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Introductory Presentation. Agenda Why CronLab? Anti Spam Email Archiving Web Filter 1.

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1 Introductory Presentation

2 Agenda Why CronLab? Anti Spam Email Archiving Web Filter 1

3 A focus on simplicity throughout the organization 2 Highly efficient filtering engines Superior forms of deployment; SaaS & appliance* One of the most affordable solutions in the industry and no financial commitment Multi-lingual solutions No minimum user sizes Margin increases with volume & commitment-free trials available Quick and simple installation of clients of any size (no minimum size) No on-going administrative requirements Minimal user interaction Resellers manage customers through Partner Portal White labelling available for all products Country-specific data clusters for email filtering Email Attachment Saver allows for very large emails to be sent and received Web Filter provides for time- limitations on sites and works without local software agents Simple approach to business Simple account management Simplicity through innovation * Appliance only for spam filter

4 CronLab’s solutions have been widely recognised to demonstrate our company’s philosophy of Simplicity, Value and Innovation 3 Full tests of Pro 2000 Anti-Spam Appliance available at, Full tests of Light 1100 Anti-Spam Appliance available at ‘The Pro 2000 is capable of delivering a high spam detection rate and doesn’t need a babysitter as all main administration tasks are fully automated.’ ‘As a high-performance, plug-and-go anti-spam solution, CronLab Pro 2000 succeeds admirably … Spam protection doesn’t get any easier.’ ‘Live test results show clearly that CronLab delivers on its promises. It is easy to install and deploy, while ongoing admin is kept to an absolute minimum.’ ‘CronLab’s Pro 2000 is swift to deploy and delivers a superb detection performance straight from the box.’ ‘The CronLab Light 1100 anti-spam appliance is very easy to set up, ideal for small businesses.’ Results outstanding for: “Anti Spam Solution of the Year” “New Product of the Year” ‘We were impressed not just with the ease of deployment, but with how little we had to do during the test period.’

5 Resellers are given full control over their clients 4 Reseller Add white labelled client interfaces View statistics Manage customers Access licencing information for timely and accurate billing View detailed audit log Spam Filter & Email Archiving Message Centre Administrator Manage domain-wide settings Can search through all spam up to 30 days old Track mail delivering with Mail track End-user Manage user settings Access quarantine Search own emails up to 30 days old Web Filter Management Console Administrator Granular filter settings Detailed statistics Group and users management Partner Portal for Resellers

6 CronLab currently offer several products in the field of email and web security 5 Aimed medium sized & enterprise companies/MSPs Rack mounted Pro 2000 protects up to 1,000 email addresses Larger solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs Appliances Aimed at smaller companies Desktop solution Protects up to 70 email addresses 1150 model includes Email Attachment Saver CronLab Light 1100/1150 Anti-Spam appliances CronLab Pro 2000/X000 Anti-Spam appliances No local hardware or installation required Country-specific server clusters Fully scalable Pricing based on number of users protected SaaS CronLab Hosted Anti-Spam (SaaS) CronLab Hosted Email Archive (SaaS) Add-on to Hosted Anti-Spam Country-specific server clusters Fully scalable Charged per storage used, not per user CronLab Hosted Web Filter (SaaS) No local hardware or installation required Fully scalable Pricing based on number of users protected

7 Spam costs companies $130B per year, driven by reduced user productivity 6 Spam costs companies $130B per year - a 284% growth over 4 years Spam slows user productivity and increases help desk intervention Source: Ferris Research; Nucleus Research

8 Installing anti-spam measures is a no-brainer 7 CAGR (’05-’10) 63% Spam costs companies over $1,000 yearly per employee ~340B spam per day ~90% of all email traffic Volume increase by average of 63% p.a. Viruses & phishing additional threats in spam ~0.3% of have viruses ~0.3% of contains phishing Spamming is profitable, even with a conversion rate of 0.00001% Source: Google; Spamalytics;; MIT; MessageLabs; Nucleus Research

9 CronLab offers SaaS and Appliance based Anti Spam solutions 8 SaaSAppliance Server Software Desktop Software Filter updated very frequently Yes No All updates automatic Yes No Keeps handling emails if email server goes down Yes No Keeps handling emails if network goes down YesNo SaaS and Appliances are superior forms of deployment for Anti Spam

