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By: Bailee, Tessa, & Andrew The Great Rescue Click here.

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2 By: Bailee, Tessa, & Andrew The Great Rescue Click here

3 Welcome as you read our Digital Book! We wanted to create a fantasy and adventure book for children of all ages. We were inspired by other books we enjoy such as the Eragon and Narnia series of books and other fantasy books. We made objects that represent the characters and displayed them in ways that we hope will keep you reading. We picked PowerPoint as our program in order to leave the narration and timing choices up to you. We included narration to help with words you may not know yet or to hear just for fun! You can hear our narration by clicking on the HORN icon located on the right side in each slide. Also, we want you to enjoy every picture as you read our story. Because of that, we have left the “time” up to you. We did not set a time for each slide to change for this reason. When you are ready to go to the next page or if you want to go back, just click the ARROW at the bottom of the screen. Click Here

4 Once upon a time, dragons roamed free in a land flowing with milk and honey. There was a boy named Cleave, who was an intelligent boy who was also very poor. He owned a horse named Copper, who was strong and majestic. Cleave also owned a lime-green, fire breathing dragon named Susie. Click here

5 One day Cleave, Copper, and Susie saw a dark cloud looming on the horizon. The sound of a thousand wing beats filled the air! Something evil was coming closer. Soon they could see the shape of winged alligators. There must have been thousands! As the winged alligators came closer, you could see their wicked claws and vast mouths in which you could see their razor-sharp teeth! Click here

6 Once Cleave remembered to breath again, he noticed that Susie was no longer in his arms! Susie was taken by the winged alligators! Now Cleave and Copper were alone! Cleave decided to try to save Susie. The only way is to go through the forest. Click here

7 Cleave hopped on Copper and headed for the forest. Only the bravest dare to go in there. Merchants go through the forest almost every day to get to the dock. That’s why our country, Malica, doesn’t have many merchants. Cleave urged Copper into a trot that might take them all the way through the forest. Then the trouble started. Click here

8 The first guardian stepped onto the path. It was a living Tree Person! He conjured a sword in front of Cleave and said with a dry voice, “Fight.” Cleave hit the Tree Person on the head with the flat part of the blade and knocked him out cold. They went on and met the second guardian. The second guardian was a Fire Person. She swung her fire sword at Cleave and Copper. Cleave pulled out his sword and threatened to hit the Fire Person. Cleave screamed, “FIRE!” Suddenly water spurted out of the sword and put out the Fire Person. Click here

9 Cleave and Copper could now see the opening at the end of the forest when the third guardian stepped out from behind a tree. This creature was purple and black but one detail stood out fiercely. It had three heads, and the middle was the biggest of all. The monster was a fire breathing hydra. Cleave immediately took action and started charging toward it. Then Cleave climbed a tree and jumped off it at the monster while withdrawing his sword. He cut off all the heads, and with one slash, it was over! Cleave jumped on Copper and rode to the castle. Click here

10 The castle was the deepest black ever thought of. It felt evil. Cleave was shaking so hard that he was making Copper shake. Maybe it was the other way around. They could hear at least one thousand dragon screeches. They saw Mr. Evil Madman holding a dragon. Click here

11 Cleave and Copper charged Mr. Evil Madman, knocking him to the ground. Copper held him down while Cleave got the keys and unlocked the dragon. Susie roared with happiness. She has finally been saved! “Come on!” yelled Cleave, even though everyone was already running toward the forest. “Let’s go home!” Cleave shouted. Click here

12 Technology Used Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Microsoft Word 2003 Digital Camera Headset with Microphone Soundzabound Music

13 Credits Artwork: Bailee, Tessa, and Andrew Scenes: Bailee, Tessa, and Andrew Photographs: Bailee, Tessa, and Andrew Story: Bailee, Tessa, and Andrew Narration: Bailee, Tessa, and Andrew Music: Soundzabound

14 Hello, my name is Andrew, and I am one of the coauthors of the story, The Great Rescue. I have two sisters named Ashley and Alyssa. I am in fifth grade, and I’m also in Gifted Class which is awesome. My mom and dad are funny and caring. I love reading because I love the pictures of places that words paint in my head. The reason I wanted to do this story is because I love mythical and medieval stories. I thought that this story would go perfectly with me. My coauthors and I worked really hard on this production. We hope you enjoyed it! ANDREW’S PAGE!

15 Hi! I’m 11 and love sports and reading! I also play the piano, and I can cheer. I play many sports. I have one brother, Bryson, and we fight a lot! I also have two loving parents. The most interesting thing about me is that when I was three I was bitten by a dog. It ripped the right side of my face open. This scary day even left me in the hospital for days. It also left me with a scar. I will always remember this day. My parents say that if my grandpa didn’t grab me at that moment I would have died. My family also says that it is strange how much I still trust dogs and have a special love for them. The reason I love Gifted so much is because it is a different and fun subject in school. Another reason is because if you have that extra learning it helps you get a firm foundation. When you are smart and enjoy learning, that can take you anywhere! Bailee’s Page!!!

16 Hi! I’m Tessa, and I’m in the 5th grade. I have no brothers or sisters. My mom and I live together with three dogs Osita, Culpa, and Spike. It was a bit challenging to write the story because we didn’t always agree on ideas. We chose the pictures and music really easily. I had lots of fun taking pictures and making the characters. Tessa’s Page

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