products.

15 Analyze to mine trends Analyze and Citation Report function available in all Citation Products Analyze and Citation Report function available on Marked Lists Analyze the complete result sets Export the complete Analyze not just the 500 lines seen on page

16 Visualize Your Search Results Citation Map function available in all Citation Products and in All Databases records

17 Author Works and Citation Capabilities How do I accurately identify and account for all the citations to a given work? How can I find all the works by a specific author without getting works from someone with the same name? How do I get an accurate citation picture of a group of records, perhaps all of an author’s works, to evaluate and compare them over time?

18 ResearcherID Create a personalized research profile identifying who you are and your published works. ResearcherID automatically updates times cited information to provide an accurate view of author-level metrics Search and discover collaborators based on geographic distribution in ResearcherID See the global impact of your research through visual analysis of your citing articles and collaboration networks

19 Find the Right Person Link to the individuals full ResearcherID record with additional details Search Full Author Names Search by ResearcherID Number Dedicated Author Search Algorithmically clustered records, grouping papers by the same individual

20 More Citation Visibility Total number of times this item has been cited in the Web of Science, BIOSIS Citation Index, Chinese Science Citation Index Citation Score Card lets user see the number of citations in other products, even if they don’t subscribe to them

21 Research Interoperability, Workflow and Mobility (“Manage as I go”) How can I spend less time searching and managing bibliographical results and more time doing my actual research? Can managing my discovery process and the results be more efficient? I need to access Web of Knowledge while I’m off campus, sometimes even when I’m on the bus.

22 Marking and Managing Records Abstract preview on summary list to help select items of interest Link to a previously saved EndNote Web Record Link from EndNote Web back to the WoK record Save records to your integrated bibliographical manager, EndNote Web.

23 Streamline the writing process Select items of interest and add up to 5,000 from any product to a cumulative Marked List Share your publications through EndNote Web or ResearcherID Store your selections in the integrated EndNote Web or EndNote desktop Cite reference from Web of Knowledge directly into a word processor using EndNote.

24 How can I spend less time searching and managing bibliographical results and more time doing my actual research? Can managing my discovery process and the results I retrieve be more efficient? I need to access WoK while I’m off campus, sometimes even when I’m on the bus. Search on the Go

25 Funding Your Work I need funding for my work. How can I find out what agencies fund in my discipline? We funded research and want to know what works have been published.

26 Analysis of Funding Information Analyze result set to determine who is funding the work and in what grants. Unification of Funding Organizations Preferred Name: National Science Foundation Variant Names: National Science Foundation (NSF) NSF US National Science Foundation (NSF) US NSF

27 Open to the World How do I access Web of Knowledge content outside of the platform, integrated into all of the library properties end-users visit? How can I enrich my content with information from the Web of Knowledge in various formats?

28 Accessing Web of Knowledge content from outside the platform Search Widgets Federated Search Platforms Discovery Service Providers - RSS - Links to WoS full record, related records, citing articles - Web of Science real-time times cited information Integrate with internal applications like federated search systems Displays Web of Science data including citing article list, link to Web of Science record and list of citing articles in your discovery service (e.g. Serial Solutions Summon, EBSCO Discovery Service, Ex Libris Primo) Yahoo, iGoogle and custom widgets can use the services interface to search Web of Knowledge directly from user and institution pages

29 Web of Knowledge Web Services Web of Knowledge Web Services allows for a real- time integration of Web of Science information into your institution's systems: Institutional repository Department and library systems Federated search systems Research analysis tools Bibliometric research and performance management systems

30 Web of Knowledge - Value Research Preliminary Outcomes Common perceptions Most felt the improved searching would have greatest impact. Enhanced visual tools were also seen as helpful in furthering comprehension of the data. Librarians also called out the author disambiguation tools as a positive time-saver. Key benefits identified: Time-saving Efficient Comprehensive Competitive

31 WoK V 5 Deployment Update WoK 4.10 January 2011 June/July 2011 Sept/Oct 2011 April 2011 WoK 5.1 Secondary Platform Restricted access Limited databases WoS CSCD BCI WoK 5.2 Secondary Platform Un-restricted access All databases WoS BCI BP/ BA Inspec Medline CCC... WoK 5.3 Primary Platform WoK 4.10 Secondary Platform

32 Other Thomson Reuters Product Updates Journal Citation Reports InCites Shibboleth EndNote WURS

33 Journal Citation Reports Nearly 9,200 journals Increase of ~950 from 2008 JCR Over 1,050 titles with their first Journal Impact Factor 861 Regional Expansion titles are in JCR now JCR now represents 78 countries Recent Interface Enhancements  Addition of 5 year Impact Factor  Analyses of Journal Self Cites  Box Plots display by Category  Summary Rank in Category Integration of Eigenfactor Score and Article Influence Score

34 InCites – A Comprehensive Research Evaluation Tool How does my institution compare to peer institutions? How does Dr. Smith’s research performance compare to Dr. Jones’? What has my organization published? What is the impact of that output? What disciplines are represented? What journals? Whom are we collaborating with most effectively?

