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2007 Team Commissary Council. 2007 Commissary Council Tom Milks Randy Chandler Steve Lamkin David Johnson CAT Bill Mehler Russ Moffett Consumer Trends.

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1 2007 Team Commissary Council

2 2007 Commissary Council Tom Milks Randy Chandler Steve Lamkin David Johnson CAT Bill Mehler Russ Moffett Consumer Trends Industry Trends Innovations Outreach Ops/Systems Delbert Myrick Ron Ritchie Data Accuracy System Changes System Updates Virtual Com. Cat. Mgt / Plan-o-grams Randy Chandler Larry Roush Cat Reviews Training Standards – Templates Perishables Dave Shaw Paul Burke Meat Produce Freeze/Chill Dairy Deli-Bakery Store Support Bob Hayden Dennis Black Vendor Stocking Execution Swell Allowance Category Resets Speed To Shelf Promotions Charlie Dowlen Pete Murphy Club Packs Displays HBC Shippers Compliance New Items Co-Crew Chief: David McMurtry Co-Crew Chief: Paul Keating Co-Crew Chief: Jim Herring

3 2007 Team Commissary Council (Industry)

4 2007 ALA Chapter News ALA Board Member / East Chapter Crew Chief – Tommie Draper ALA Board Member / West Chapter Crew Chief – Jeff King 23 Local Chapters Work with all chapters on issues & local events Attend all POD meetings Chapter of Excellence Awards coming back – East & West Working to make Far East chapters stronger thru realignment Communicating / Updating chapters on base access E&C News running article on all chapter presidents Shirts being issued to all chapter presidents

5 2007 ALA Chapter News Your Local Chapter Crew Chiefs - Hampton Roads – Milt Ackerman New York – Denise Passarella Alamo – John Yannuzzi N. California – Don Spilman South Carolina – Duane BondNorthwest – Brad Colbo North Carolina – Charles AldridgePac. Rim / Korea – Michael Distasio Dallas – Richard KrugOkinawa – Jay Wentworth Europe – John BendetsonGuam – Connie Beck Florida – Tom HackSouthwest – John Dore Georgia – Brenda NaveWashington D.C. – Sam Barnum Great Plains – Dan Coffey Gulf Area – Glenn Houvinen Hawaii – Karen George Mid America – Larry Lemma New England – Skip Moody New Jersey – Fred Christy

6 2007 Team Consumer Awareness Members: Crew Chief * Co-Crew Chief Industry Russ Moffett – Sarvis, Inc. *David McMurtry – Kraft Lance Batson – Hershey John Bradbury – Military Media Karen Chin – AC Neilsen Jeff Erickson – P&G Ainsley Everhart – Dunham & Smith Deborah Kalas – Empower IT Sheila Linn – Campbell’s Ginesa Madar – Nestle Steve Stella – Maxi Saver Kris Stranko - ConAgra DeCA William Mehler Major Fauber Edna Hoogewind Jay Hudson

7 2007 Team Consumer Awareness Initiatives: Outreach: Coupon Booklets 100,000 ea pd (Jan-Jun & Jul-Dec 07) Used by DeCA outside store to attract non-shoppers 2006 redemption highs of 14% Spring & 9% Fall Service Level Enlisted Awards Provides commissary recognition at senior levels Marketing Ads designed with DeCA Ads placed in publications non-shoppers read Working on monthly ads Ads reach large audience

8 March Ad – 80,000 Circ.

9 May/June Ad Placement 220,000 Circulation

10 2007 Team Consumer Awareness Initiatives: Outreach (continued): Conventions / Special Events Sep 07 Booth at Navy/Air Force Game Assist DeCA with items for booths at Association’s conventions Consumer Awareness Month – May 07 Store level events for single enlisted Expect over 8,000 active military Consumer Trends/Insights CAT working with DeCA to provide insights on: Industry Trends Who is military shopper Comparison of military channel with other key channels Military shopper patterns inside and outside gate What are opportunity categories to draw customers NTT 07-29, Request for Info on Consumer Insights Need manufacturer submissions

11 2007 Team Consumer Awareness Sponsor’s: Campbell Soup CLloyd Johnson Coca Cola ConAgra Coty Commissary Specials Heinz Dunham & Smith Elite Foods MARK YOUR CALENDAR….. CAT Golf Tournament Monday, 10 September 2007 Country Club of Petersburg Empower IT Highplains Marketing Johnson & Johnson Kellogg’s Kraft MDV Nash Finch Mid-Valley Nestle Nestle Purina Overseas Service Corp. PepsiCo P&G S&K Sarvis, Inc. Unilever Military Foods Unilever Military HPC

12 2007 Team Operating Systems Members: Industry Ron Ritchie – MDV/Nash Finch Bill Anderson – Anstar Tim Brown – Empower IT Janel Dunn – P & G Lauren Elkin – L & M Marketing Liz Genes - D & S Erica Goetz – Highplains Marketing Pat Johnson – Grocery Supply Co Craig Murphy – Supervalu Tom McFadden – P & G Abel Raad - Nestle Brenda Steinberg – MDV/Nash Finch Don Stickles – Bisek & Company Laura Thompson – Kraft Rob Whitmore – Empower IT Crew Chief DeCA Delbert Myrick Sharon Rahe Mary DeSantis Dave Ferguson Ron Freeman Gordon Jones John Madar Valerie Robillia Carol Ricker Wayne Webb Gary Williams Derrick Young

13 2007 Team Operating Systems Initiatives: Data Accuracy – Ensure Data Quality for Plan-o-grams and DIBS System Changes and Updates CAO – Computer Assisted Ordering CARTS - Commissary Advanced Resale Transaction System DEBS – DeCA Enterprise Business System RFID – Radio Frequency Identification EDI – Electronic Data Interchange Data Warehouse – Promotion analysis, plan-o-gram interface Global Data Synchronization – Establish program interface Automate promotion and new item process Update reports for analyzing promotions and new item performance Virtual Commissary

