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AEA Contract Summary August 29, 2011 Contract 2011 - 2014.

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1 AEA Contract Summary August 29, 2011 Contract 2011 - 2014

2 Contract Negotiations Contract negotiations were a regular process throughout the 2010-2011 school year and summer (after finding out that our conciliator was no longer willing to work with APS.) Both parties chose to continue negotiations into the summer, in large part, because of the changes in health insurance bargaining laws. As a result, we were able to maintain a contract proposal with raises and better insurance options than provided by the state. There are a number of technical changes that do not effect you that are part of the packet you received, because language includes years, and reflects small changes. If you have any questions about such changes, feel free to ask your Professional Standards Rep. at your next building meeting

3 Teacher Evaluation During the 2011-12 school year, the teacher evaluation plan shall continue as is. During the 2011-12 school year, a sub- committee will be formed to consider the implementation of the state’s new Educator Evaluation Plan for August, 2012.

4 Teacher Evaluation Committee The committee will consist of (4) administrators and (4) AEA members The committee will review the State Model Plan, and agree to adopt that or a similar locally drafted plan Any such plan will include: definitions, timelines, collection of evidence. If the committee has not come to agreement by July 1, 2012, the town must implement the State Model Plan, in accordance with DESE regulations.

5 Health Care Rate Saver Plans: Why the changes What it means for you

6 History of MA Health Insurance Laws MA General Laws have changed regarding Health Insurance Chapter 32B has a new section that removed the requirement to follow 130E (removed health insurance from collective bargaining) Ashland did bargain the issue of health insurance despite this new ruling

7 More Changes In 2011 Governor Patrick declared that towns need to control the cost of healthcare Our alternative is the state will determine that all employees would move to the GIC plan (which does not include any Blue Cross plans at all)

8 Ashland’s Proposal All town employees will switch to the Rate Saver version of the current Legacy plans

9 What does this mean for ME? You may choose to remain on the same plan, or change to an alternate plan in September, 2011, but it will be under the new “Rate Saver” programs which have been described to you. September, 2011 will be a period of open enrollment; plans to go into effect on October 1, 2011. Your insurance deductions will not change until the first pay check in October, 2011, when the plan becomes effective.

10 How do I know which plan to choose? Details of ALL legacy and rate saver plans are available on the Ashland Public Schools homepage under: Staff Links Proposed Healthcare changes

11 Individual Differences Each employee would need to decide about their healthcare choices based on individual needs and use Everyone is different

12 How does the $ part work? Starting on 10/1/11, SAVE EVERY RECEIPT FOR OUT OF POCKET HEALTHCARE EXPENSES Examples: prescriptions, vision expenses, dental visits, doctor co-payments, etc.

13 Paperwork Submit your paperwork to the designated third-party company for reimbursement verification: Cafeteria Plan CPA125 More information to follow

14 $$$$ 4 Parts

15 Example: Harvard Pilgrim Part 1 Harvard Pilgrim Family plan Employee saves $1007 on premiums from the cost of the legacy plan Employee spends $1007 on out of pocket expenses, sending documentation to the Cafeteria Plan

16 Part 2 Once the threshold of $1007 has been met, the employee can get fully reimbursed up to $250 This reimbursement is subject to the same process of saving receipts and submitting them to the Cafeteria Plan administrators Payments will be dispersed at least quarterly

17 Part 3 Any out of pocket expenses over that next $250, you would continue to send your receipts to the Cafeteria plan At approximately 7/15/12, when all receipts are due, reimbursements will be paid out.

18 Part 4 These reimbursements are made from a pool of money which the town has set aside, from the savings of the rate saver plans. This pool of money equals $50,000. If the total of employee receipts is less than $50,000. each employee will receive a 100% reimbursement. If the total is more than $50,000. employees will receive a percentage of their expenses reimbursed.

19 More Information to follow Forms for submitting out of pocket expenses will be forthcoming

20 Long Term Disability Insurance Under the proposed contract, employees will now be eligible for Long Term Disability Insurance. Through UNUM Insurance Company Cost: $.65 per $100 of covered salary To collect, you must be found to meet the definition of “disabled.” LTD benefit starts after 90 days of disability

21 Signing Up for LTD Information on LTD benefits will be distributed in October, 2011 Enrollment dates are in November, 2011 Deductions will begin in December, 2011 Coverage begins 1/1/12

22 Raises Effective August 29, 2011 (school year 2011-2012), the salary schedule as shown in Article XVI FY09 Teacher's Salary Chart is amended as follows: A 1% salary increase is applied to all steps and lanes. Effective the first teacher work day of the 2012- 2013 school year a 1% salary increase is applied to all steps and lanes. In addition, all teachers in the MA thru MA+60 column who are at the maximum step will receive an additional salary increase of.5%*

23 Raises Effective the first teacher work day of the 2013-2014 school year a 1.5% salary increase is applied to all steps and lanes. In addition, all teachers in the MA thru MA+60 column who are at the maximum step will receive an additional salary increase of.5%* *It is agreed that there is one teacher currently on step 11BA+30 who will receive the additional.5% Top Step increase in years 2012- 2013 and 2013-2014.

24 2011-2012

25 2012-2013

26 2013-2014

27 Stipends The School Committee votes on which co- curriculum stipends to fund. Due to decreased enrollment in certain activities, the School Committee has funded certain stipend positions. The National Honor Society is always funded. Other funded positions will be announced, however, many are not funded this year, including Middle School Team Leaders. Watch your postings if you are interested in stipend positions.

