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Major Websites for MI NMITC September 2013 Alison Alvey Senior Medicines Information Pharmacist SWMIT.

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1 Major Websites for MI NMITC September 2013 Alison Alvey Senior Medicines Information Pharmacist SWMIT

2 Aim Provide an introduction to websites and databases commonly used when working as a Medicines Information pharmacist

3 Learning Outcomes By the end of this session, you should have: Developed your knowledge of Medicines Information databases/websites included in UKMi Essential Resources list Developed a knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of these databases/websites Developed ability to effectively search these databases/websites

4 Websites UKMi eBNF & eBNFC eMC NHS Evidence DoHGoogleMHRA NHS Choices eMIMsCKSToxbaseCochraneTICTAC Medicines complete Natural medicines Micromedex MI Databank

5 UKMI Supports the UKMi network MI News Fridge Database Other specialist MI resources Medicines Q and A

6 Useful documents on UKMi Enquiry Answering Page Under the Clinical Governance heading Resources for Purchase – Includes both paper and web based resources with hyperlinks Resources with free access July 2013 Effective Use of the Internet for Enquiry Answering - PDF document provides guidance on safe and efficient use of the Internet Risk Issues with common sources used by UKMi

7 eBNF & eBNFc or via medicines complete Search or browse Updated monthly e-newsletter – alert service for new developments/updates Calculations/conversions

8 eMC SPCs PILs X-PIL service Medicine Guides Updated daily Advanced search function

9 NHS Evidence Primary portal to evidence based medicine Information from range of bodies…. BNF, NICE, Cochrane, eMC, SIGN, SMC,UKMI, CKS Free access Embase/Medline (gated through Athens) Register for daily news email previously provided by NeLM

10 How to search the NHS Evidence Simple Google- style search, but suggests search terms as you type – accept suggestions Can then filter results to find what you’re looking for



13 NHS Evidence – Journals and Databases

14 Department of Health Difficult to navigate Lots of archived documents – your 1 st hits may not be the most up to date Put in the year – sometimes helps Use Google add “” to your search Hosts Immunisation against Infectious Disease (‘The Green Book ‘)

15 Google & Google Scholar Powerful search engine Thousands of hits Many ways of limiting searches Scholar - limits to academic sites BUT use it wisely

16 MHRA – Drug Analysis Prints Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Another website that isn’t easy to navigate Save the URL into MiDatabank or favourites folder or follow link from home page DAPs Medicines/TheYellowCardScheme/YellowCarddata/Druganalysisprints/inde x.htm Medicines/TheYellowCardScheme/YellowCarddata/Druganalysisprints/inde x.htm

17 NHS Choices General resource Patient information Behind the headlines Medicines guides – accessed via condition Map of Medicine Guidance on disease management in pathway format

18 Map of medicine

19 eMIMs Username and log in from your regional centre Useful for prices Some good tables e.g comparing drugs in the same therapeutic class (e.g Insulins, HRT) Summaries of guidelines Self-help directory

20 Clinical Knowledge Summaries (Previously Prodigy ) Practical, evidence-based guidelines and information for GPs Free access Useful for enquiries relating to conditions mainly managed in primary care Gives simple guidelines, but also the rationale & evidence behind them (click on “basis for recommendation”)

21 Toxbase National Poisons Information Service Poisons, antidotes etc Medicines in Pregnancy - UKTIS

22 Cochrane Library

23 Free access via NHS Evidence Collection of 6 databases including… Cochrane database of gold standard systematic reviews on specific subjects Include plain language summary Database of Abstracts of Reviews & Effects (DARE) Should be covered by NHS Evidence search

24 Cochrane Library Cochrane Database of Systematic reviews - ‘gold standard’ - -Each review addresses a clearly formulated question - -Each review supervised and peer reviewed by a Cochrane review group

25 Cochrane Library Database of Abstracts of reviews and effects (DARE) - -Abstracts of systematic reviews which have been quality assessed by Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, University of York - -Includes summary of review together with critical commentary on quality

26 Cochrane Library: Searching Basic (quick search): enter search term in search box Search defaults to title, abstract and keyword but have option to further filter this Search results displayed for each of the individual databases For systematic reviews: ‘Review’ indicates completed review; ‘Protocol’ indicates proposed/ongoing reviews

27 Cochrane Library: Searching Advanced search: click on link below search box Allow combined search terms using AND, OR and NOT Can refine search by selecting individual databases to search (search limits) Online guides & tutorials Access from home page under Learn heading

28 Workshop – Demos Split into 3 groups - stations TICTAC - Ali Medicines Complete - Ali Natural Medicines Database – Helen NHS Evidence – Helen Micromedex – Libe MI Databank – Libe Workshop questions

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