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objective To highlight different terminologies and focus on process

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2 objective To highlight different terminologies and focus on process
To share Global Youth Work Conceptual models To share defining characteristics of Global Youth Work To provoke a reflection on the effectiveness of our practice in building a more humane world

3 What is it call? Global Youth Work Global Education
Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDG) (Wales) Global Citizenship International Humanitarian Education Global Learning International Youth Work Development Education in Youth Work and Global Justice in Youth work (Ireland) Sallah (2009); Cotton (2009); Dare to Stretch (2009) (North-South Centre 2010)

4 Definition “Global Education is education that opens people’s eyes and minds to the realities of the globalised world and awakens them to bring about a world of greater justice, equity and Human Rights for all.” The Maastricht Global Education Declaration (2002:2)

5 What is GYW? Is concerned with how the concept and process of globalisation impacts on young people’s realities Is based on the principles of informal education Promotes consciousness and action Challenges oppression and promotes social justice Located in young people’s realities DEA (2004) Global Youth Work Practice Training and Resource Manual Bourn, D. & McCollum, A. (eds) (1995) A World of Difference: making global connections in youth work. DEA: London Sallah, M. & Cooper, S. (eds.) (2008) Global Youth Work: Taking it Personally. Leicester: National Youth Agency.

6 Connect, Challenge, Change
DEA (2010)

7 Woolley (2011) Woolley (2009)

8 Dimensions of the Global Education Concept (North-South Centre 2010)

9 Making PLiNGs a) an analysis of events and developments happening at micro level in the nearest reality b) selection of specific themes related to those events c) recognition of connections with the macro world and the emerging dialogue between them (North-South Centre 2010:21)

10 Sallah, M. (2014) Global Youth Work: Provoking Consciousness and Taking Action. Lyme Regis: Russell House Publishing



13 Why does GYW Work? Informal and experiential learning
New learning – stretching the imagination Generation of curiosity “View the world in someone else’s eyes” Young people as co-producers of knowledge Symbiosis of consciousness and action Sallah, M. (2013) Evaluation of the Global Youth Work in Action project ( ). London: Ycare International

14 Conclusion GYW can be a catalyst to provoke consciousness and bring about change Is it a plaster on a broken bone or an anaesthetic? Is it from the “Missionary Position” or critical consciousness? Global Youth Work is not only “out there” but “in here” too.

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