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Words and expression 1.Add up the money you cost in a week and tell your parents. 把你每个星期花的钱加起来并告诉父母. 2.Peter failed the English test and felt very upset.

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Presentation on theme: "Words and expression 1.Add up the money you cost in a week and tell your parents. 把你每个星期花的钱加起来并告诉父母. 2.Peter failed the English test and felt very upset."— Presentation transcript:


2 Words and expression 1.Add up the money you cost in a week and tell your parents. 把你每个星期花的钱加起来并告诉父母. 2.Peter failed the English test and felt very upset. Peter 英语测验不及格, 很不开心. 3.The farmers ignored the heavy rain and went on working in the field. 农民没有理会大雨, 继续在田里工作

3 4. The young mother is trying to calm down the crying baby. 那年轻的妈妈正尝试让那大哭的 BB 平静下来. 5. He was concerned about her family after he left home. 他离开家乡后很想念家里的人. 6. He used to walk the dog after meal. 他以前习惯饭后带狗散步. 7.The dog got loose from his hand and ran into the street. 那只狗挣脱他的手跑到街上. 8. Mr. Li often tells us not to cheat in the exam. 李老师常常告诫我们考试不要作弊.


5 Answer the question: If you want to make new friends, what do you think your friend should like? I think he/she should be ____and_____.

6 brave funny beautiful strong rich Make a list of the qualities a good friend should be…...

7 Good friend honest kind friendly helpful humorous responsible loyal patient The qualities of a good friend

8 Proverbs 1.A friend in need is a friend indeed. 2.A faithful friend is hard to find. 3.Make your enemy your friend. 4.A friend is a second self. 5.A good friend is my nearest relation. 6.A life without a friend is a life without a sun. 7.A father is a treasure, a brother is a comfort, but a friend is both.

9 What is friendship? I want to find the answer to the question What is friendship? When it rains, I think friendship is a small umbrella. It can give me a piece of clear sky. When I’m crying, I think friendship is a white handkerchief. It can wipe my tears dry. When I am sad, I think friendship is a warm word. It can bring me happiness again. When I am in trouble, I think friendship is a strong hand. It can help me escape my troubles. When I sit in a quiet place, I think friendship is a very wonderful feeling. It can’t be pulled and torn, because it is in everyone’s heart. It is there from the beginning to the end of our lives.

10 Pre-reading 1. Why do we need friends? around us upset in trouble do something wrong happy / won’t leave me alone calm down / comfort you help me / solve Tell you the truth / help me to correct

11 Does a friend always have to be a person? What else can be your friend? A boy and his dog

12 Anne’s best friend


14 Something about Anne Frank

15 Anne’s diary

16 Background Information Anne’s father : Otto Frank Anne’s mother: Mrs. Frank Anne Frank Anne’s older sister: Margot Peter, who lived with the Franks in the attic Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany.

17 Born in 1929, Anne Frank was a German- Jewish teenager who had to hide in order to escape from Nazis. She and her family spent 25 months in a few small rooms above his father ’ s office in Amsterdam. Finally they were found and caught.

18 On August 4, 1944 during World War Two, they were arrested and sent to the concentration camp. Peter was forced into a long march from the camp where he disappeared. When Margot died in March, 1945, Anne probably lose her desire to live. She died just before her 16th birthday and less than a month before the surviving Jews were liberated. Concentration camp

19 Let’s see some pictures of World War II


21 Background This is a true story. It took place in Amsterdam, Holland in the early 1940s after the German Nazis had occupied most of Europe. The Nazi Party ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. One of their key policies was to kill all the Jews in Europe. If any persons known to be Jews were found, they would be sent to concentration camps farther east, mostly in Poland. Families were separated and transported in trains.

22 For many days, they went without food, water, sanitation or fresh air. To avoid this terrible fate, some Jewish families went into hiding, often with the help of non-Jewish friends.This diary was written during the time when Anne and her family moved to escape from being killed by Nazis.


