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Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08. AQUA SAVER OPTION.

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1 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08


3 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 What is Aqua Saver  Water reduction by up to 50%.  Proven technology as used on other Ryko equipment.  Will not be a detriment to wash quality.  Water usage will be comparable to that of HP competition  Still uses the extremely effective I-Maxx Technology.  Still able to incorporate 5 year pump warranty  Do not have to add expensive underground reclaim tanks.  Great for areas in which water restrictions are becoming more and more prevalent.

4 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 How it Works  Aqua Saver Option will collect water used in previous wash and will move this water from the collection pits.  Pump and foot valve with strainer pulls the water out of the collection pit and runs it through an in-line separator in order to clean the water.  From the separator, the water will then be carried into a free-standing holding tank where it will mix with fresh water.  The water in the holding tank will then be reintroduced into the next wash cycle.

5 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 Diagram of ASO

6 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 Comparison Against Competition  Ryko will be able to offer the I-Maxx cleaning system with or without an Aqua Saver Option.  This will position Ryko to be able to offer a superior cleaning technology, compared to that of the competition, with a longer pump warranty, due to our I-Maxx Technology.

7 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 Comparison Against Competition

8 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 Comparison Against Competition

9 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 Requirements of ASO  Electrical  Same electrical requirements as needed for standard fresh water Radius.  Water  Fresh water required is a 1” line  20 gpm minimum  40 psi minimum.  Pump is built into the pump stand.

10 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 Benefits to Aqua Saver  Reduced water usage, I-Maxx technology  Help meet increasingly stringent regulatory issues set forth by state and local governments.  Reduce overall cost per wash  Maintains 5 year pump warranty.  Durable yet utility efficient  Can be marketed as a “Green Car Wash”

11 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 Other Recent Enhancements  1” Water Service Line  A la Carte Availability with ICS Coin Box  Presoak Tank Thermometer  Improved Bottom Cover Latches  Improved Facia Hinge Bearings  Shipments leaving after June 1 will include In Bay Touch Screen as standard.

12 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 April 7 th – 10 th ICA-Orlando, FL 2008 Annual Sales Meeting RADIUS HP

13 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 New Radius HP  New Radius HP will be available in Late July/Early August  Same options as current Radius I-Maxx, but with High Pressure  Look will remain the same as what we have currently with the Radius I-Maxx  The savings is on the HP rinse cycle. Approximate water savings is around 50% on the HP Rinse cycle.  Will be available with OBD.

14 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08 Ryko Touch Free Offering  Ability to compete, no matter what the objective is.  I am concerned about reliability: I-Maxx  I want a high pressure unit: Radius HP  I want to save water: I-Maxx with ASO, Radius HP  I want the best clean in the industry: I-Maxx  Water usage is extremely important: I-Maxx with ASO or Radius HP.  I am concerned about car wash appearance: Both

15 Educate – Motivate – Sell-ebrate 08

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