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OGCE Overview: Portals, Services, Workflows, Gadgets, and Tags Marlon Pierce (IU), Suresh Marru (IU), Gregor von Laszewski (RIT), Mary Thomas (SDSU), Nancy.

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1 OGCE Overview: Portals, Services, Workflows, Gadgets, and Tags Marlon Pierce (IU), Suresh Marru (IU), Gregor von Laszewski (RIT), Mary Thomas (SDSU), Nancy Wilkins-Diehr (SDSC), Jeff Sale (SDSC), Maytal Dahan (TACC), Rion Dooley (TACC), and Wenjun Wu (UC) Funding: NSF SDCI, TeraGrid RP and GIG (synergistic)

2 Links for More Information Website: http://www.collab-ogce.org News/RSS/Blog: http://collab-ogce.blogspot.com Email: SVN Code Repository: And get tar.gz’s Source Forge:

3 ProjectDescriptionStatus Grid PortalPackaged, one step installation of Grid portlets into Tomcat+Gridsphere Stable, V2.5 for TG09 Axis ServicesOne step install of Resource Discovery and Prediction Services. More services to come. Stable, V1.0 for TG09. Workflow SuiteSupport for scientific workflows, based on LEAD tools. Suresh will describe next. Dev. Release for TG09 GTLABJSF Tag Libraries for building Grid portlets and gadgets Dev. Release for TG09 JavaScript COG (Cyberaide) JavaScript libraries for building Grid gateways. Dev. Preview for TG09 Gadgets, Open Social Portals Open Social containers, gadgets, OAuth, OpenID SVN, will build Incubator projects Pylons portals, metascheduling services, bio-gadgets, etc. SVN if you dare Tutorial will focus on the bold-faced items.

4 OGCE and Gateways We develop and package software for use by TeraGrid Science Gateways and other resources BioVLAB use OGCE tools to run on Amazon A lot of this comes from active Gateways. Information Services (GPIR, QBETS): TeraGrid User Portal Workflow tools: LEAD Resource Discovery Service, File Browser Applet: TGUP, GridChem SIDGrid, OLSG We contribute codes back to these projects. Gateways OGCE Software OGCE Software

5 Preview: Workflow, Open Social Gadgets, and Tab Libraries

6 WRF-Static running on Tungsten OGCE Workflow Tools (Suresh Marru)

7 Open Life Science Gateway Bio-gadgets (Wenjun Wu) Job Submission History gadget Blast gadget ClustalW gadget

8 GTLAB Gadgets Code Base GTLAB Portlets Code Base Tomcat Web Server Tomcat Web Server + Portlet Container iGoogle Client Aggregator Compile and deploy into server Decorate with bridge and container jars, xml config files. GTLAB gadgets can also run as portlets with no code changes by using the JSF portlet bridge.

9 GTLAB MyProxy Example

10 Packaging, Building and Testing All builds are designed to be self contained Use Apache Maven 2.0 Download includes everything you need. Portal, Axis Services, and Xregistry all build nightly on the NMI Build and Test facility at UW. 17 Linux platforms, Mac PPC, and Mac X86 Java 1.5 Apache JMeter test suite for the portal. Run against your installation Automated tests nightly

11 JMeter test suite

12 OGCE Portal

13 Components for Science Portals OGCE is founded on the principal that portals should be built out of reusable parts. Key standard in our first phase: the JSR 168 portlet specification. Portlets can run in multiple containers uPortal, Sakai, GridSphere, LifeRay, etc. Allows us to build Grid specific components and deploy along side third party components Sakai collaboration tools, RSS feed readers, contributed portlets, etc. Future (?): Open Social compliant Google Gadgets Facebook apps

14 Downloading and Installing OGCE Portal Software You can have a basic portal up and running in a few minutes. Installation process: Update properties in pom.xml to match your Grid. Run “mvn clean install” That’s it

15 OGCE GPIR portlet can interoperate with TeraGrid and your own GPIR services.

16 Manage TeraGrid MyProxy credentials with the OGCE ProxyManager portlets.

17 OGCE file management client portlets interact with TeraGrid GridFTP servers.

18 General purpose batch and interactive job submission to GRAM, WS-GRAM is supported.

19 Dashboard Portlet 19 Check on your jobs with a simple dashboard portlet.


21 Queue forecasting portlets work with the NWS QBETS to predict wait times and deadlines.

22 Condor and Condor-G

23 OGCE IFrame Portlet can be used to integrate external sites.

24 Under the Hood: Building Components Portlets can be built with our Apache Velocity bridge. Still some interest in this. “Template” or “steal this code” approach. OGCE portlets use the Java COG Abstraction Layer to access Grid services. Provides a buffer over different Grid toolkits and versions. Provides ability to compose graph-based workflows. Tutorial in itself We have also developed Grid Tag Libraries and Beans (GTLAB) to simplify development process.

25 Some OGCE Services Information Web Services and build framework

26 Resource Discovery Service Extracted from the TeraGrid User Portal Contributed by Rion Dooley, TACC Axis2 Web service Integrates information from INCA, GPIR services. What machines are in my Grid Which ones are actually running? Works with TeraGrid deployed services, but you can use it with your own information service installations.

27 Resource Prediction Service (RPS) Predicts an optimal set of resources for running scientific applications – Predicts a set of resources on which the sum of data transfer time, queue wait time and compute time for the application will be minimum – Data transfer time: Uses input data size and NWS info – Queue wait time: Uses QBETS info – Compute time: Uses application performance info Axis2 web service with a MySQL backend RPS is a subset of the Fault Tolerance and Recovery service used in LEAD and VGrADS

28 Packaging Services Everything builds with one command mvn clean install We use Apache Maven 2 for builds. Structured, modular builds and consistent layouts Build a single module: mvn clean install –f somemod/pom.xml We include Apache Tomcat in the download, so all you need is Java and MySQL. Suitable also for the NMI build and test system. Want the Javadoc? mvn javadoc:javadoc

29 Upcoming Services XMC-CAT metadata cataloging service with JSDL sample implementation. See also our demo on Wednesday. Swarm Web Service for mass job submission and management. GPIR Web Service for information on your Grid. This is being repackaged; older packaged version (but same code) is already available. Workflow suite services will be integrated in the future.

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