28 Ipass During the 2010-2011 school year, several teachers utilized the Ipass Grade book system as part of a trial run. During the 2011-2012 school year APS will create an Ipass Committee to create benchmarks for implementation of the Ipass grading system for all teachers. This committee will consist of: The Director of Curriculum The Director of Technology One teacher from each building

29 Ipass and Iparent When the benchmarks have been met, but NOT earlier than August, 2012, the Ipass grading system will be used by all teachers. Teachers in Grades K-5 will complete reports of student progress and print the reports in their own building at any time before the Spring and Fall conference dates, as applicable. Upon full implementation of Ipass, the number of parent conferences will be reduced to one per school year at the Mindess School. Teachers in Grades 6 – 12 responsible for grading students in any fashion will maintain an electronic grade book in Ipass, with entries no later than every other week. Eventually, parents will have limited access to their child’s grades through Ipass’ Iparent program.

30 Sick Days: carry-over Teachers are allowed thirteen (13) sick days each year. The unused portion of sick days may accumulate to: 205 days in 2011-12 210 days in 2012-13 215 days in 2012-14

31 Sick days: Buy-back upon retirement For purposes of sick leave buy-back upon retirement, teachers will be allowed to buy back up to a maximum of 200 days if they have 20 years of service to Ashland Public Schools (at the rate of $50 per day) Teachers who retire with 15 years of service to Ashland Public Schools may buy back 150 sick days at the rate of $50 per day.

32 Longevity Effective 8/29/11, teachers who have been regularly employed for 13 years shall receive annually a $750 lump-sum longevity payment. Effective 8/29/11, teachers who have been regularly employed for 18 years shall receive annually a $1000 lump-sum longevity payment. Effective 8/29/11, teachers who have been regularly employed for 23 years shall receive annually a $1250 lump-sum longevity payment.

33 Personal Leave Teachers continue to receive 5 days for personal leave Request for leave shall be submitted through the online request process. The building principal may, however, grant a request for immediate personal leave at his/her discretion. Personal days will in no event be used for personal recreation or outside occupation. Up to 2 single days of personal leave may be submitted as “pressing family emergencies.” Requests 3 – 5, or two consecutive days requested, must include a reason for such request.

34 Personal Leave At the end of the school year: If an employee has used zero (0) days of personal leave then five (5) personal days will be rolled to sick time on June 30 th of each year If an employee has used one (1) personal day, then three (3) will be rolled over on June 30 th If an employee has used two (2) personal days, then (2) will be rolled over on June 30 th If an employee has used three (3) personal days then one (1) will be rolled over on June 30 th The roll-over days will be added to sick days rolled over, even if the 200 day maximum has been saved in sick days

35 Teacher Workload & Hours HOURS: School Day hours will be posted on the APS website annually. The school day shall not begin earlier than 7:30 a.m. or later than 9 a.m. The work day will consist of 6 hours and 25 minutes of student contact; 10 minutes prior to the start of the day, and 30 minutes after the close of the day for teacher-related duties.

36 Teacher Workload & Hours Professional Responsibilities: Teachers will participate in two Professional Development Days as posted annually on the school calendar. Teachers will have a daily prep period: FT Warren and Mindess teachers: 40-minutes FT Middle School Teachers: 45-minutes FT High School teachers: 68-minutes Part-time teachers will receive a pro-rated prep time

37 Teacher Workload & Hours Curriculum Meetings: Each professional employee shall be available for ONE, one-hour curriculum meeting per month, starting 5 minutes after the end of the instructional day; not to exceed 9 meetings per year. Each professional employee shall also participate on a curriculum, or PLC committee for 9 hours per school year

38 Maternity Leave The Town of Ashland agrees that this contract is subject to the Massachusetts and Federal Family Leave Acts. The MMLA provides anyone who has worked past an initial probationary period to 8 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, during which time the employee is entitled to all regular benefits of the employer. The FMLA provides anyone who has worked 25-hrs. per week for a year, to a period of 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, during which time the employee is entitled to all regular benefits of the employer. Under the FMLA, the 12 weeks may be taken in one continuous period, or may be broken up over the course of 12 month period surrounding the birth of your baby. These laws apply to BOTH men and women upon birth of their baby.

39 ELL/SPED notification of assignment change It is understood that changes in enrollment of ELL and SPED students over the summer months may require changes in teachers assignments and those teachers will have an opportunity to discuss the transfer with the principal prior to the change being implemented. Written notice of changes in teacher assignments will be given to the teacher and the Association President prior to the opening of school but no later than one week before teacher opening day of school.

40 Use of School facilities Members of the Association will be responsible for all building fees if the use of the building is used for a fee based program for which the teacher retains a fee.

41 Course Requirements All teachers will be required to earn a minimum of three (3) credit hours, approved in writing by the approval committee from an accredited college or university every three years in order to advance to the next step. The Approval Committee will consist of an AEA Member, Department Liaison, Building Principal, Director of Curriculum and the Superintendent or his/her Designee.

42 Course Reimbursements PLEASE REMEMBER! When you you are having a course approved, fill out the approval and reimbursement sheet and submit it to your principal. Document your personal payment for the course Submit your grade, payment and course documentation immediately if you want reimbursement.

43 What to expect in your paycheck Since the contract has not yet been ratified: Your paycheck will not reflect the proposed salary increase until the contract has been ratified; Your insurance deductions will be made at the legacy rates in September, 2011 Your insurance deductions will change in October, 2011, if the contract is ratified and the rate saver plan goes into effect

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