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Independent Sales Representative

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1 Independent Sales Representative

2 Annual Earnings Potential $60,000+
Selling Our Discount Health and Lifestyle Benefit Packages is Simple and Profitable! Annual Earnings Potential $60,000+ Join the Wave and Start Helping People Save Today!

3 Who is AMG Benefit Group?
Founded in 1992 Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Authorized Reseller for New Benefits Our purpose is not to compete with or replace health insurance but to complement an existing benefit package resulting in improved benefits and savings for individuals and their families.

4 Who is New Benefits? Leader in discount health and lifestyle benefit programs Over 24 years of service 25 million members and 5,000 groups Co-founder of the Consumer Health Alliance Privately held with over 100 employees in Dallas, Texas A+ Rating with BBB

5 Position Overview: Independent Sales Representative
Provide discount health and lifestyle benefits to companies/groups in your own community 50 positions available in Georgia Work from home office Daily assistance from Field Sales Manager Proven sales tools available to help support sales efforts Receive high commission with bonuses and incentives

6 Qualifications for an ISR?
Excellent Phone Skills Ability to work minimum 20 hours per week. Work from home office Computer with high speed internet access Complete basic product training Purchase a Total Benefit Package Complete 30-day Fast Start program Be able to invest $100 to get started (Refunded after Fast Start Completed)

7 The Right Product The Right Company The Right Time
Why Work for AMG? The Right Product The Right Company The Right Time No Sales Quota You choose your market Earn $5 per membership per month Commission rate will never be reduced Ongoing monthly commission for previously sold active memberships Eligible for Cash Bonuses and Vacation Incentives No need for licensing or certifications Continuous training and support provided

8 Why Work for AMG? (continued)
Sell Exclusive benefit packages with a high value and low cost Save your client time and money Improve your clients health and finances Benefits customers with or without health insurance AMG promotes from within the company

9 Compensation Examples
Memberships Commission Income/Month Income/Year 100 $5 $500 FAST START $6000 250 $1250 $15000 500 $2500 $30000 1000 $5000 TARGET GOAL AFTER 12 MONTHS $60000 2500 $12500 $150000

10 Discount Health and Lifestyle Benefits

11 Fact: Healthcare is Changing
Higher Premiums Higher co-pays Higher co-insurance Higher out of pocket expenses for individuals and families People everywhere are looking for ways to save money on their healthcare and we have an answer!

12 Discount Health and Lifestyle Benefits Offered by AMG
Consult-A-Doctor ™ Dental - Aetna Dental Access® Retail Pharmacy Medical Health Advisor Lab Testing - With DirectLabs  Nurseline™ Medical Bill Saver™ MRI and CT Scans Chiropractic Hearing Aids Physician Visits and Hospital Referral Diabetic Supplies Vitamins Family Legal Plan Safe Indentity Expense Tracker Roadside Assistance Cashback Rewards Mall

13 Consult-A-Doctor™ National network of board certified physicians providing consultations via telephone/ , free of charge Available 24 hours a day Discuss symptoms, recommend treatment options, diagnose common conditions, prescribe and phone-in medications to local pharmacy if needed Save time and money by avoiding unnecessary doctor's office or ER visits

14 Dental - Aetna Dental Access®
Provides discounts of 15-50%* on dental services Members present their Aetna Dental Access® card for immediate savings Members can use their card for many dental services *Actual costs and savings vary by provider, service and geographical area.

15 Retail Pharmacy Save 10-85% on most medications
Accepted at over 60,000 retail pharmacies No other paperwork required. Member presents membership card and prescription. Pharmacist calculates discount and the member pays the discounted price

16 Medical Health Advisor
Provides assistance with healthcare and insurance related issues Helps members deal with clinical, insurance and administrative issues Assist individuals in maximizing the value of their healthcare benefits. Services administered by Personal Health Advocates, (typically registered nurses, supported by a team of medical directors and administrative experts)

17 Lab Testing - With DirectLabs
Members save % off typical lab costs for blood, urine, saliva, hair and fecal tests.

18 Nurseline™ Nurseline™ offers toll-free access to experienced registered nurses 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Nurses are an instant and trusted source of health information, education and support. Nurses help members based on doctor-approved guidelines.

19 Medical Bill Saver™ Providers need to be paid for their services promptly and often  depend on multiple parties for payment Many providers will agree to a discount in return for certainty of payment and lower collection costs Medical Bill Saver™ can lower out-of-pocket costs on medical bills not covered by  insurance. Advocates will work with providers to lower the balance on uncovered  medical or dental bills over $400.

20 MRI and CT Scans Members receive discounts of 50-75%* off imaging services while using credentialed radiologists. Members are matched with the best provider based on medical condition, member preferences, and location. * Savings may vary based on geographic location, provider and procedure performed.

