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Disability as a Diversity Issue

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1 Disability as a Diversity Issue
By: johnnyberg. Alan Russell, MA Disability Support Services Rice University

2 Disability Support Services provides accommodations to students, faculty and staff to enhance their success at Rice.

3 Cultivate a Culture of Inclusion
Eliminate Barriers Raise Awareness Cultivate a Culture of Inclusion [Option 2 (changed text)]

4 Eliminate Barriers [Option 3. You could show three slides in succession (barriers, visibility, culture) or we can incorporate smaller versions of these section slides into one of the previous 2 options.]

5 Provide assistive technology to people with visual impairments

6 Students with learning disabilities test in a distraction-reduced environment with extra time to ensure success.

7 By: juliaf
Captioning and ASL interpreters can be provided to people with hearing impairments.

8 Enhance the diversity of Rice by raising the awareness level on campus.

9 Reach out to staff, faculty and students
By: L_Avi

10 Diversity Council By: alaasafei

11 Provide assistance and advice on building access issues.

12 Establish a Culture of Inclusion

13 Disability Advocacy Resource & Education
DARE Disability Advocacy Resource & Education

14 Advocate for individual cases as well as general disability awareness.

15 Questions?

16 Thank You! Alan Russell, MA Director, Disability Support Services Phone: Web:

17 Photo Credits Slide 1: By: johnnyberg.
Slide 5: (Left) By:mclib; (Right) Slide 7: By: juliaf Slide 9: By: L_Avi Slide 10: By: alaasafei

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