24 Reading method when where whowhat why how

25 Scanning : Fill in the form below The time of the story The place of the story The heroine of the story Anne’s best friend The length of time they hid away The date of the diary World War Two Netherlands Anne her diary--Kitty two years Thursday 15,June,1944

26 Reading-I----skimming (1m) Mutiple choice 1. According to Anne, a true friend is a person A.that would laugh at you. B.Who makes you happy. C.whom you can trust. D.who could save your life. C During this time the only true friend was her diary and she could tell everything to it. 2. Anne said that she had grown crazy about nature because A.She had always been so. B. her interest in nature had grown. C. She had been outdoors too long. D.She had been indoors too long. D I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature.

27 3.She didn’t dare open the window when the moon was bright. That’s because A.They might be discovered. B.Her family might be disturbed. C.It was very cold. D.A thief might get into the room. Her family was Jewish so they had to hide or would be caught by the German Nazis. 4. Anne and her family were caught by German Naszis A.about June 1945 B. about February 1945 C.about Dec.1944 D. about Nov. 1944 She and her family hid away for two years before they were discovered. It was the first time in a year and half that I had seen the night face to face……The diary was written on June 15, 1944. A C

28 Read the passage again and fill the following form: TimeNatureFeeling Before hiding After hiding Blue sky, songs of birds, moonlight, flowers Never felt spellbound Darkness, rain, wind, thundering clouds Grew crazy Reading-III----filling (4m)

29 ④ Guess the meanings of “spellbound from the discourse( 语篇, 上下文 ). Use another word to substitute it. Spellbound means to concentrate with delight for some time. Interested.

30 导与练 Page1


32 feeling [C] 感觉;知觉(后常跟 of ) [pl.] 感情;情感 a feeling of danger /hunger/thirst He doesn’t care about the feelings of others. feel 1.Linking Verb 联系动词

33 go through 1.The country has gone through too many wars. 2.You really don’t know what we went through while working on this project. 3.The bill didn’t go through. 4. I went through all my pockets but I couldn’t find my wallet. 5. Have you gone through all your money? 经历 遭受或忍受 被通过 仔细阅读或研究、审查 用光

34 make+ 宾语 + 宾语补足语 1.We made him monitor of our class. 2.What he said made me happy. 3.The boss made his workers work twelve hours a day. 4.He tried to make himself understood in broken English. 5.Please make yourself at home. (n./adj./v./p.p./ 介词短语 )

35 Please set down what I write on the blackboard. Set down your heavy bags and take a rest. The bus driver set her down at the corner. I don’t want to set down a series of facts in a diary. set down=put down 放下 set down = write down = take down =put down 记下 a series of 一连串、一系列、一套 TV series a series of facts a series of stamps 注: a series of + 复数可数名词 + 单数谓语

36 as 正如, 照 …… 的方式 1) Do as I say. 2) David, as you know, is a photographer. 3) As I said in my last letter,I’m taking the exam in July.

37 I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. There was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of the birds, moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound. That’s changed since I was here.

38 indoors (adv.) outdoors (adv) indoor (adj.) outdoor (adj.) We stayed indoors. It’s very hot. Let’s sleep outdoors. indoor sports/clothes Do you lead an outdoor life?

39 be/grow crazy about Most young people are crazy about pop music. It’s crazy of you to go out in this stormy weather. =You are crazy to go out in this stormy weather.

40 stay (link v) + adj/ n 1) I stayed awake through the stormy night. 2) He stayed single all his life. 3) Stay seated ! 坐在那别动 !

41 do sth on purpose I think she lost the key on purpose. do sth with/ for the purpose of… He took along one of his pictures with the purpose of finding a job. Did you come to London for /with the purpose of seeing your family or for your business purposes? I didn’t hurt you on purpose. Could you forgive me? I came here on purpose / purposely to see you.

