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The Kind Monkey’s Heart 10 20 30 40 50 一個吃了一半且腐爛的蘋果 a half-eaten, rotten apple Vocabulary.

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2 The Kind Monkey’s Heart 10 20 30 40 50

3 一個吃了一半且腐爛的蘋果 a half-eaten, rotten apple Vocabulary

4 張開手臂 spread the arms Vocabulary

5 可憐的東西 Poor creature! Vocabulary

6 嚇死了 be scared to death Vocabulary

7 做了犧牲 make sacrifices Vocabulary

8 warn A of B We always warn him of the dangers of smoking, but he just passes it by. Idioms and phrases

9 be relieved to 1.We are so relieved to know the exams will be put off till next week. 2.It a great relief to know that he passed the exam. Idioms and phrases

10 be tired of We are tired of listening to the same old stories again and again. Idioms and phrases

11 be worthy of 1.His words are worthy of note. 2.He is a poet worthy of name. 3.Your brave deed is worthy of praise. Idioms and phrases

12 in return for We sent him some chocolate in return for his help. Idioms and phrases

13 from one…to the next We went from one store to the next, looking for a gift for our teacher. Idioms and phrases

14 all day Do you want to watch TV all day (long)? Idioms and phrases

15 break up with Did he break up with Mary? Idioms and phrases

16 black and blue I was beaten black and blue Idioms and phrases

17 Ving…., S. + V…. (sentence combining) The little boy didn’t know what to do. He burst out crying. Not knowing what to do, the little boy burst out crying. Sentence patterns

18 Being adj.…, S. + V…. (sentence combing) Nancy is smart and responsible. She can be a great class leader. Being smart and responsible, Nancy can be a great class leader. Sentence patterns

19 so…that…. She was so friendly that every student likes to talk to her. Sentence patterns

20 shouldn’t have + pp You pulled your sister’s hair. Your mom scolded you and said, “_______.” “You shouldn’t have pulled your sister’s hair.” Sentence patterns

21 PP…., S. + V… (sentence combing). Mother was very pleased to know I won the contest. She bought me a computer as a gift. Pleased to know I won the contest, Mother bought me a computer as a gift. Sentence patterns

22 should have + pp You didn’t hand in your weekly journal on Monday, so Alice told you today: “______” “You should have handed in your WJ on Monday.” Sentence patterns

23 as…as one can/could as…as possible 請儘可能早點回家。 Please come home as soon as possible. 他告訴我儘可能要多讀書。 He told me to read as many books as I can. Sentence patterns

24 Ving…, S + V…. (sentence combing) I finished my homework at 12 o’clock. I went to bed at 12:15. Finishing my homework, I went to bed. Sentence patterns

25 PP…, S + V…. (sentence combing) My sister was invited to the party. My sister dressed beautifully. Invited to the party, my sister dressed beautifully. Sentence patterns

26 How dare S + 原形動詞 ….! How dare you come round here again? Sentence patterns

27 她很渴望與她的男友見面。 She is eager to meet her boy friend. Translations

28 他一家店又一家店地尋找直到 他找到一個完美的禮物。 He looked from one store to another until he found a prefect present. Translations

29 我不喜歡告訴你壞消息,但你 的女友想跟你分手。 I hate to break the bad news to you, but your girl friend wants to break up with you. Translations

30 你昨晚必定是熬夜了。 You must have stayed up late last night. Translations

31 聽到他要娶我,我媽媽鬆了一 口氣。 My mother was relieved to hear that he is going to marry me. Translations

32 你竟敢說這種話 ! How dare you say such a thing! Translations

33 這全是我的錯嗎 ? Is it all my fault? Translations

34 他真是活該。 It serves him right. / He deserves it. Translations

35 他的成功值得讚美。 His success is worthy of compliments. Translations

36 Mini Role Play After Monkey went home and told about his adventure, what might have been the reaction of his mother? What might she have said or done? Mini role play

37 Mini Role Play Student A: invite B to dinner and after B accepts it, set and time and place to meet Student B:accept A’s invitation and show how excited you are. Mini role play

38 Mini Role play Student A: invite student B to a new KTV Student B: decline the invitation and give the reason Mini role play

39 Mini Role play Going back to his tribe with the monkey’s heart, the shark was beaten black and blue. What do you think the chief has said to the shark? Please act it out. Mini role play

40 Mini Role play Pretend that you were the little monkey. You are telling your friend what you have learned from the lesson. (hint: using should have + pp) Mini role play

41 Mini Role play Student A: invite a close friend of yours (B) to a movie. Student B: You have to visit your grandpa on Saturday, but you have no other plan on Sunday. Mini role play

42 Mini Role play Student A: invite a girl you like (B) to a movie either on Friday night or Saturday night Student B: you are not interested in A, so you decline his invitation politely. Mini role play

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