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Sustainable IT John Pollitt – Head of IT Services, City College Norwich.

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1 Sustainable IT John Pollitt – Head of IT Services, City College Norwich.

2 What is Green Computing? Green computing is the use of computers and related resources in an environmentally responsible manner. It’s not just for tree huggers 1 LCD not CRT 2 Laptops 3 Screen Saver? 4 Sleep mode/Vista 5 Energy Star 6 Recycle

3 Why bother?  Reputation  Cost savings  Social responsibility Global (resources, carbon) Local environment (heat, footprint, H&S)  Compliance BREEAM excellence Legislation

4 New Vs Old  New build – an opportunity for change  Legacy kit – counting the cost  Existing build & infrastructure

5 Before green was popular  Print consumables  LCD monitors  No inkjets  Refurbished PCs  Re-cycled equipment (PCs & CDs)  Auto shutdown student PCs

6 What came next?  Classroom & Office PCs – tower, small form or laptop? Repro – wastebin, duplex, mono, print quotas, MFDs. AV – auto shutdown projectors, plasma E-forms – e-registers, progressions other docs. Sustainability as part of the procurement policy.

7 Extended power management

8 The price of progress


10 Sample running costs

11 Low power laptop based tech

12 What now?  Data Centre Storage Consolidation Server Consolidation (Virtualisation) Thin client & flexible computing Third party device support Audio Visual Auto shutdown staff PCs

13 Gotchas  I need a huge LCD, 2 would be better…  Virtualisation creep  AV growth  Power management issues & limitations  Multiple mobile devices  MFD consolidation  Packaging

14 Help is at hand

15 Planning your Data Centre  Planning for Energy Requirements with Dell Servers, Storage, and Networking   Welcome to the Dell Data Center Capacity Planner  Energy efficiency is not related just to power (kWh) requirement, or cooling requirements, or performance (MIPs) - it pertains to all of these variables. And it's not just a data center issue - it is critical for organizations of all sizes and scopes. To get started improving your energy efficiency, use the Dell Data Center Capacity Planner to understand how your choices impact your energy use.

16 Planning your Data Centre

17 Green Calculators

18 Energy Star ratings

19 Energy Star ratings  Energy Star 5 currently in draft

20 Other ratings

21 Measuring use  Mains voltage testers & cost calculators Power+and+Energy+Monitors&FromMenu=y&doy=25m2 £10 - 25

22 Measuring use

23 Funding sustainable IT

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