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Health + Wealth = Happiness KLC Online Marketing Private Limited.

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1 Health + Wealth = Happiness KLC Online Marketing Private Limited

2 If you wish Khwaja Life Care, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counsellor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius. We are here to provide the way of Khwaja Life Care. Join us we will provides a opportunity to success. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Khwaja Life Care is a body-mind-spirit company promoting a holistic understanding of the unity of life and self with an emphasis on personal growth. Produced by a team of professional journalists, some of who are also active seekers, Life Positive covers the beat of spiritual wisdom, techniques, gurus, personal growth therapies, alternative medicine, holistic healers and organisations with insight, accuracy, thoroughness and discrimination. Its orientation, as indicated by the name, is to consciously focus on the positive and ignore the negative. This is based on the spiritual law that what you place your attention on will thrive.


4 Joining Package – 1499/- only Pairing Income 1:1 -600 Daily Capping 10 Pairs, Daily Earning 6000/-. Minimum withdraw limit is 500/- 1 lakh Accidental Death Coverage Insurance with every joining. On Every Repurchase Level Commission will be given.

5 Level -1 5% Level -2 4% Level -3 3% Level -4 2% Level -5 1% Level -6 1% Level -7 1% Level -8 1% Level -9 1% Level -10 1% *On every repurchase you will get 5-20% discount on every Product

6 Aluma+Nano card Rs 1499 Lava Pendant+Anti radiation mobile Kit Rs 1650 Aloevera+Network Booster Rs 1640

7 Noni Juice+Anti radiation Mobile Kit Rs 1900 Olive Oil+Anti radiation mobile Kit Rs 1799 CMD Drops+Foot patch Rs 1699

8 Soya Protein Powder Rs 1999 herbal combo pack+nano card Rs 1950 Bio magnetic bracelet+Nano card Rs 1799

9 La costa Power or Maxx power+ Nano Card Rs 1700 Melamine dinner set 32 pcs+ Nano Card Rs 2100 Pancha Tulasi drops+Noni drops Rs 1799

10 Acai Berry Rs 1999 Car Mini Vaccum Cleaner Rs 1899 Roti Maker + Atta Maker Rs 2300

11 Gas saver+petrol saver Rs 1750 Gas Safety Device Rs 2450 Induction Cooker Rs 2600

12 Smart Solar Lamp Rs 2300 NO PROBLEM ION BRACELET Rs 2300 mobile phone+anti radiation mobile Chip Rs 2300

13 NUMORINGO Rs 2499 Catuaba Bark Sex Power Capsule Rs 1799 NICER DICER+NANO CARD Rs 1899


15 400 Pairs LAPTOP 800 Pairs BIKE 1200 Pairs NANO Car 2100 Pairs ALTO CAR 5100 Pairs TATA INDICA 11000 Pairs BOLERO 35000 Pairs SCORPIO 51000 Pairs SAFARI 100000 Pairs 2BHK FLAT 200 Pairs MINI LAPTOP

16 Email Us For enquire & information. For technical and financial support Visit Our Website

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