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The Schwa Was Here By: Neal Shusterman

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1 The Schwa Was Here By: Neal Shusterman

2 Characters Calvin Schwa: the “Invisible Boy”.
Anthony Bonano: Best friend of the Schwa. Lexi Crawley: Lexi is the blind niece of Old Man Crawley. Old Man Crawley: Big business man who lives alone with his 14 Afghan dogs.

3 Basic Situation Conflict
The Schwa is slowly disappearing from sight and no one knows how to stop it from happening. The basic situation is that the Schwa is invisible and doesn’t want to disappear like his mother. When he takes a dare and gets caught his whole life changes.

4 Rising Actions Schwa gets noticed and agrees to do tests on invisibility Takes a dare gets caught for trespassing Crawley sentences them to walking his dogs for the next 12 weeks Crawley pays Antsy to “date” his blind niece, Lexi Schwa falls in love with Lexi Lexi and Antsy find out what happened to the Schwa’s mom Schwa buys a billboard with his face to get noticed His “Billboard plan” backfires on him Lexi and Antsy tell Schwa what happened to his mom

5 Climax The climax of the story is when the Schwa disappears and Antsy looks everywhere for him but can’t find him.

6 Resolution The resolution to the mystery of the missing Schwa was when the Schwa sends Anthony a letter after 2 months of being missing, saying that he had found his mother in Key West and was living with her. So in the end of the book, the Schwa was finally noticed and reunited with his mother. Also, Crawley hired Antsy’s father to be a cook at his new restaurant and both his mom and dad run it together as an Italian/French food restaurant.

7 Neal Shusterman About The Author Raised in Brooklyn.
Lives in Orange County with his 4 kids. Wrote humor column in his school paper. Has written T.V. series and many award winning novels. Neal Shusterman

8 The Schwa Was Here The Schwa Was Here The Schwa Was Here The Schwa Was Here The Schwa Was Here Th End The Schwa Was Here THE SCHWA WAS HERE The Schwa Was Here The Schwa Was Here

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