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The Cain Tool Presented by: Sagar Chivate CS 685F.

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1 The Cain Tool Presented by: Sagar Chivate CS 685F

2 Introduction Features  Tool for cracking various kinds of passwords on Windows platforms using dictionary attack and brute force attacks Version 2.0 for Windows 9x: Some Important features:  Screen saver password recover  Local share password manager  pwl password recover  Access database password manager

3 …Introduction Version 2.5 for Windows NT/ 2000/ XP Some important features:  Password cracker for NT hashes  Trace Route with DNS resolver and WhoIs client  Route table manager  Users, group, shares and services enumeration  Access (9x, 2000, XP) password decoder  Processor information

4 Download and Installation  Go to site  Click on Projects and then click on Cain & Abel  Download version 2.0 (for Windows 9x) or version 2.5 (for Windows NT/2000/XP)  You will also need to install WinPcap which installs packet.dll, the driver used by the Cain tool. WinPcap installation starts after Cain & Abel installation.  Size on disk Cain & Abel (5.41 MB) WinPcap 2.3 (100 KB)  Abel service will automatically start when you reboot your PC

5 Version 2.0 (Windows 9x)

6 Local Shares  Go to Menu Attack  Click on Local Shares  Double-click on displayed shares to view/alter sharing information


8 Screen Saver Password  To set Windows screen saver password: On windows desktop right click and select properties Click on Screen Saver tab Select the screen saver Check “Password Protected” check box Click the “Change” button and set the password  In Cain Tool go to Menu Attack  Click on Screen Saver to get screen saver password


10 Windows Password Manager  To change Windows password Go to Menu Tools Select Change Windows Password Enter Old and New passwords  To change Windows screen saver password Go to Menu Tools Select Change Screen Saver Password Enter New Password


12 Map Drive  Go to Menu Tools  Select Map Network Drive  Choose the drive and the path to be mapped  Checking Reconnect on logon check box Reconnects the Mapped drive on logon  Click Ok to map the drive


14 Local Password Recover  Go to Menu Attack  Click on PWL files  Local PWL files will be displayed. There will be one file per user  Right click on the file to attack the password  Start attack starts dictionary attack followed by brute-force attack


16 Version 2.5 (Windows NT/ 2000/ XP)

17 Users, Groups, Shares and Services  Click on Network tab  Double click on Microsoft Windows Network to view all the subnets in your network


19 Processor Information  Click on Menu “Tools”  Select Processor Info to view processor information


21 NT Hash and LanMan Hash SAM : System Account Manager: A password database stored as a registry file in Window NT and Windows 2000.  NT is only as secure as its SAM data The Windows NT SAM database stores the hashed password for each user account in two forms:  "NT hash" form that is used to authenticate users on Windows NT clients  "LM hash" form that is used to authenticate users on Windows 95, Windows 98, and down-level clients such as DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, OS/2 and Macintosh.

22 Password Cracker Configuration Options  Click on Menu “Configure”  Select Dictionary options and Brute-Force options to configure password cracker options



25 Password Cracker for NT hashes  Select Cracker tab  Double click on the cracker key in the left menu to see all the supported crackers for different hashes  Click on NT hashes  Go to Menu File and select Add to list  In dialog box select Dump NT hashes from local machine and click Next  All the current NT users will be added along with their LM and NT hashes  Right click on the user and choose to start Dictionary attack or brute-force attack


27 Trace Route  Click on the tab Traceroute  Go to Menu File  Click Add to list  Enter the destination hostname/ IP address (Ex.  Set other parameters as desired and click Ok to view the traced route


29 References   Password Crackers category=Password%20Crackers  User Authentication with Windows NT;en- us;q102716

30 Thank you !

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