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Parkson True Grit Sand Saver

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2 Parkson True Grit Sand Saver
Parkson has been at the forefront of liquid-solid separation in the water and wastewater markets for over 30 years. The True-Grit® Manure Sand Saver is an expandable systems ideally suited to helping dairy farms effectively and economically manage their dairy manure.







9 The competitor’s system

10 Piling Up More Work


12 Perching-Sand well below curb


14 Sand 2-3 inches below Curb



17 The Tru-Grit® Manure Sand Saver requires minimal operator attention
The Tru-Grit® Manure Sand Saver requires minimal operator attention. Its efficient washing operation can reclaim 80-90% of bedding sand mixed with manure. The washed sand is clean and ready for rebedding. Typically, less than 1% of organics remain in the washed sand. The result is significant reduction in sand replacement cost and sand out of storage tanks, lagoons and digesters. Used for years in municipal wastewater treatment facilities, the Tru-Grit® system is a clean, enclosed, quality engineered design that is built for years of trouble-free operation. It is made of durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and uses shaftless spiral technology. There are no submerged bearings and the Tru-Grit system has minimal maintenance requirements. The Tru-Grit® Manure Sand Saver has low wash water and energy requirements. Wash water can be 100% recycled water. The low horsepower motors operate automatically on demand.

18 Lots of Sand-Too little Storage

19 Wet Sand- A Heavy Load

20 Heavy Equipment Rental

21 Spreading every 6 Weeks

22 Heavy-Duty Equipment for Sand Removal

23 A Growing Environmental Concern

24 Sugar Creek Dairy

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