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Energy Saving & Environment SK Hi-tech co., Ltd..

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1 Energy Saving & Environment SK Hi-tech co., Ltd.

2 Company Overview Company name _ SK Hi-tech Co., Ltd. CEO _ Mr. Jeong Haksub Setup date _ 12 th of Sep. 1994 Capital _ USD1,150,000 Major Products _ BLU ( back light unit ), Pear/Diffusion Film / Motor Saver / Automatic Power Factor Regulator / AVR LED light module / LED lighting system. / Filter for industrial Location _ HQ Korea (s) _ YANTAI factory in China YANTAI Shintech Electronics co., Ltd.

3 Philippines Office SK HITECH GLOBAL INC. Unit 609 DMG Center, No. 52 Domingo M. Guevera St, Mandaluyong City, 1550, Philippines TelFax. +63-02-584-8303 Mr.Jerry Koo / General Manager Mobile) 0917-587-4400

4 Major Products 1-1. BLU ( Back Light Unit ) 1-2. Pear / Diffusion / Reflect tape

5 1-3. Motor Saver / Automatic Power Factor Regulator / AVR 1-4. LED light module / LED Lighting system Major Products

6 1-5. Official Distributor of ABSfill for Philippines( Major Products CMP CAPSULE FILTERAnti-Bacteria Membrane FILTER Depth Filter Membrane FILTER Special Pleated FilterProfil

7 Direct AC power LED Benefits Not Using Converter or Stabilizer Dimming Function Available LED Lifetime Product Lifetime Converter lifetime 0 hr40,000 hr 3,000 hr LED Lifetime Product Lifetime 0 hr40,000 hr LED Lifetime = Product Lifetime - Cost Increase - Conversion Loss(20~30%) - Weight / Space Increase - Cost Effective - No Conversion Loss - Good Desing Normal LED Direct AC Power LED

8 What is the MOTOR SAVER ? - promotes the efficiency over all the electrical equipment - reduces the waste of excessive power. - reduced current draw translates to reduced KW line losses(due to resistance in the wires). APPLICATION Air conditioner, air compress, pump, Grinder, blower, press printing machine, Induction machine Variable starting motor, DC motor/ motor whose load fluctuates heavily Motor which has low load factor/ large capacity motor operating with low load

9 Where motor saver needs to be applied ? where much power’s consumed: building/factory where voltage fluctuates heavily: industrial/commercial complex where much danger of fire is: textile factory, chemical factory where humidity’s high and temperature’s low: garage, paper manufactory, dye house, food Industry Benefits of MOTOR SAVER Reduced KWH consumption and KW demand Improved power factor Improved voltage Capacity extension of electric system Cooling-off overheated electric wires and panels Increased operation life of electric motors System

10 Installation Examples

11 Major Supply Record in Korea NONameNOName 1 Samsung Electronics11 Hyundai Steel 2 Samsung Heavy Industries12 Hyundai Mobis 3 Samsung SDI13 Hyundai Motor 4 Samsung Corning14Korea Gas Corp. 5 Siltron15Dong Yang Cement 6 Electronics16Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation 717Maansan Steel(China) 8Sanyong Oil Field(China)18Shijazhuang Power Plant(China) 9USA MCC Export19Sanyong Oil Field(China) 10Incheon City20Bucheon City - Supply Quantity is more than 430,000 sets in worldwide(17 countries)

12 Supply Record in Philippines NOSupply RecordNOSupply Record 1Hanjin Shipyard(Subic)11Walter Mart–Makati,North EDSA 2 Optis - Samsung Electronics 1 st Vendor 12Top Boss Plastic 3Davao Central Chemical13In & Out Corporation 4Legaspi Oil14Bounty Fresh 5Gentuna15Divisoria Mall 6New Asia Oil Mill16Manhattan Rubber 7Unifruti17Red Ribbon 8Dole Suralla18Tutuban Mall 9Steniel Packing Group19Ocean Hotel 10BF industries20Rufino Tower




16 ABSFIL CMP CAPSULE FILTER - 4 - Supply Record in Korea : Samsung Electronics, Hynic


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