42 = He went to town in order that he could sell the painting. in order to = so as to He went to town in order to sell the painting. in order not to =so as not to 都作状语,但 so as to do/ so as not to do 只能位于句中 in order to /in order not to do 句中或句首都可以 She studies very hard so as to /in order to catch up with others. =In order to catch up with others, she studies very hard.

43 much too + adj/ adv too much (+ un) = more than enough  She is afraid that the trip will be too much for me.  He doesn’t talk too much.  The dress is much too long for me.  I got into the taxi and the driver started off at once and drove much too fast.  It’s much too hot.

44 1. He spoke ________fast. 2. ________ has been said about it. 3. Don’t drink _________ water. 4. Don’t buy _________ books. much too Too much too much too many

45 dare 情态动词 I dare not go out alone at night. Dare you go out alone at night? If you dare speak to me like that again, you’ll be sorry. She dare not (daren’t) say what she thinks. 1. 用于否定句 2. 用于疑问句 3. 用于条件句 4. 没有人称和数的变化

46 dare 实义动词 I don’t dare to go out alone at night. Do you dare to go out alone at night? He dares to go out alone at night. 1. 有人称和数的变化 2. 后接 to do 的形式 ( 有时可接不带 to 的不定式 ) 3. 借助于助动词构成疑问和否定 4. 可用于肯定句

47 happen vi. 1) What time did the accident happen ? 2) No one knew who had fired the gun— it all happened so quickly. sb. happen to do sth. ( 似乎 ) 碰巧 = to be or as if by chance I happened to see her on my way to work. If you happen to find it, please let me know. When I came back home my mother happened to be asleep(sleeping). The police happened to notice him when the theif was just about to run away.

48 hold/ have sb in one’s power 控制住 / 摆布 某人 It’s the first/ second time that 某人第一 / 二次做 The thundering clouds held me entirely in their power. It was the first time in a year and a half that I had seen the night face to face. It is the second time that I have visited your company.

49 face to face face-to-face I have often heard of her. Actually, I’ve never met her face to face. The had a face-to-face talk. 面对面地 (作状语) ( adj. )面对面的 (作定语修饰名词) heart to heart shoulder to shoulder hand in hand arm in arm 贴心地;坦率地 肩并肩地 手拉手地 臂挽臂地

50 2. Answer keys for Ex. 2 on page 4: Anne’s sister, Margot, was very ______ that the family had to move. She found it difficult to settle and ___________ in the hiding place because she was _________ ______ whether they would be discovered. She knew she had to _______ her parents and ___________ them this was necessary. At first she thought she would go _______ but later she realized that it was better to ___________ this together. upset calm down concerned about trust according to crazy go through

51 5. 注意地点的变化 在直接引语变为间接引语时需要注意的变化 1. 注意时态的变化 2. 注意人称变化。 3. 注意指示代词的变化 4. 注意时间的变化 6. 注意个别趋向动词的变化

52 Page5 答案 1.Anna said that she didn’t know the address of her new home. 2.Anne told her father that she had got tired of looking at nature through dirty curtains and dusty windows. 3.The girl said that she needed to pack up her things in the suitcse very quickly. 4.Her father asked her why she chose/had chosen her diary and old letters. 5.“Are you very hot with so many clothes on?”Mother asked/said to her. 6.“What else have you hidden under your overcoat?”Margot asked her. 7.“When shall we go back home?”Anne asked her father. 8.“Why did you talk so much to that boy?”Father asked Anne.

53 Using Language Problems in making friends What problems do you have in making friends?

54 Now read Lisa’s letter and find out what her problem is. READING She makes friends with a boy. But other students gossip that they have fallen in love. She doesn’t want to end their friendship but she hates others gossiping.

55 have trouble with… have trouble / difficulty with sth/sb 同 … 闹别 扭, 有 … 病痛, 有 … 困难 He has trouble with his best friend / his stomach / his English study. have trouble / difficulty ( in ) doing sth 在干 … 方面有困难 The old lady had trouble / difficulty ( in ) finding her home.

