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Maj 20151Jan Frankenberg. Junior expert Senior expert Manager maj 20152Jan Frankenberg.

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1 maj 20151Jan Frankenberg

2 Junior expert Senior expert Manager maj 20152Jan Frankenberg

3 Shared values within groups Physicians Journalists Engineers Lawyers Statisticians maj 20153Jan Frankenberg

4 maj 20154Jan Frankenberg

5 Manager vs Leader Manager(position) Control, administration, planning, steering, budgeting, decision making, organizing… Leader(relations) Coaching, communication, goal-setting, motivation, feedback, team development, conflict management, empowerment… maj 20155Jan Frankenberg

6 Human Competence Business Competence Professional Competence Leadership Competencies Individual Capacities Intellectual Ability Self Esteem People Orientation Result Orientation Communication Competence Management Creativity Decision Making Leading Change Teambuilding Statistics Analysis Subject Matter/Field Dissimenation Language Skills, Operations Skills, Finance, IT, Costomer Orientation, Strategic Thinking, Project Skills maj 20156Jan Frankenberg

7 As a manager you should be: 1.Business-oriented 2.Customer- and user-oriented 3.Improvement-oriented 4.Employees-oriented and 5.Results-oriented maj 20157Jan Frankenberg

8 This means that you: Set the Statistics Sweden's objectives and activities before your own needs Can convey Statistics Sweden's vision and objectives in a clear and concrete way Have good knowledge of customers and users and are acting according to their needs maj 20158Jan Frankenberg

9 This means that you Have good knowledge of how statistics is used in society Have an active network Show openness to new ideas and are actively working with renewal and improvement Can dare to examine and challenge your self- image by finding out how you are perceived by others Stimulate and encourage collaboration within Statistics Sweden maj 20159Jan Frankenberg

10 This means that you: Can translate visions and goals of your responsibility in a concrete way Clearly express what you expect from your staff Follow up, support and correct if necessary Act in a consistent and stable manner even if you need to make unpopular decisions Ensure that established tools and systems are introduced and used appropriately. maj 201510Jan Frankenberg

11 This means that you Show confidence in employees' ability Promote open communication Provide constructive feedback Allow employees to grow with new tasks and responsibilities Are enthusiastic and contributes to a good working group Have a strategic perspective maj 201511Jan Frankenberg

12 Leadership programme objects Improved leadership at Statistics Sweden Increased self-knowledge Personal development Create a supportive network maj 201512Jan Frankenberg

13 Identifying process 1.Yearly performance reveiw 2.Personal development plan 3.Listing of candidates at each department 4.Interview 5.Job-mach test of leadership potential maj 201513Jan Frankenberg

14 Salesman maj 201514Jan Frankenberg

15 Requirements University degree Minimum of three years experience working at Statistics Sweden Experience of project management Interest of manager jobs at Statistics Sweden, and Experience in different jobs within or outside Statistics Sweden. maj 201515Jan Frankenberg

16 Main contents (leadership) Personal development. Self-image and self-awareness Group Dynamics Leadership. Manager's role and mission Situational leadership and coaching Organisation culture and climate Communication maj 201516Jan Frankenberg

17 Main contents (business related) Quality and improvement Finance Projects from a managerial perspective Competence Management SCB-knowledge, and Human Resources Management maj 201517Jan Frankenberg

18 The invisible leadership ? manager ? ? ? ? ?? Supervisor Teamleader Product Responsible Project Leader Internal Consultants maj 201518Jan Frankenberg

19 Training for supervisors 5 days Goal Deeper knowledge of management and leadership – how can you manage your leader role in interplay with your colleagues? Target group Teamleaders, product responsible persons, project leaders and other persons that are not formally appointed managers but are planning for colleagues’ work. maj 201519Jan Frankenberg

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