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(Our Version) Leader: Garrett Lee Composer: Garrett Lee, Xavier Chan Group mates: Oscar Lam, Jotham, TimDan, Declan.

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1 (Our Version) Leader: Garrett Lee Composer: Garrett Lee, Xavier Chan Group mates: Oscar Lam, Jotham, TimDan, Declan

2 Character Garrett Author - Cinderella Xavier Author - Prince Ping Oscar Lam Stepsister Jotham Fairy Timothy Daniel Stepmother, Narrator Declan Cinderella (Pig Form)

3 Scenario Narrator: Guys, you have heard about the traditional story of Cinderella, but it is not real, do you guys want to hear the real one ? Let us perform it to you now ! Stepmother (angrily): You ! Stupid Cinderella! Go to work, Wash the clothes, clean the toilet, throw the “ night fragrant “, just do it !!! Don ’ t eat breakfast!!! Cinderella (angrily) : Mother ! I ’ m not your slave! But you are my slave! Don ’ t you know that: everyone in 21st century only order their mother to do things, clean what! Mother will never order their sons or daughters to do any things!!!!!! Mother! You are so out!!!! Stepmother (angrily): Ok! I do them myself, I am your slave, OK? Cinderella (happily) : Sure you are! First, clean the toilet, then …… Narrator: You see? The traditional story only said that Cinderella work all the day, work work work! But it ’ s just a lie!!!! All things are done by her mother!!! One day, Prince Ping sent a letter to the back door of Cinderella ’ s house, but Cinderella take it, and doesn ’ t figure out who is the receiver of this letter!!!!

4 Cinderella (joyfully): Oh man! You invite me to the ball, and you want to dance with me, ha … You ’ re so stupid!! You ’ re just a little prince, who do you think I am, how dare are you dance with me? However, I am the most beautiful Lady in the world!!! You fool, Ha ha ha … Stepsister (deridingly): You are the most beautiful lady, don ’ t make me laugh !! Cinderella (angrily): Do your work la !!! No body will think you are hoarse if you don ’ t speak!!! Stepsister (deridingly): I don ’ t think the prince will dance with you, the letter is for me, not you!! Cinderella (angrily): No problem! I will go to the castle on that day, then … you will know who will dance with the prince!! Stepsister (angrily): Ok ! I will steal all your clothes, all your ornament!!! Let ’ s see who the most brilliant lady in the whole universe is

5 Narrator (sadly): The stepsister really do it, steal all her things!!!! Cinderella (sadly): Oh my goodness, I have no clothes to wear !!! I can ’ t go to dance with the prince!!!!! Fairy: Excuse me!! is there any one here ?? Cinderella (frighten): AH!!!!!!! there is a thief, let catch her !!!!!! Fairy: No … I ’ m a fairy, not a thief! Cinderella: A fairy? Are you kidding me? Fairy: Noooo, I ’ m a fairy Cinderella: Oh, you are a fairy … You gonna be sick, or … a bit tired Fairy: So, let me use my magic and then you ’ ll trust me … Magigaga!!! (Magic word) Cinderella: Oh my! My dress is so beautiful!! You dum-dum, give a rocket!

6 Fairy: What rocket ? Cinderella: A rocket that bring me to the ball. Fairy: Why? Cinderella: Because I am the most beautiful lady in the world! Fairy: What? You! Don ’ t make me to vomit … Cinderella: Ah? Fairy: Nothing nothing, I ’ ll give you a rocket … But make sure to leave at 12:00pm,because that is the time which my magic end. Cinderella: OK, see you then, dum-dum! Narrator: (Sounds of the rocket) Narrator: After she arrive … Prince Ping: Who? Who is that lady? Cinderella: Hi, my name is Cinderella. Prince Ping: Oh! I ’ ve been dreaming for a true love kiss … (Singing)

7 Cinderella: Ok, Ok, Am … your mouth is … so … smelly! Prince Ping: Although my mouth smell smelly, but my love will never smell smelly! Please … Accept my love, my dear … Cinderella: Yuck! Stepsister: I am jealous! Cinderella! Narrator: Then, they start to dance … Prince Ping: You are so pretty! Cinderella: Shut up! Your mouth is so smelly … Narrator: After a while … Prince Ping: Let ’ s wed … Cinderella: I tell you don ’ t SPEAK!!!! (She then hit his face with a major punch) Narrator: Suddenly, everyone look at them, and the Fairy appear too! Fairy: You ……………………..

8 Cinderella: I what? Am I pretty? Of course I am! Fairy: Enough! I ’ ll use my magic to turn you as a pig forever! Cinderella: How dare are you! Fairy: Ha ………. Bilibalabilibala …… turn you as a pig!!! Narrator: After a second … Cinderella: NO … Cinderella (pig form): (sth sounds like a pig) Prince Ping: HA HA HA Fairy: And the show … is over, thank you for watching! (Everyone is clapping hand, except Cinderella) Narrator: Then, people live happily forever after.

9 All the people: This is the end of Cinderella … Thank you for watching.


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