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A Local Passport for Concessions within a Suffolk Framework Smart Card Networking Forum 19 July 2004.

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1 A Local Passport for Concessions within a Suffolk Framework Smart Card Networking Forum 19 July 2004

2 Suffolk Key Context Started as DISCount card 1997 Part of Anti – Poverty strategy Partnership between Suffolk County Council and Mid Suffolk District Council Re-launched as Stowmarket Key pilot 2003/4

3 Suffolk Key Framework The technology link – smart cards ODPM National Smart Card Project Broad Partnership Agenda Suffolk Strategic Partnership Suffolk Accessible Government Partnership Suffolk Technological Partnership (JV with BT/CGI)

4 Stowmarket Key The Early Challenges Create an easily used SINGLE opt-in concession and ID card scheme VALUED, therefore desired, by the citizen Deliver MEASURABLE cash benefits to citizens on low incomes Create a TRANSFERABLE scheme across the county Create MORE BUSINESS for local traders REDUCE COSTS by centralising card management DE-STIGMATISE concessions where possible Enable E-GOV EFFICIENCIES to flow

5 Suffolk Key Some later issues Increasing need for secure ID authentication –Who are you? –Are you who you say you are? –Person not present (phone/internet) Front office/back office modernisations + IEG CPA audits – delivering measurable results Cross-border transactions More accessible government – the STP Bridging the “digital divide” – social inclusion

6 Suffolk Key Simple Steps – No Big Bangs! Step 1 – Card Audit Step 2 – PILOT, PILOT & PILOT Step 3 – Adopt best of breed tools Step 4 – Create specifications – card, terminals, management tools, branding Step 5 – Finalise business cases Step 6 – Implement larger scheme(s) Review at each step – network like mad and watch for opportunities!

7 Stowmarket Key Local Partnering Local partnerships = Many local access points for information, enrolment & dissemination + Shared resources & sustainability

8 Suffolk Card Audit 30 - 40 schemes across Suffolk LAs Suffolk Saver, Library, Leisure, Tenants, Employees, Access, Disability registration, buses etc. >480,000 LA cards held by Suffolk citizens – 140,000 renewed annually Multiple application processing by LAs Multiple enrolments for citizens £1.5 – 2m spent on card schemes across the county Find out what you’ve got….. Join it up…. …one smart card scheme COULD do it all!

9 Stowmarket Key Who Gets It? Benefit claimants Elderly Disabled Students in full time education Referrals from agencies such as CAB, Help the Aged, benefit teams (JobCentre Plus & MSDC)

10 Stowmarket Key Cardholder uses Discounts & concessions – up to 50% at leisure centre – 25% library sound & vision loans – free energy check; local fuel price watch – car parking concession – 5-15% trader discounts – concessionary travel tokens & vouchers Personal “organiser” – personal health & organ donor (with local PCT) – proof of age – form filling Coming Summer 2004 -library card -loyalty programme

11 JobCentre Plus

12 Stowmarket Library

13 Outreach to villages

14 All Types of User!

15 Debenham Resource Centre


17 West Suffolk College Learning Centre

18 Stowmarket Town Council & CAB

19 Stowmarket Key Stow High School Partnership between school, Suffolk Catering and Stowmarket Key for trial Fast track implementation (3 months) 1100 pupils & 140 staff Cashless catering including vending machines Healthy eating loyalty points scheme Workstation access control OBJECTIVES: Ensure parents’ money is spent in school; increase sales De-stigmatise free meals Healthy eating points reward scheme And later, in town: Proof of age (alcohol & tobacco sales, pubs, nightclubs)

20 EPOS till screen

21 Pre-loading cash onto card

22 Terminal – just show & go!

23 Things get busy…...

24 Suffolk CC Shuttle Bus Partnership between Suffolk CC Transport, Ipswich Bus Company & Suffolk Key Fast track implementation (3 weeks) Basis for ITSO trials Using low cost Thyron terminals – going GPRS wireless in July Mifare contactless card OBJECTIVES: Get usage data by smart card (SCC employees) and non-card carrying public Trial low cost wireless implementation for rural routes Gain operating experience ready pre-ITSO

25 Suffolk CC Shuttle Bus

26 Suffolk Key NSCP toolkit Early adopter/beta tester (live since January) Currently managing Stow Key scheme CCDA + 3 services (personal health, organ donation, loyalty) Adding concessionary leisure, Suffolk saver bus pass, library services Developing multiple brand options from single database Need to manage all card types (incl. non-smart, Mifare, JCOP30) Open Source solution preferred option Simple installation & configuration(externally hosted by Smart Citizen)

27 Suffolk Key Wider Suffolk use 2004/5 In progress now: Stowmarket Key expansion across district Stowmarket High School cashless catering Suffolk CC Ipswich shuttle bus Social Services (“No Limits”) special needs families + disabled registration scheme Planning: 4 more schools Jan 2005; possibly most secondary by 2006 “Moving People” concession travel card 10-20 yr olds (95k cards by Jan 2005) Forest Heath new leisure concession scheme (Oct 2004) Suffolk Coastal new leisure concession scheme (Oct 2004) IBC i-Card conversion to citizen card (Dec 2004) Incorporate with Suffolk Saver bus concession (60k by May 2005) Perhaps 150k cards by this time next year…..? Strategising: Interoperability trials & regional consortium – Cambs, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk

28 Suffolk Key Current Thinking Build into Public Access strategy Use NSCP lifecycle management tools to manage multiple local schemes & brands Franchise enrolment loads Use IIN card numbering Embrace existing card schemes based on card audit Develop family of cards Exploit Mifare & develop contactless where possible Procure effectively Develop life event schemes Develop citizen, business, visitor strategies & databases Create Anglian regional framework

29 Thank you - Suffolk welcomes you at any time! Geoff Doggett t: 01449 727114 m: 07971 563510

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