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Quicken 2011 New Features Presented by: Simon Hutchinson.

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1 Quicken 2011 New Features Presented by: Simon Hutchinson

2 Overview of this session Quicken 2011 Product Range Quicken 2011 Development Cycle Quicken Key Features from the past few years including 2011 Q&A

3 Quicken Personal Quicken Personal is designed as a good first step into financial management for users It does not contain share tracking but has almost every other feature of Quicken Retails for a low end cost to enable ease of access for everyone Allows you to track credit card spending, savings accounts and home loans

4 Quicken Personal Plus Quicken Personal is designed for the user is more serious about financial management and wants extra features Contains share portfolio management tracking Updates share prices daily including updating the net worth of the user via their portfolio accounts Includes extra features such as Carbon Footprint Calculators and other exclusive features

5 Quicken Home and Business Quicken Personal is designed for the user who wants to track business and personal accounts in the one program Excellent for sole traders who don’t have high levels of revenue Allows users to track business share portfolios and personal share portfolios in the one product Includes taxation requirements and GST reports for ease of use.

6 Quicken 2011 Development Cycle We started Quicken earlier than any other year in history for the 2011 project (May 2010) This enabled us to fix many of the bug bears that our users had been experiencing with the software as well as kick off some major integration projects We delivered a number of new features including Hubb Investor We included NZ specific features for the 2011 release for the first time in quite some time.


8 NZX Data Feed As of late 2009 the data feed to Quicken is now fed from the NZ stock exchange directly This brings NZ in line with the Australian product which feeds directly from the ASX. Since the implementation of this feature we have noticed significant improvement to the data feeds for NZ quicken useres. The feeds are updated generally 8pm NZST on a trading day. We had reports that the feeds were 24 hours old under the old system. This feature has resolved that problem.

9 Carbon Footprint Tracking Quicken Personal Plus and above now includes a tool which allows you to calculate your Carbon footprint You can then compare to country averages from around the globe It also allows you to enter some calculations to see what changing your lifestyle such as cycling instead of driving will do to your carbon footprint The data is based on independent United Nations reports This will become more of an issue over time for users »Lets check it out!

10 Kiwi Saver Quicken can now help you track your voluntary Kiwi Saver accounts The Kiwi Saver is a brand new Investment account type As it uses investment accounts it allows you to track the shares that your Kiwi Saver fund has invested in for you The account can also track the employers contributions and details We hope to improve this over time so please give us feedback from yourselves and clients »Lets check it out!

11 Term Deposit Account We have implemented this feature due to customer requests. These accounts are a lot more popular post the Global Financial Crisis You can setup Term Deposit accounts which act upon Term Deposit rules and setup maturity dates Alerts can display when the accounts have matured to ensure you add interest This makes Quicken even more worthwhile to personal investors for whom Term Deposits are very popular »Lets check it out!

12 Quicken File with No Categories In Quicken 2011 when you set up a new file, you now have the option of setting a file with a blank list of categories This has been a heavily requested feature by our customers Key benefit is increased usability for those who prefer to set up and/or customise their list of categories as they won’t have to delete the existing categories one by one »Lets check it out

13 Express Setup Interview In Quicken 2011 Home & Business when you create a new file, you can now select whether your primary chequing account is for business or personal use and you can also set the tax tracking option for this account This has been an Accredited Partner request Key benefit is increased usability of the product and less errors for your clients Lets have a look >>

14 Reckon Tools HUBB Investor Reckon Tools HUBB Investor is now available to Quicken 2011 Personal Plus and Home & Business customers 3 rd party tool offered to you from HUBB Financial and at your fingertips from within Quicken –Launch and Register software from within Quicken Powerful tool combining functional and technical analysis to help you analyse stocks for long or short trading opportunities Reckon Tools HUBB Investor features and key benefits in focus session Lets have a look >>

15 Regular Updates and Enhancements Regular Updates: –Tax Line items have been updated for the 2010/11 financial year to conform to the ATO Tax Pack released in July 2010 –Personal Income Threshold updated for the 2010/11 financial year Enhancements: –Super Summary is now available for customers who upgrade –Update to the Category Report where memorised split transactions are used –Editing transactions with zero percent tax codes –Printing enhancements for the Category & BAS Report –Email invoices with Outlook 2007 and 2010 on Windows 7

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