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The Knesset The Israeli Parliament “As I came to a world planted with trees, I will plant trees for the coming generations...” (a saying of a sage, the.

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2 The Knesset The Israeli Parliament

3 “As I came to a world planted with trees, I will plant trees for the coming generations...” (a saying of a sage, the Talmud) Commission for Future Generations

4 The Role of the Commissioner The Knesset Commissioner for Future Generations 1.Will give his future oriented judgment to bills and secondary legislation debated in the Knesset which he considers to have particular relevance for future generations; 2.Will present reports to the Knesset from time to time, at his discretion, with recommendations on issues with particular relevance for future generations; 3.Will advise Knesset members on issues with particular relevance for future generations; 4.Will present to the Knesset, once a year, a report on his activities in accordance with this law.

5 Means of Actions The Commissioner has the authority to retrieve information from all governmental entities, such as ministries, public companies, state’s institutions or enterprises and more. The Commission is given the authority to initiate bills that advance the interests of the future generations and advises Members of the Knesset and Knesset Committees over the legislative process. The Commissioner has the authority to delay the legislative process in case he or she will find it necessary to seek more time to formulate the position over the matter.

6 Commission’s Areas of Activity Education Health Demography Justice Quality of Life National Economy Environment Natural Resources Planning & Construction Science, Development & Technology

7 SURVIVAL DIMENSION Looking forward with anxiety Viscous Circle Turning inwards Preserving the present reality Using force to prevent change No energy for planning and creating a future

8 CREATING FUTURE – NEW DIMENSION Broad view on Humanity real needs The courage to forget Intuitive study of the field Changing awareness Listening and containing The courage to create in the unknown The inner source for creating the future

9 Future generations and National vitality Demography and Future Generations- The German and the Israeli Cases

10 A few Demographic facts International Comparison (2005, CIA WFB)WorldGermanyIsrael 6,446,131,40082,431,3906,276,883Population: 27.8%14.4%26.5%0-14 years: Age structure: 7.3%18.9%9.8%65+ years 27.6 years42.16 years29.39 yearsMedian age: 1.14%0%1.2%Population growth rate: 2.61.392.44fertility Rate: child/woman 64.33 years78.65 years79.32 yearsLife expectancy -2.18 /10000/1000Migration rate

11 The Distribution of Israel’s population (2003) Government Support (% of net income) Workforce participation (% of the 15+ age population) Fertility Rate (FR) child/woman % the total population 40%45%5.86%Ultra- Orthodox Jews 24%39%4.419%Minorities (Muslims, Christians Druze, etc.) 12%58%2.375%Majority population 14%54.3%2.44100%Averages

12 Economic and Demographic facts in Israel- a few insights A small country with a high fertility rate, and a very young population, however problematically distributed; Majority population is only 75% however constitutes 58% of the Labor Force; Government support to non-participants in the labor market is increasingly reaching 40% of this sector’s net income, Thus raising the burden on the working population.

13 A few Economic facts International Comparison (2004, CIA WFB)WorldGermanyIsrael $8,800$28,700$20,800GDP - per capita (PPP) : 4.9%1.7%4.3%GDP - real growth rate: -51.7%42.7%Labor force (percentage of population) : 4%-12% (developed countries) 10.6%8.9%Unemployment rate: -30.035.5Gini index (Distribution of family income ): 2%1.5%8.7%Military expenditures - percent of GDP:

14 More insights regarding Economy in Israel GDP- Gross Domestic Product is fairly low; Growth is occurring, however, not reaching all levels of society; inequality (Gini) has increased with growth; Birth rate is fairly high, however, participation in labor force is still low and unemployment is similar to this of Germany

15 Demographic Prediction: Israel and Germany IsraelGermany 2025Year20502020Year 8.2- 9.0Population (millions) 7583Population (millions) 25.6% Age group: 0-14 8885Average age of population 12.7%65+80/10055/100The ratio of pensioners to workers 17%-20%Immigrants proportion -50%Immigrants proportion 40%-Proportion of one-person households

16 The economic and sociological impacts of the Israeli demography The rate of participation in the Labour Force expected by 2030 is 52% (now 58%); the Majority of population (now 75%), becomes only 63% of the population; The tax burden imposed on the Majority of the population for purposes of subsidising the minority is expected to be up to 17% of the Majority’s income (in 2004 it was 8%). Rate of children expected to be born into a socio- economic status of poverty- expected to increase

17 A few notions regarding Israeli Demography

18 Israel The revival of the “Nation State” A state that is defined as the “Home of the Jewish People. National feelings are nurtured. A national history of persecution that results with “national anxiety of survival”. The minority complex two-way process: Jews (historical minority) Arabs (existing minority). Current national anxiety of survival due to unstable national security situation. Experts evaluations imply that the “Nation State” concept is expected to prevail even with on-going globalization processes.

19 Economic support by the state to encourage fertility  Full subsidy by the state for fertility treatments with no limitations on the number of children.  Until 2002- Progressive Child Allowances, growing from 1 st - 6 th child.

20 Sociological Background High birth rate within the Israeli religious sector and the Muslim sector (especially ultra-orthodox groups)—a religious command that became a social norm. Growing rates of poverty thus affecting socio-economic status, and usually characterised in high-birth rate (birth control etc.)

21 What happened to our ancient natural instinct for posterity and continuity ? The preliminary instinct was a manifestation of vitality and the passion for life- embodied in the Law of Nature


23 A new point of view Creating your future in a new global world How?  Start massive national advocacy for adoption of children from developed countries  Attach proper financial incentives for adopting parents  Reduce bureaucracy around the adoption process  Suggest creative frameworks for adoption such as designated foster homes that will be financially rewarded accordingly (per child).  Stir public discussion regarding the national demographic situation and the value of family revolving around posterity and children (in distinction from “family values”)

24 Why?  Balance and Sustainability: a sustainable and global world calls for dispersal of resources. Thus, population explosion in one part of the world may be another part’s solution.  Global Society: globalization brings about not only one-way transfer of products and services, but an inevitable two-way transfer of cultures- WE MUST RELEASE FEAR OF DIFFERENT CULTURES.  Future Humanity is about to confront common challenges regarding planet earth. No time like the present to start creating a future solution.

25 This magic moment – when we risk parting from the familiar patterns of the past, This magic moment when the past disappears and we dare to leave the dimension of known time And to look down to the future we are facing. This magic moment – that creates a new reality. I have longed for this magic moment my whole life. This magic moment contains pure mountain air, love and perfect acceptance of the entire universe, A few words from the Judge (Ret.) Shlomo Shoham Commissioner for Future Generations

26 In this magic moment there is eternal love for this earth, And a harmonious dance with nature and God. In this magic moment – we walk past the fear of the future destroys every pleasant place, We allow our special melody to ring out and bring inspiration. This magic moment, this moment only, Is the security for mankind’s ability To create his world and to design his future.

27 This magic moment, this moment alone, can create a future in the life of a nation Can bring it the emotional strength and power – to fully embrace its identity, To look at its past, but not to be captive of the of the traumas of the past,, To a dimension of forgiveness, to a dimension of healing, to a dimension of acceptance, To the dimension of future.

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