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By Michael Waddington, Esq. Lawyer’s Guide to Getting More Local Clients in 2014.

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1 by Michael Waddington, Esq. Lawyer’s Guide to Getting More Local Clients in 2014

2 What Do I Know About Law Firm Marketing? Lawyer – Licensed in PA, NJ, GA, SC Duquesne & Temple Law School 1998-2000 - Temple Journal of Science, Technology & Environmental Law Started Building & Marketing Websites in 1997 10,000 hours of Internet consulting experience Have consulted with over 500 law firms on Internet marketing Own consulting firm, Legal Niche Pros

3 What Do I Know About Law Firm Marketing? In 2013, wrote the best selling book, "Google+ for Business Owners” Lectured to groups across the USA 5,000+ members in my Linkedin Marketing Groups YouTube Channel “Lawyer Marketing Series” has 3,775+ subscribers Featured in Forbes Magazine in 2014 as one of America’s Premier Experts Wrote a chapter in the best selling book, "Dare to Succeed," with author Jack Canfield, author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Free Download - Google+ for Business Owners

4 Wednesday, November 5, 2014 Location: The John Marshall Law School Atlanta, Georgia 2014 SOLO PRACTITIONER BOOT CAMP

5 Slides and Video will be available after the recording Ask questions in the questions panel

6 Let’s Get Started

7 Steps to Local Search Domination 1.Fix Google Places Listing(s) - Audit Your Google Places Listing For Duplicates And Problems. Then, Fix And Optimize, 1.Audit & Cleanup Citations - Find All Your Correct, Incorrect, And Duplicate Listings. Remove Duplicates, Fix Discrepancies, And Enhance Your Listings. 1.New Citation Building - Analyze Your Existing Citations, Analyze Your Competitors’ Citations, And Identify New Citations. Get New Citations. 2.Optimize Website For Local Search. 1.Setup Social Media Sites & Promote Content Using Social Media. 1.Create New Content (Articles, Videos, Photos) For Your Website, Social Media, And Blogs. 2.Get Relevant & Powerful Links. 1.Review Strategy… Then, Rinse & Repeat.

8 Most Businesses Fail Including Law Firms Just getting by is not the same as succeeding.

9 1.Earn less than $50,000 2.$50,000-$125,000 3.$125,000-$300,000+ Income Categories of Small Firm and Solo Lawyers

10 Lawyers at the bottom are easy to spot 1.They are negative 2.Jump from one marketing type to another (unfocused) 3.Want immediate, unreasonable results 4.Blame everyone but themselves for failure 5.Don’t have long term plans and goals 6.They surround themselves with similar people 7.Follow the pack 8.Lazy Lawyers at the TOP are easy to spot

11 Would you take financial advice from someone who is broke? 37% of SEOs earned less than $30k in 2013 50% of SEOs earned less than $50k (Source: Bright Local) This applies to all professions: Financial planning, SEO, medicine, etc.

12 Goal: Get & Stay In the $125k- $300k+ Group Success Leaves Clues… So Does Failure We must: 1.Analyze data and study the clues of success 2.Master the basics (Local Marketing not Facebook) 3.Systematic approach 4.Long term plans & goals

13 WHY FOCUS ON LOCAL INTERNET SEARCHES By the end of 2014, mobile searches will surpass computer searches The majority of mobile business searches are for Local Businesses (not national) In 2013, Local Searches provided the same results (customers) as organic searches (Local is expected to surpass organic as a source of customers) Local Searches outperform Social Media, Facebook, Blogs… in getting customers Few business know how to do Local Internet Marketing In a 2014 study, 87% of SEO experts agree that Local Marketing is getting more complex & time consuming Takeaway – Put your efforts into Local Search Marketing before moving on to other areas

14 Why Google Local is crucial? Desktop search for "divorce lawyer Philadelphia PA" Top 3 are directories Next 7 are Google Local Results NO law firm websites are organically ranked at the top

15 Google Maps - "divorce lawyer Philadelphia PA" Similar Results to Google Local Identical to Mobile Searches

16 What does this look like on a Mobile Phone? Default View Map Only ViewListing Only View

17 How Do I Get Into the Top 7? 1. Location 2. Relevance 3. Prominence

18 Office Location Matters “Location is a vector against which all factors and metrics will be considered.” -Ken Norton, Google Latitude

