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Max I. Fomitchev-Zamilov, Ph.D., President. Fusion PowerFusion Power.

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1 Max I. Fomitchev-Zamilov, Ph.D., President

2 Fusion PowerFusion Power

3 Fusion = Energy of the FutureFusion = Energy of the Future  10 micrograms of deuterium = 1 barrel of oil  Deuterium is cheap and plentiful (from water)  Zero carbon emission  Zero radioactivity (this is NOT fission)  <2 cents per kWh

4 Three Kinds of FusionThree Kinds of Fusion  Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MCF) Non-viable despite $24B and 40 years of research  Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) Non-viable despite $20B and 40 years of research  Cavitation-Induced Fusion (CIF) Viable! Inexpensive (few $M). Results in 5 years

5 Cavitation-Induced Fusion (CIF)Cavitation-Induced Fusion (CIF)  Fuel-filled bubbles are injected into carrier liquid  The bubbles are made to collapse and produce nano- thermonuclear explosions  The liquid heats up producing steam driving a generator

6 CIF PlantCIF Plant

7 CIF ScienceCIF Science  Conventional physics (this is NOT cold fusion)  Solid theoretical foundation  Good analytical model (Wolfram Mathematica)  Molecular dynamics modeling  Fluid dynamics modeling  7 independent successful experiments (USA, Russia)

8 CIF Prototype HardwareCIF Prototype Hardware Commercial generator in 3-5 years

9 Immediate Goals: 2012Immediate Goals: 2012  Demonstrate CIF proof-of-concept experiment  Engage industry and academia in technology validation  Develop modeling software for CIF engineering  Capital requirement: $600k

10 Roadmap: 2012-2020Roadmap: 2012-2020  2012 – Single-bubble fusion demonstration  2013 – Multi-bubble fusion demonstration  2014 – Process control (yield) demonstration  2015 – Net energy demonstration  2016 – 50 kW commercial generator prototype, IPO  2017 – 50 MW commercial generator prototype  2020 – World’s first trillion-dollar company (capture 5% of multi-trillion-dollar energy market)

11 Quantum Potential CorporationQuantum Potential Corporation  Incorporated: 2010  Location: Penn Eagle Industrial Park (KIZ)  Employees: 4  Equipment: prototypes built ($200k+ worth of hardware)  Cash: $200k  DOE, NASA SBIR proposals pending

12 QPC TeamQPC Team  Dr. Max Fomitchev-Zamilov – founder, CEO, inventor  Dr. Stewart Kurtz – Science Director (40+years of industry experience, 75+ papers, citation index H = 23)  Ivan Kruglak – Director of Business Development (20+ years of business development experience)  Sergei Godin – Lead Engineer (30+ years of R&D commercialization experience)  Alexey Sibichenkov – Advisor (MBA, Stanford, math wizkid)  Penn State Faculty (Math, Nuclear Eng.)

13 Fusion Benefits for the USAFusion Benefits for the USA  Smooth transition away from oil  Renewed technological leadership  Birth of an entire new industry = employment!  Markedly reduced energy and transportation costs = cheaper goods and services, hence  Higher consumer spending, GDP & tax revenue growth

14 Fusion Benefits for the WorldFusion Benefits for the World  Markedly reduced energy and transportation costs = sharp improvement in living standards, hence  More middle class (and larger markets!)  Desalination will solve food and water shortages  Reduced carbon emissions = less climate change  A new age of prosperity for all of humanity

15 Invest in the FutureInvest in the Future  Would you like to reduce US dependency on foreign oil?  Do you want to your children to inherit a clean planet?  Do you see the U.S. as a world leader in science and technology*? * China spends 30 times more than the U.S. on alternative energy research and development…

16 Invest in Quantum Potential 30% equity stake in exchange for $600k investment “It is not because things are difficult we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” -- Seneca Quantum Potential Corporation 100 Rolling Ridge Drive, Bellefonte, PA 16823 (814) 235-9785

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