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“Get the Experience that Matters!” Your Opportunities with Global Vision.

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1 “Get the Experience that Matters!” Your Opportunities with Global Vision

2 Creating Global Leaders Since 1991… Founded by Terry Clifford, C.M. and former Member of Parliament. Bringing business, industry, government and education together to bridge the gap between school and the global economy. Over 30,000 youth have gained the experience that matters to help them succeed in today ’ s international marketplace. Terry Clifford C.M., Founder, and Amy Giroux, Director

3 Economic Regional Roundtables Canada-wide Work alongside community and business leaders Learn about your futures in the Global Economy Find out how you can develop your very own community projects Youth from North and South working on their team presentations at an Iqaluit ERT in 2013

4 4 National Youth Ambassador Caucus Young leaders from coast-to-coast-to- coast come to Ottawa to engage government and business leaders on youth issues Represent your region and have a voice on a national level Learn from key stakeholders the roles Canada plays on the world stage Present to your Member of Parliament, Senior Ministers and the Prime Minister of Canada Develop long lasting friendships from coast to coast to coast JTC Ambassador Zac McCue engages government leaders on youth issues at Parliament, NYAC 2014

5 5 Junior Team Canada Missions to the North and South Experience Canadian business first hand and explore the Canada beyond your back yard Be apart of the very important South- North dialogue and create innovative solutions to the challenges faced in the North. The Governor General Rt. Hon. David Johnston meets with JTC Ambassador Marianne Den Haan in Repulse Bay, Nunavut

6 Arctic Council Youth Ambassador Summit Oct 30 th – Nov 2 nd, 2014 30 youth leaders from the North will join with 30 youth from the South to open up the dialogue on issues such as: – Safe Shipping, – Natural Resource Development, – and Arctic Sovereignty. They will present their communiqué to the Government of Canada.

7 Represent your region – Get ready to present the Canadian brand on the world stage! Represent Canadian companies and organizations to gain market and cultural intelligence for their industry sector. Build cross-cultural and people-to- people ties. Junior Team Canada Trade Missions Junior Team Canada Prepares to show off their brand in Kuala Lumpur, 2011

8 Graduates give back to the next generation of young leaders as JTC Ambassadors. Ambassadors from the first three programs are considered for other global assignments. Interview international Leaders: Presidents, Vice Presidents, Ambassadors, CEO ’ s, at the APEC Summit. JTC will lead a team to APEC in Beijing, China 2014. Giving Back and Global Vision International JTC talks trade with Prime Minister Harper at APEC Summit in Honolulu, November 2011

9 “Those Who Dare Win”

10 Thank You! Global Vision – Junior Team Canada “ The Producer of Global Leaders Since 1991 ” Contact information:

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