19 DON’T EXPECT TO RANK LOCALLY IF YOU ARE NOT LOCAL! Local is within a short driving distance

20 Results 1-10 Google Maps - "divorce lawyer Philadelphia PA"

21 Results 11-20 Google Maps - "divorce lawyer Philadelphia PA"

22 Results 21-30 Google Maps - "divorce lawyer Philadelphia PA" Offices in NJ… but on the 3 rd page

23 Lesson Get an office as close to the city center as possible Target clients in YOUR area (not 30 minutes away) Examples: Atlanta divorce vs. Buckhead Divorce Evans, GA vs. Augusta, GA

24 What Factors Get Me Ranked?

25 General Ranking Factors Place Page Signals (19.6%) Categories, Proximity to city center External Location Signals (16%) NAP (Name, Address, Phone) consistency, Citation Volume On-page Signals (18.8%) Presence of NAP, Keywords in Page Titles, Domain authority Link Signals (14.4%) Inbound anchor text, Linking domain authority, Linking domain quantity

26 Key Terms NAP – Name, Address, Phone Citation: Smith & Smith Attorneys at Law 111 Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19101 215-222-2222 NOT THE SAME Jack Smith Attorney at Law 111 Broad Street, Suite B Philadelphia, PA 19101 215-111-2222

27 Specific Ranking Factors – 15 out of 100 1.Proper Category Associations (i.e. Divorce Attorney, Personal Injury Lawyer) 2.Physical Address in City of Search 3.Consistency of Structured Citations (NAPs are exactly the same) 4.Quality of Structured Citations 5.HTML NAP Matching Place Page NAP 6.Quantity of Structured Citations (Internet Yellow Pages, Data Aggregators) 7.Domain Authority of Website 8.Individually Owner-verified Local Plus Page 9.Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to Domain 10.Quantity of Native Google Places Reviews (w/text) 11.Product / Service Keyword in Business Title (John Smith Attorney at Law) 12.Quantity of Citations from Locally-Relevant Domains 13.Proximity of Physical Location to the Point of Search\n(Searcher-Business Distance) 14.Quantity of Citations from Industry-Relevant Domains 15.City, State in Most/All Website Title Tags

28 Negative Ranking Factors – 15 out of 50 1.Listing detected at false business location 2.Keyword stuffing in business name 3.Mismatch NAP / Tracking Phone Numbers Across Data Ecosystem 4.Incorrect business category 5.Presence of Multiple Place Pages with Same/Similar Business Title and Address 6.Mismatch NAP / Tracking Phone Number on Places Landing Page 7.Mismatch Address on Places Landing Page 8.Absence of Crawlable NAP on Website 9.Presence of Multiple Place Pages with Same Phone Number 10.Including Location Keyword in Categories 11.Incorrectly placing your map marker 12.Address includes suite number similar to UPS Mail Store addresses 13.Keyword/city stuffed Place page descriptions 14.Non-Compliant Categories (those that do not fit 15.Listing 800 Number as Only Phone Number on Place Page

29 Time Line When done by an expert, it takes about 6 months to see solid results in Local searches, sometimes longer Local marketing is an ongoing task Local search is time consuming and requires a level of expertise Use technology to learn about your competition and replicate their successes Local Search Marketing is a Marathon

30 Use Technology to Gain an Advantage

31 Use Technology to Learn from Competitors

32 Competitor Citations

33 Competitor Business Categories

34 How Do You Appear Online

35 Find and Fix Duplicates

36 Attention to Detail Minor Errors Can Be the Difference Between Being in the Top 7 and Making $50,000 vs. $250,000+ Remember: Citation consistency is crucial Citations

37 Like a Wild Fire, Duplicates Get Out of Control

38 One Online Engine Can Create Hundreds of Duplicates

39 Incomplete Listings Lower Your Ranking We are tracking 15 listings 12 out of 15 are incomplete Which means, there are hundreds of incomplete listings

40 Before You Get Started Proper local online marketing is time consuming and requires a level of expertise. If you are serious about success and would rather have a team of professionals help you, contact us for a free consultation. Caveat: We only work with select positive lawyers!

41 If you have questions or would like a FREE consultation, call 1-888-807-3380. Contact E-mail: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: LINKEDIN:

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