56 get along with sb./sth 与某人相处, 某事进展 ☆你和新同学们相处的如何 ? How are you getting along with your new classmates? ☆他们的工作进展的很顺利. They are getting along well with their work.

57 fall in love with sb. ( 动态) be in love with sb. ( 状态) 注意 : fall in love 表示瞬间的动作, 不能接表示一段时间的状语 He has fallen in love with her for two years (Wrong ) 也不能和表示时间的 for, since, still, until, how long 等词连用。 如: The girl fell in love with a foreigner last week.( 动态) The girl has been in love with a foreigner for a week. (状态) 动态 状态 catch up with sb. keep up with sb. get in touch with sb. keep in touch with sb. get into trouble be in trouble get married to sb. be married to sb. He has married/bought the book/died for 2 years (Wrong )

58 advice [UN] a piece of advice two pieces of advice ask for sb’s advice 征求某人意见 follow / take sb’s advice 接受 / 听从某人 意见 v. advise advise sb to do sth 建议某人做某事 advise doing sth

59 So do I. 我也一样。 so+ 助动词 / 情态动词 /be 动词 + 主语 “ 也 ” So I do. 我确实 …… so+ 主语 + 助动词 / 情态动词 /be 动词 “ 确实 ” He will go there. So will I. He will go there. So he will. He is a student. So am I. 1. 肯定句式 2. 否定句式 He won’t go there. Neither/Nor will I. 我 也不 去。 He isn’t a student. Neither/Nor am I.

60 lonely: unhappy because of being alone or without friends 孤独的,寂寞的 alone: 1) without any friends or separated from others 单独的 2) only 仅仅,只有。用于名词或代词之后。 1 ) He has been very lonely since his wife left him. 2)This is a lonely road leading to a lonely village. 2) She lives alone. 3) The gloves alone cost $80.

61 Practice 1. 她的成功增添了我们的喜悦。( add to) 2. 李东爱上了短篇小说。( fall in love) 3. 我得把昨天的报纸仔细读读。( have got to,go through) 4. 你应该和她面对面谈谈。( face to face) 5. 为了出国,他拼命赚钱。( with the purpose of) Her success (has) added to our happiness. Li Dong has fallen in love with stories. I have got to go through yesterday’s newspapers. You should have a talk with her face to face. He tries his best to earn money with the purpose of going abroad.

62 课后翻译答案 1.You will know the result when you add up all the numbers. 2. We tried to calm him down but he kept shouting excitedly. 3. After a long stay in hospital; Mary recovered. 4. Since Li Ming settled here, he has got along well with his neighbours. 5. If you don’t want to stay with me, you can pack up and go. 6.During the war, I suffered a lot. I wrote my diary to set down my experience so I would remember them when I was old.

63 tired of 2. got along with 3. got into back 5. get off 6. got uded to used to 8. get into

64 Read the text again and answer the following questions. 1.What is the first way Hawaiians show their friendship? 2.What is the second way of showing friendship? 3.What is their third way of showing friendship? 4.Why do many different peoples call Hawaii their home? 5.How do people in Hawaii get on with one another? 6.How can people in Hawaii live in peace? 7.Can you find similar things in your hometown? How do you show friendship to visitors? Reading-II----Detailed reading (5m)

65 1.What is the first way Hawaiians show their friendship? Hawaiians say “aloha” to each other to show friendship.

66 2. What is the second way of showing friendship? They welcome people of all races, languages and cultures with “lokahi” which means “oneness with all people”.

67 3. What is their third way of showing friendship? They give visitors a “Lei” to make them feel at home.

68 4. Why do many different peoples call Hawaii their home? It’s because Hawaii is a place where many cultures live together peacefully and co- operate with each other.

69 5. How do people in Hawaii get on with one another? They try to help each other so that all feel stronger.People are told that their actions should be as gentle as the wind blowing from the sea.

70 6. How can people in Hawaii live in peace? They solve the problems with understanding and treat all people as if they are part of the same family.

71 7. Can you find similar things in your hometown? How do you show friendship to visitors? Students give their own answers.

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