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Secrets from the professionals How to write an effective DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY.

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1 Secrets from the professionals How to write an effective DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY

2 CompetitorSocial platformsContent typesKey lessons for Key lessons against Company 1Twitter (5k+), Facebook (3k+), Linked In (1000+), Pinterest (250+), YouTube (3.5k views) Links to videos, inspiring quotes, photos of team Non sales messages working best, particularly inspiring quotes Videos rarely getting likes on Facebook – is it due to content or medium? Example planning template Market Creating a digital marketing strategy 5 N.B Just as you might have collected leaflets and clippings in earlier days, collect links to good content and great social media posts to help generate ideas in the future! | @digitia_

3 ObjectiveOwnerMeasure of Success Increase hits to the web site as follows: September: From 500 – 1000 October: From 1000 – 1500 November: From 1500 – 2300 December: From 2300 – 3000 LisaGoogle Analytics report to be checked weekly to ensure we are on track. To be checked monthly to asses position. Generate a 50% increase in web site sales over the 4 month periodMarkQuarterly sales figures. Will review monthly and weekly sales figures to ensure we are progressing and to identify which tactics work best. Increase Twitter followers from 3000 – 7000: September: 3500 October: 5000 November: 6000 December 700 JoMonthly recording via Twitter. Objectives Creating a digital marketing strategy 8 Example planning template | @digitia_

4 DirectPaidEarned Strategic combination 1 Email campaign with 3 useful stories, one offer coupon and a customer story PPC click ad campaign driving traffic to XX (particular service / page) Monthly blog agenda – 8 blogs per month based around a particular theme Strategic combination 2 Email campaign with special offer, limited time Advert on top online news forum in business section 4 blogs, 3 video tutorials, posted to You Tube. All linked to competition give away Strategic combination 3 Strategy Creating a digital marketing strategy 11 Try mapping out various combinations of the three options and pick the that makes most sense in terms of budget, reach and feasibility. Example planning template | @digitia_ Think about your Web site’s “front page” as a collection of pages, not one home page

5 Week Theme / Day MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday Week 1 - Launch of new web site PR and graphics to launch new web site Week long PPC trial for new site Photos of team celebration News story 2 – TITLE Interesting story 1 – TITLE Blog 1 – TITLE Week 2 - Competition announcement Competition announced & promoted on Twitter & Facebook Email campaign sent out about competition Blog 2 – TITLEQuote graphicCompetition Results Blog 3 – TITLE Week 3 – ‘Dare to Share’ campaign starts PR 2 – TITLEBlog 4 – TITLE.Quote picturePaid Ads on Facebook Blog 5 - TITLE Content Creating a digital marketing strategy 14 Start by theming your weeks / months and think about what content will meet the theme. Then start to ‘plot it’ in the table below to give your plan some overall structure. You should then write out your Tweets / posts per day with links lined up to the relevant content. Save this all in a folder to keep it in one place! Example planning template | @digitia_ The Art of Twitter is in the Retweet. You Must be Interesting. However, you must also ensure the content on your web site is engaging enough to keep the visitors until they are ready to buy.

6 Target (from objectives)ResultsComments Increase hits from 500 – 1000 (September)1200Excellent outcome. Biggest contributor was… Increase sales by 50%32%Disappointing result although 22 more leads to follow up on as result of PPC. Increase followers from 400 to 600590Good result although need to increase participation in more Twitter sessions to increase numbers Creating a digital marketing strategy 17 Example planning template | @digitia_ Results Google Analytics is an absolute necessity so you can track where your web traffic comes from and which pages are more popular than most! Another great tool for tracking your social media impact is Moz. Have a look at

7 Secrets from the professionals | @digitia_ DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY

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