10 Technologies in place to minimize spam whilst ensuring legitimate emails get through 9 Spam filtering engine divides messages into three categories Legitimate emails, forwarded to end user Obvious spam, stopped (but still searchable) Borderline cases stored in quarantine Borderline cases stored in quarantine. Messages consolidated and regularly forwarded to end user to be deleted or released where after the filter learns and improves

11 Outgoing Spam Filter: Send emails securely from anywhere, while reducing reputational risk 10 Availability: Ensure safe delivery of emails no matter where you are. Works on all networks with all email servers and clients, including mobile phones Alarms: Automatic alarms to administrator if a computer starts sending out spam or viruses Security: All communication is handled through strong TLS or SSL encryption Prevents blacklisting: Minimize risk of your domain being blacklisted as spam and viruses are removed before they reach the recipient End user station Administrator alerted Spam and Viruses Encrypted communication to CronLab. Communication to recipient encrypted if possible CronLab’s hosted solution Legitimate emails sent to recipients

12 Email Attachment Saver: An add-on to the Spam Filter that greatly simplifies sending large files 11 CronLab replaces attachment with link - saves attachment Person A sends large file as email attachment Person B receives email with link and downloads file from CronLab appliance / cloud Sticks to a format common to users (email) - no training or extra programs required Saves network bandwidth - avoids bouncing emails Abolishes user frustration common when trying (and failing) to transfer large files

13 CronLab’s Email Archive offers an efficient and secure storage with seamless integration into spam filter 12 CronLab’s Search engine Company mail server(s) CronLab’s hosted Spam filter Internet CronLab vaultAccessible by postmaster, search admins and end users (if permitted) All stored email data is easily accessible, yet not modifiable or erasable to ensure compliance An audit trail of all accesses, searches and actions is available Delegate archive access to other administrators and end users Import historical emails, including from PST files

14 Web browsing reduces productivity by up to 40%, and can potentially put organisations at risk 13 Employees spend more and more time on non-productive browsing: 64% of employees say they use the Internet for personal interest during working hours 41% admit to personal surfing at work for more than three hours per week 1 in every 11 minutes online globally is accounted for by social network & blogging sites 25% of corporate Internet traffic is considered to be "unrelated to work" 90% of employees feel the Internet can be addictive Internal threats: Company’s bandwidth waste on non-work related surfing Potential reputational damage External threats: Information theft through phishing attacks

15 CronLab’s Web Filter offers account managers great level of flexibility; beyond company wide hard blocks 14 No Block Hard Block Soft Block User can access website freely User cannot access website User is warned that website access is against policy but that he can access it if he still wishes Time restrictions can be set for unlocked sites User is informed that this access shall be logged 142 URL categories Company level User group level User level “USER” Administrator Policy for URL Outcome

16 Web Filter allows leading flexibility 15 Partnership with Zvelo defines a leading URL database Alexa global 1 million websites categorized Alexa top 25k websites categorized for over 20 languages “Long Tail” coverage with over 450 million URLs covering 6 billion web pages in over 170 languages Al-based Auto Categorization using continuous machine- learning statistical modelling Strong phishing site detection Protection against websites with virus, spyware, malware Zero-Hour malicious site detection using static and behavioural analysis 9 malicious categories, with threat vector, revisit logic and more 21 main categories with 142 subcategories for ultimate granularity Customized categories can be created and deployed for specific groups or even shared between several accounts Leading URL database with Auto Categorization Advanced malicious website detection Advanced management of categories

17 Web Filter includes, per group optional, on-the-fly virus checks and high level of granularity for settings 16 High level of granularity kept also for anti-virus settings Viruses checked for on-the- fly while files are downloaded Anti-virus engine can be switched on per group to optimize security and speed for all users In difference to competing solutions CronLab checks the files for viruses during the download of the pages, greatly increasing the surfing speed Implementation leads to seamless download of even large files

18 CronLab’s Web Filter is SaaS based, as optimal form of deployment 17 SaaSAppliance Server Software Desktop Software Filter updated very frequently Yes No All updates automatic Yes No Protects roaming users with minimal latency YesNo SaaS is the optimal form of deployment for Web Filtering

19 Long-term partnership can be expanded into more products as they come online 18 Incoming Spam Filtering (SaaS and Appliance) Web Filtering (SaaS) Email Archiving Anti-Spam add-on (SaaS) Outgoing Filtering (SaaS and Appliance) Current offering Email Attachment Saver Anti-Spam add-on (SaaS and Appliance) H1 2012 – Preliminary Plan Email Archiving Stand-alone (SaaS, Q4) Spam Filter (Virtual Machine, Q4)

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