21 Chiropractic Members save 30-50% at over 3,000 participating chiropractors nationwide.

22 Hearing Aids Program offers latest technologies and models
Network of more than 3,000 full service centers. To receive savings, call the toll-free number in the membership booklet to make an appointment.  You will be given the closest locations for a free hearing evaluation.

23 Physician Visits and Hospital Referral
One of the largest networks in the nation. The network "owns" its doctor contracts so coverage is not lost due to cancellation of a lease agreement. The network controls doctor education and service levels.

24 Diabetic Supplies A medical program that combines the buying power of thousands of diabetics throughout the US Members save big on the retail price of their diabetic supplies Product packages include a premier Glucose Meter, control solution, test strips, lancets and lancing device.  Supplies are shipped regularly at no extra cost.

25 Vitamins is your one-stop shop for thousands of top brand vitamins, supplements, herbs, organics and natural health care productsy Up to 80% off retail Choose from over 400 brands and 12,000 items in stock Enjoy savings of 10% on already low prices Members can place orders online or toll free by phone Most orders ship the same day Every order is backed by the exclusive 5-star guarantee.

26 Family Legal Plan Free initial phone consultation on new legal matters, simple wills, document review and more Discount on services such as traffic ticket defense, name change, simple divorce, simple trust and more. Always have an attorney available when you have a need

27 Safe Identity Protects members from identity theft.
Detection system scans thousands of databases for possible ID theft Members are told by phone if suspicious activity is found Members get unlimited service, free financial coaching for up to one hour, and free legal consultation up to one hour with an attorney Also helps with “pre-existing” ID theft that was unknown before joining the program.

28 Expense Tracker Access and install software in less than 5 minutes
Find $200-$500 per month in misspent money Get instant balance updates using web or text messages and daily, monthly, and yearly spending reports.

29 Roadside Assistance Get one free service call per disablement
Services Include: tire change battery service lost keys/unlock gas delivery collision assistance parts delivery parts installationp Up to15 miles towing (up to $80 retail value).

30 Cashback Rewards Mall Enjoy great deals, huge savings, and cash back when you shop at your favorite online stores! Convenient shopping, exciting savings, and CashBack are what make your CashBack Rewards Mall the only place to shop on the Internet.

31 Savers Guide® Interactive, online discount program
Gives members access to over 235,000 discounts/locations from Entertainment’s® exclusive database of merchant offers Members will be able to select relevant, high-value discounts by searching where they live, work, or travel

32 Benefits Packages

33 Benefit Packages AMG offers 4 benefit packages, with 19 discount health and lifestyle services Basic Package Health Package Lifestyle Package Total Package Membership includes member, spouse and all legal dependents

34 $15.95 a month plus one time $3.95 Application Fee
Basic Package $15.95 a month plus one time $3.95 Application Fee Retail Pharmacy Medical Bill Saver™ Medical Health Advisor Nurseline™ Consult A Doctor Lab Testing MRI & CT Scans Family Legal Plan Hearing Aids Vitamins Diabetic Supplies

35 $19.95 a month plus one time $3.95 Application Fee
Health Package $19.95 a month plus one time $3.95 Application Fee Consult A Doctor™ Retail Pharmacy Lab Testing MRI & CT Scans Medical Bill Saver Medical Health Advisor Nurseline™ Aetna Dental Access® Hearing Aids Vitamins Diabetic Supplies Chiropractic Physician Visit & Hospital Referral

36 $22.95 a month plus one time $3.95 Application Fee
Lifestyle Package $22.95 a month plus one time $3.95 Application Fee Identity Theft Protection Roadside Assistance Family Legal Plan The Expense Tracker SaversGuide® Cash Back Saver

37 $29.95 a month plus one time $3.95 Application Fee
Total Package $29.95 a month plus one time $3.95 Application Fee Consult A Doctor™ Retail Pharmacy Lab Testing MRI & CT Scans Medical Health Advisor Medical Bill Saver Nurseline™ Aetna Dental Access® Identity Theft Protection Family Legal Plan The Expense Tracker Roadside Assistance Hearing Aids Vitamins Diabetic Supplies Chiropractic Physician Visit & Hospital Referral SaversGuide® Cash Back Saver

38 Benefit Package Comparison Chart
Benefits Offered: Basic Package Health Package Lifestyle Package Total Package Consult-A-Doctor + Retail Pharmacy Lab Testing MRI & CT Scans Medical Health Advisor Medical Bill Saver Nurseline ™ Aetna Dental Access® Identity Theft Protection Family Legal Plan The Expense Tracker Roadside Assistance Hearing Aids Vitamins Diabetic Supplies Chiropractic Physician Visit and Doctor Referral SaversGuide ® Cash Back Saver

39 “Contacting Your Warm Market”
30 Day Fast Start “Contacting Your Warm Market”

40 Sales Goal First 30 Days During the first 30 days your goal is to sell 100 memberships to your warm market. You will not be alone. We will help you every step of the way. Your Income for 100 memberships will be $500 You will get paid every month as long as a membership stays active.