35 InCites Compare publication and citation information for institutions, countries and subject areas Create reports on custom datasets of your institution’s publications, showing collaborations and article level metrics for authors, fields and journals.

36 InCites: New in 2010 Faster New design of custom report page loads faster and enables quicker report item selections.

37 InCites: New in 2010 More content Fall 2010 update Publication and Citation for Over 1,500 institutions and over 190 countries / territories

38 InCites: New in 2010 More powerful New dataset type enables reports on department publication activity New dataset type enables reports on full names Create collections of articles, refined by subject area, journal, year

39 InCites: 2011 Developments Funding acknowledgments reports Show all funding sources for a subject area More user control over reports. Select data points to show in reports

40 InCites 2011 Developments Global Institutional Profiles Project –New Product on InCites Platform: Assess and compare strengths from over 400 top research institutions worldwide. Profiles and comparisons are built from a database including several key indicators: Bibliometrics from Web of Science Reputation for Teaching and Research Personnel and Financial Information

41 41 Shibboleth Developments Completed August 2010 –WAYFless Access - If an IdP is specified in the WoK or EndNote Web link and the authentication is successful, we will remember that user’s IdP for future access –Upgraded from Shibboleth 1.3 to 2.0 –Single Sign On to EndNote Web and WoK personalization Upcoming Development –Developing better user feedback messages –Dual certificate support

42 EndNote X4 for Windows & Macintosh Version X4 released Summer 2010 Read & Import PDFs – automatically create records and attach source files. Search Wildcards “Quick Edit” Tab in the Preview Pane Automatic hyper linking of in-text citations and bibliography entries using Cite While You Write for Word. Vastly improved footnote handling for better formatting with The Chicago Manual of Style and similar footnote-based formatting styles Better integration and transfer with EndNote Web Full APA 6th multiple author requirements Word 2010 Cite While You Write integration. Word 2011 (Macintosh) Cite While You Write integration – coming soon.

43 EndNote Web: Recent Advancements Citing via CWYW from Shared Groups More convenient navigation using dynamic tabbed menus Administrative support for consortia sites to customize bibliographic styles, import filters, and connection files Option to save captured references and web pages to EndNote desktop PubMed Central Identifier (PMCID) field for journal articles. Improved Capture (using browser toolbar), including books and YouTube videos Expanded sorting options Management of ResearcherID publication lists.

44 Completed August 2010: Custom report giving customer a total product view of usage New report includes sessions and searches New report includes WoK interface and web services usage for All Databases and Individual WoK Product New custom report detailing sessions and searches for Web Services offerings COUNTER compliance update – Released in December 2010 Because of a change in COUNTER definitions the COUNTER DB3 ( Use of Service) report is no longer applicable for WoK All Databases usage report will no longer be COUNTER compliant and no longer be a COUNTER DB3 report – All Databases custom usage reports remain unchanged and available COUNTER DB3 report will no longer be available via SUSHI All Databases usage will be included in COUNTER DB1 and CR2 report WoK will continue to be COUNTER compliant for DB1, DB2, and CR2 reports Web of Knowledge Usage Reporting System (WURS)

45 The Book Citation Indexes New Web of Science Editions being developed –Scholarly multi-authored / single-authored books in series or monographs –Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities –File depth of Sciences – 2005 to current year –File depth of Social Sciences and Humanities – 2003 to current year –Original research or reviews of literature –Print and electronic format from Commercial, Society and University presses around the world

46 Integrating Scholarly Books Two new editions in Web of Science for the Book Citation Index Provides a Book Chapter, Book, and Book Series Records Includes links to Full text for Book Chapters

47 THANK YOU John A Adams Director, Product Development Current Web of Knowledge environment New Web of Knowledge environment For information about Web of Knowledge now Real Facts, Real Numbers, Real Knowledge ResearcherID Article Match Retrieval and Services

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