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Review Your Story Map On “The White Doe”. CharactersSetting Goal/Problem/Conflict Major Events Ending/Resolution Theme Story Map ____________________________.

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1 Review Your Story Map On “The White Doe”

2 CharactersSetting Goal/Problem/Conflict Major Events Ending/Resolution Theme Story Map ____________________________ John White Virginia Dare Wanchese Elanor Dare Manteo Okisko Chico Queen Elizabeth I The White Doe Roanoke Island – Surrounded by water Semi-Forest Close to Outer Banks What happened to the White colonists? 1.White returns to England for supplies. 2.Wanchese plans to attack and kill all the colonists. 3.Colonists flee to Manteo’s tribe. 4.White returns and can’t find the settlers 5.Virginia Dare grows into a beautiful maiden. 6.Chico (sorcerer) ask Virginia Dare to marry him. 7.She turned him down and his curse turned her into a snow white deer. 8.A friendly sorcerer gave Okisko a magic arrowhead to undo the curse. 9.Wanchese with arrow from Queen Elizabeth I and Okisko with themagical arrow hunts the white doe. 10.Both hunters finds the white doe and shot their arrows at same time. 11.Both arrows hit the white does heart – Wanchese arrow kills her and Okisko arrow breaks the curse. 12.Wanchese runs away/Okisko buries Virginia Dare at the center of the old fort. 13.A new grapevine springs up at the pool where she dies – sweeter than any other and the juice is blood red Colonists died off over time with Manteo’s people.



5 12 3 4

6 1

7 2

8 3

9 4

10 12 3 4



13 From our study of England first attempt to place the English Flag permanently in the New World, what were the 4 major reasons to settle in the New World?

14 English Reasons for Permanent Settlement


16 Three years after the founding of Jamestown (1610) and the transport of 700 English men and women to the Chesapeake Bay area, Thomas Gates arrives with supplies and his new appointment as governor of the settlement. Upon his arrival he writes the following statement: “Out of the 700 men and women, I was greeted by 60 survivors so lean that they looked like [skeletons], crying out ‘We are starved, we are starved’ Many resorted to eating turtles, poisonous snakes, rats, dogs or even their own horses. Most had died.” What would these facts mean to the future of an English settlement in the New World?

17 1.2 nd major attempt by the English to make a permanent settlement in the New World 2.Sovereign(ruler) – King James I 3.Sponsor – Virginia Company of London A.Joint Stock Company a.Wealthy investors pool money b.Deal with profit or loss (I.E.)

18 Single Owner Invests $100 Success $120 Profit $100 +$20 Failure $100 Lost $100 Joint Stock Company $25 Invests Success $120 $25 + $5 each Failure 100 Lost $25 each

19 B. Royal Charter (patent) – legal document that state rights and agreements a.Settle land between modern NC Border and Potomac River (called Va.) b.Guaranteed ownership of land c.Maintain English rights & citizenship 4.

20 4. Purpose A.Jamestown was founded as an economic venture to make money. a.Gold/silver b.Find river route to the Pacific Ocean.

21 B. Open up new trade markets for England a.provide raw materials – lumber, tobacco, fur, naval stores (tar, pitch) b.Buy manufactured goods - furniture, tools, weapons.

22 C.Deal with Spanish/French influence in North America D.Convert the Natives to Christianity (Protestant Beliefs) E.Provide a place for the poor and homeless to have a fresh start

23 5.Location – A. 40 miles up the James River


25 C. Why was the site chosen? a. easily defended from attack by sea (Spanish). b.The water along the shore was deep enough for ships to dock. c.They believed they had a good supply of fresh water.

26 6.Arrived A.In America - April 26, 1607 B.At settlement site – May 14, 1607 7.Named – Jamestown in honor of King James I

27 8.Colonists - 105 A. 6 councilmen B.1 preacher C.28 gentlemen D.2 surgeons E.6 carpenters F.1 sailor G.1 barber H. 2 brick layers I.1 mason J.1 tailor K.1 drummer L. 12 laborers M. 4 boyes N.38 unskilled





32 9.Hardships Faced By The Settlers A.The site they chose to live on was marshy and lacked safe drinking water. B.The settlers lacked many skills necessary to provide for themselves. C.Many settlers died of starvation and disease.

33 D.Many of the settlers was only interested in looking for gold E.Others demanded the privilege left behind in England – excluding manual labor

34 10. Changes That Ensured Survival A.The arrival of two supply ships B.The forced work program and strong leadership of Captain John Smith “No Work – No Food” C.The emphasis on self-sustaining agriculture

35 a.The Powhatans traded food, furs and leather with the English. b. The English traded tools, pots, guns and other goods with the Powhatans. D.Trade with the Powhatan tribe






41 The colony of James Town was named after: a.The James River b.King James of England c.Captain James Smith The State of Virginia was named after: a.The Queen of England b.Pocahontas whose English name was Virginia. c.The first child born there.

42 Cloze Passage: See if you can fill in the blanks to make the story make sense. Use the words below. Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in America. It was established May 14, 1607, by the (A) _______________on a marshy peninsula (now an island) in the James River and named for the reigning English monarch, (B) _____________. Disease, starvation, and Native American attacks wiped out most of the colony. But the (C)_____________continually sent more men and supplies, and (D)______________briefly provided efficient leadership (he returned to England in 1609 for treatment of an injury). After the severe winter of 1609–10 (the “starving time”), the survivors prepared to return to England but were stopped by the timely arrival of (E)_____________with supplies. (F)_______ first cultivated (G) ___________here in 1612, introducing a successful source of livelihood. In 1614 he assured peace with the local Native Americans by marrying (H) _____________, daughter of chief (I) _______________. In 1619 the first representative government in the New World met at Jamestown, which remained the capital of Virginia throughout the 17th cent. The village was almost entirely destroyed during (J)___________________. It was partially rebuilt but fell into decay with the removal of the capital to Williamsburg (1698–1700). Possible answers: One used twice John Smith tobacco Bacon’s RebellionPocahontas London Company John Rolfe Powhatan James I Lord De la Warr

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