41 Steps to Get Started

42 Step 1 – Pay $100 Fast Start Fee
(Refundable After Fast Start Goal of 100 Memberships is Met) What’s Included: 250 Tri-Fold Brochures 250 Business Cards Yealink Desk Phone – upon completion of Fast Start Access to Sales Learning Lab Personal Address Your contact information on Website Brochures (PDF) for attachments Professional Webinar Presentations to support your sales 3 way conference calling with sales manager Leads with complete contact information Ongoing Training and Support To Pay: Go to Click on Careers and Independent Sales Reps. Then, Click on: Pay Rep Start Up Fee

43 Step 2 - Purchase Total Package
You need to own and use the benefits to realize their value. When Fast Start goal is met the cost of the Total Package will be paid by AMG Benefit Group. Consult A Doctor™ Retail Pharmacy Lab Testing MRI & CT Scans Medical Health Advisor Medical Bill Saver Nurseline™ Aetna Dental Access® Identity Theft Protection Family Legal Plan The Expense Tracker Roadside Assistance Hearing Aids Vitamins Diabetic Supplies Chiropractic Physician Visit & Hospital Referral SaversGuide® Cash Back Saver $29.95 a month plus one time $3.95 Application Fee Membership includes member, spouse and all legal dependents Go to Click on Benefit Packages and then APPLY NOW

44 Step 3 - Complete Sales Learning Lab
As the discount industry becomes more competitive, the Sales Learning Lab is specifically designed to maximize your sales efforts through online product and marketing training. You will be learning how to incorporate discount benefit information into your sales pitch. Although this concept may or may not be new to you, when learning the discount product information in the learning lab, memorization is critical to your success. You must be willing to practice and recite the discount ranges, number of providers in each network and benefit highlights to become proficient in selling these benefits. Practice and repetition help to embed new knowledge in the mind of the learner and that's what we want you to do in our lab.

45 Step 4 - Make Your Prospect List
The career of sales can be both fun and profitable. Every good product needs a salesperson and every good salesperson needs prospects on whom to call. Without prospects to present your goods to, a salesperson has no place to start. A prospect list gives you a list of prospects to focus on and developing that list is a critical first step in the sales process. The AMG Memory Jogger will help you create your list. Possible Prospects: Business Owners Family, friends, neighbors Co-workers other acquaintances. Educators Associations (Chamber of Commerce, Alumni, Sport Teams, etc.) HR Executives Other Groups/Decision Makers

46 Step 5 - Start Selling Who should you contact…
Family, Friends…People you know! Business in you community or Businesses you have a contact or relationship with!

47 Selling Tools

48 Trifold Brochure - Outside
Your Business Card goes Here

49 Trifold Brochure - Inside

50 Business Cards

51 Sample Script Hi ________, my name is ____________ from AMG Benefit Group. We help companies like yours save money on their employees healthcare. Are you the right person in your company that I should be talking to? It is important to understand that we do not sell insurance. Our program compliments an existing health insurance policy by reducing out of pocket medical expenses. We save money on co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles and other out of pocket expenses. If you have employees that do not have health insurance we can even save them more. Would you be willing to attend a 15 minute webinar that explains our program? We can do this at a time that is convenient to your schedule? If I can have your address I will send you the information on how you can register for one of our webinar presentations. After you receive the information from our webinar you will be able to decide if this is something you would want to make available to your employees. Can I have your address so I can send you the information?

52 Great Support Tools Webinars – Your prospect will be able to attend an on line presentation that will explain our entire program in detail. This enables the attendees the opportunity to give, receive and discuss information. Conference Calls – One of our sales managers will get on a call with you and your prospect to explain our program and answer any questions they man have.

53 Disclosure This plan is NOT insurance. This plan provides discounts at certain healthcare providers for medical services. This plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services. Pharmacy discounts range from 10% to 85% on most medications. The plan member is obligated to pay for all healthcare services but will receive a discount from those healthcare providers who have contracted with the discount plan organization. The plan is not insurance coverage and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act or Massachusetts M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR This discount card program contains a 30 day cancellation period. The range of discounts for medical or ancillary services provided under the plan will vary depending on the type of provider and medical or ancillary service received. The discount medical card program makes available, before purchase and upon request, a list of program providers, including the name, city, state, and specialty of each program provider located in the cardholder’s service area. Member shall receive a full refund of membership fees, excluding registration fee, if membership is cancelled within the first 30 days after the effective date. AR and TN residents: A refund of all fees will be issued if membership is cancelled within the first 30 days. MD Residents: The membership fee and one-time registration fee (minus $5.00) will be refunded if cancelled within the first 30 days and upon return of the discount card. Discount Medical Plan Organization: New Benefits, Ltd., Attn: Compliance Department, PO Box Dallas, TX , Website to obtain participating providers:

54 Contact Information Bob Ondr – President (AMG Benefit Group, LLC)

55 Thank You

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