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HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Handheld Computers in Medicine Christopher A. Sarley Lehigh Valley Hospital Allentown, Pa.

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1 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Handheld Computers in Medicine Christopher A. Sarley Lehigh Valley Hospital Allentown, Pa.

2 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Handheld Computers 20% - 40% Physicians using handheld computers Estimated that 85% will be using handhelds by 2003 Potential time saver Potential money saver Potential for reduced errors

3 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Clinical Applications Clinical drug references Electronic prescription tools Clinical textbooks Patient tracking Evidence based reference

4 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg ePocrates Available for Palm OS 2600+ medications Adult & Peds dosing Packaging & Pricing info Rx – Automatically updated DocAlerts – product updates MultiCheck drug interactions Formulary available for AK, CA, DE, GA, MA, MN, OR, TX, WA, AZ, CT, FL, KN, MI, MO, OH, PA, VA Alternative medication application in development ePocrates, Inc.

5 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Mobile Micromedex Free to Micromedex Healthcare series subscribers Available for Palm and Win CE Consists of: Acute Care Info Alt Med Info (> 265 herbal supplements) Drug Info (> 1400 monographs) Toxicology Info Drug interaction tool available at additional cost Updated Quarterly Must download and reinstall to update Micromedex

6 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Other Medication References Tarascon’s ePharmacopoeia Franklin Pocket PDR Lexidrugs ( Physicians Drug Handbook ( The Medical Letter Adverse Drug Interactions database

7 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Electronic Prescription Tools iScribe Available for Palm OS Prints prescription via Infrared Integrates with practice management system Point of care charge capturing ePhysician Sends prescription directly to pharmacy

8 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Clinical Texts Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 5 Minute Clinical Consult 5 Minute Pediatric Consult Merck Manual Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics Physicians Drug Handbook

9 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Reference Tools

10 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Ovid @hand Available for Palm OS Windows CE version in development

11 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Ovid @hand

12 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Ovid @hand

13 AvantGo

14 HandHeld Med Channels

15 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Up-To-Date Point of care information Available for Handheld by end of 2002 Windows CE Estimated 1GB memory

16 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Patient Tracking

17 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Patient Tracker Available for Palm and Windows CE Integrates with desktop application Beam data to other Patient Tracker users Beam info to Ir equipped printer

18 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Patient Keeper Available for Palm OS devices Integrates with a variety of health management systems

19 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Security / HIPAA Protect data in multiple ways Require hardware password Require application password Validate user and device separately when synching institutional data Encrypt Pt. Data stored Follow established internal HIPAA / security guidelines

20 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg EBM Tools InfoRetriever Includes 5 minute clinical consult w/ images 1200 abstracts from Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Clinical prediction rules Evidence based treatment guideleines Windows CE & Palm

21 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Calculators

22 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg MedMath More than 30 Common clinical formulas Selectable units of measure Sorted by category

23 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Other calculators Med Calc PregPro Pregnancy Wheel TPN Reference

24 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Education

25 AvantGo

26 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Eye Module Digital Camera

27 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Additional Uses

28 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Active ECG FDA Approved cardiac monitor Available for Palm based devices Emergency settings Clinical Office setting Home Health Care

29 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Prehospital R-EMStat

30 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Prehospital Emergency Medical System Patient information Emergency Field Guide Fire Emergencies Incident Tracking Emergency Field Guide Integrates with base station computer

31 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Which Device is better? Determine which applications you will need Use different devices if possible before purchasing Prominence of a particular device in your environment Memory Running programs from expansion cards Windows CE HHPC v PPC Device specific applications Both Palm and Windows CE platforms offer a variety of excellent choices

32 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Resources

33 HeSCA 2002, Winnipeg Resources Web Sites Listserv Palm-Med (Univ. Michigan) Med-Ed (AAMC)

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