14 Crew Chief Industry Larry Roush – M&M Mars Marvin Kenan – Johnson & Johnson Don Goetz – Highplains Chris Lee – C.Lloyd Johnson Billy Mahanes – Nestle Bob Hybki – ConAgra Randy Hardee – Dixon Marketing Mark Orsolek – Pepsi Tim Brown – Empower IT Joe Herbst – P&G 2007 Team Category Management / Plan-o-gram Members: DeCA Randy Chandler Steve Sones Angel Ramos Bill Wood

15 2007 Team Category Management / Plan-o-gram Initiatives : Category Review Process Joint input on category review dates Establish firm review date publication Establish format to track resets. Objective - Have K3-K5 stores reset In 90 days Develop matrix of categories & stores that have been reset. Establish process to notify stores when reviews are published Review Reclama process Benchmark results Training Quantify industry resources Develop generic training program Establish who attends (Buyer, Cat. Mgr., Plan-o-grammers, etc.) Establish frequency of training

16 Release template prior to the start of review identifying review objectives. Full category access (adds and deletes for entire category) Publish category review 45 days after review Work to reset all K 3-5 stores 90 days after review published Establish process to monitor implementation Develop category benchmarks to measure results Implement DeCA category personnel training program 2007 Team Category Management / Plan-o-gram Goals :

17 Crew Chief * Co-Crew Chief 2007 Team Perishable Members : Industry Members Paul Burke – Land O’Lakes *Jim Herring – John Morrell & Co. Ainsley Everhart – D & S Andrea Masch – US Nestle Bill Horschel – Kraft Bob Hill – Sarvis Dave Eley – DMI Gary Beaupre – Butterball Joe Briguccia – ConAgra Joe Kovac –Alder Foods Julian Stovall – S & K Keith Eubank – Sara Lee Kent Blue – Webco Milt Ackerman – Elite Foods Paul Blocker – General Mills Rusty Crenshaw – OSC Sandy Ferguson – CLJ DeCA Members Dave Shaw Steve Arland Dana Nickless Fred Watts Jon Sanders LaRue Smith Leslie Simpson Max Goldfarb

18 2007 Team Perishable Initiatives: Elevate Perishable Promotions –Group will look into increasing perishable Power Buys, Primaries, & Manager Specials and recommend the best mix for effectively increasing sales. –Group will also look at ways to improve how we promote perishable categories to Patrons. Club Pack & Case Lot Promotions –Group will research and recommend perishable club pack promotional structure –Group will look at ways to increase perishable participation in case lot sales

19 2007 Team Perishable Initiatives: Industry Promotions/Cross Merchandising –Group will research available industry funding for promoting perishable categories and recommend how DeCA can take advantage of these industry programs. –Group will look at how we increase DeCA’s participation in industry merchandising contests to increase sales and promote these categories. –Group will also research ways to formalize cross merchandising efforts between perishable & semi perishable categories Merchandising Investments –Group will research ways for DeCA to improve the quality and quantity of perishable display cases. –Group will use financial discipline in order to qualify any possible recommendations

20 Crew Chief Industry Dennis Black – Dunham & Smith Larry Roush – Masterfoods Tommie Draper – Overseas Bill Whaley – Kelloggs Tom Fehily – EmpowerIT Craig Murphy – Supervalu Harry Ledgerwood – Sara Lee Mark Carpenter – P&G Rhonda Arnold – Dunham & Smith 2007 Team Store Support Members : DeCA Bob Hayden Edna Hoogewind Mary DeSantis Valerie Robillia Chris Burns

21 2007 Team Store Support Initiatives: Vendor Stocking – Emphasize current policy Execution – Improved store support on all merchandising programs throughout entire display period. Resets – Develop process to set sections quicker & maintain these sets once reset. Swell Allowance

22 Crew Chief * Co-Crew Chief Industry Pete Murphy – S&K Sales *Paul Keating – Elite Foods Billy Mahanes – Nestle Frank Glotfelty – General Mills Chris Lee – C.Lloyd Richard Walker – Alder Foods Gary Duell – Empower IT Tim Atwood – P&G Cindy Dulik – Quaker JD Fennessy – Sarvis Joe Kimosh – ConAgra Laura Thompson - Kraft 2007 Team Promotions Members: DeCA Charlie Dowlen Tom Muehlbauer

23 2007 Team Promotions Initiatives: Signage Program – New look for EDLP & Extra $avings; Multiples; Colored labels. 2008 Themes – Add new & exciting themes Highlighting nutritional and “Health & Wellness” Dollar Days Promotions – DP3 Super Bowl, DP12 Summer Savings, DP16 Back To School, DP20 Fall Savings 2008 Matrix – Continue to develop best matrix in excel format Display Periods – Adding 1 week to #24 so #1 starts in January. Presentation Form – New form will include a section for Far East & Alaska item selection; Secondary Pricing: GTIN’s!!! Club Pack / Special Packs – Continue to develop promo opportunities & include in promo package. Summer/Winter? or Quarterly? Seasonal Holiday Program- As segments completed (gift packs, chill/frozen, baking/misc.), will be released for better planning (by mid-June). Super Bowl – Certain holiday items extended to Super Bowl and not marked down until after. Promo Package Changes – More K2/K3 PB’s & MS’s Promotional Performance – Tracking promo sales vs EDLP sales to help achieve greater level of patron savings. Price Changes – Working to eliminate $.01-$.02 price changes.

24 Thanks For Your Continued Support!!!

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