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Confey College College Information for 6 th year Students December 2013.

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1 Confey College College Information for 6 th year Students December 2013

2 Third Level Progression from Confey College 2013 75 students TCD:6, DIT:18 GMIT:1 UCD:2 IBT:14 WD:1 DCU:5 NCI:3 NCAD:1 NUIM:8 ITT:5 RCSI:1 NUIG:2 AIT:2 MD:1 UUL:1 CIT:2 PD: 1

3 National Skills Bulletin July 2013 Expert group on Future Skills Needs Predict skill shortages in: ICT (software developers,web, cloud, mobile, database, games, data analytics, customer relations), project managers, user support, network security, testing and troubleshooting

4 Skill shortages Engineering: tool design, polymer technology, process engineering, QC, validation, mechanical electrical and electronic, chemical, food Science(R&D),science+business, Science + sales, lab technicians

5 Skill shortages Business: (purchasing, marketing, sales, business analysis/statistics) Finance: (risk, regulatory compliance, accounting, solvency, financial management, multilingual technicians), fraud, credit control Health: (non-consultant hospital doctors, nurses - cardio, intensive care, geriatric,oncology,theatre)

6 Skill shortages Sales: (tech sales, multilingual, customer support, online sales and marketing) Craft: (tool making, CNC machining) Transport:(international supply chain management) Clerical: (multilingual accounts, debt collection)

7 CAO Method of Application Paper Application Online Application

8 Important Dates & Fees All Fees are non-refundableFeesClosing Date Normal Application (online or paper)€401 Feb 2014 (5.15pm) Online Discounted Rate€2520 Jan 2014 (5.15pm) Late online Application€501 May 2014 (5.15pm) Late Paper Application€801May 2014 (5.15pm) Change of MindNil1 July 2014 (5.15pm)

9 Application Number When applying online an application number appears on the Receipt of Online Application Print receipt and keep This number is private and will be used in all correspondence with applicant – it should be noted and kept safe– space on back of CAO Handbook

10 Points System In the CAO there are usually more applicants than places Points system needed to select candidates calculated from ONE sitting of Leaving Cert only Points from best 6 subjects counted

11 Points System GradeHigherOrdinary A110060 A29050 B18545 B28040 B37535 C17030 C26525 C36020 D15515 D25010 D3455 LCVP Distinction - 70; Merit - 50; Pass – 30

12 Points continued Points for Foundation Some Colleges award points for Foundation Level Maths – ranging from 40 for A1 to 5 for C3 Most colleges award bonus points for Higher Maths – 25 for a D3 or higher

13 Important Issues Two lists of choices 10 courses at Level 8 10 courses at Level 7/6 Must be in genuine order of preference on each list NOT based on points from previous years


15 Keep Record It is very important that students keep a record of their list of courses and their order of preference Use back of the book to keep record or save changes online


17 College Courses All college courses are listed as Level 6, 7 or 8 for students with Leaving Cert. which is Level 4/5 Level 6 courses are usually 2 years and the Qualification gained is a Higher Certificate Level 7 courses are usually 3 years and are called Ordinary Degrees Level 8 courses are 3/4 or more years and are called Honours Degrees

18 National Qualifications Framework –

19 Minimum Requirements NUI Colleges require: Irish, English and a third language* 3 other subjects At least 2 HC3’s Maths for all courses except Arts, Law and Social Science Science, except for Arts, Law, Social Science and Commerce * For entry to Engineering & Science Courses in Maynooth a 3rd language is not required and a science subject is required. Since 2006 a 3 rd language is not required for entry to Engineering or Agricultural Science Degrees in UCD. Another recognised subject may be substituted. Students entering Nursing may substitute any other recognised subject for the 3 rd Language Students entering the NCAD may present Art in place of the 3 rd Language.

20 Minimum Requirements cont. TCD requires: English, Maths and another language (Irish, french, German or other) 3 other subjects At least 3HC3’s DCU requires Maths and English or Irish 4 other subjects At least 2HC3’s

21 Minimum requirements cont. DIT and other IT requirements: English or Irish and Maths 4 other subjects – for Level 8 courses 3 other subjects – for Level 7 courses At least 2 HC3’s – for Level 8 courses

22 Essential Subjects Many courses, especially at Level 8 will require you to have a particular subject and sometimes even to Honours level. For example: Engineering – you will require Honours Maths for some colleges and often a Science subject also Medicine and other Paramedical courses – one or two science subjects (Chemistry very important)

23 Essential Subjects cont. Nursing – must have a science subject – not necessarily Biology Primary Teaching – Must have Honours Irish to get straight into Teacher Training Languages – for all NUI Colleges you must have a modern language (except for courses listed on Slide 16). Required for all courses that includes the study of a language Business & Accounting – not essential for any course but would make college life easier if you intend to choose this type of career/course

24 Exemptions to language Colleges give exemptions to some students for the language requirements if they have a specific diagnosed learning difficulty – perhaps dyslexia, or if they have been out of the country for much of their education. This needs to be applied for and the school can help with that.

25 Trinity Feasibility Study for students entering college in 2014 Involves prospective students of Law (10 places), History (10 places), Ancient and Medieval History (5 places) Operated in partnership with CAO Assessment of academic ability and potential of applicant

26 Trinity Feasibility Study Three modalities used to assess applicants Leaving Certificate results Relative Performance Rank (performance relative to other college applicants from student’s school) Personal and contextual Data

27 Trinity Feasibility Study Information must be submitted online through the CAO by 01 February 2014 Further details are available at

28 Student Responsibility It is the student’s responsibility to: Research thoroughly any courses for which they are making an application To be familiar with all aspects of the application system used by CAO, including deadlines, rules, fees, procedures etc. To get all applications in on time, including CAO, UCAS, PLC.

29 Offers of Places CAO assumes that courses are in order of preference So – in Round 1 offers Students are offered the course which is highest on their preference list for which they are eligible and have the points Students may be offered one course from each preference list Students then choose which offer to accept

30 What happens to lower preferences? All preferences below the one you are offered disappear from your application

31 Round 2 and subsequent rounds Places that have not been accepted in Round 1 are offered to the next eligible students in Round 2 Students may be offered a higher preference A student may accept a new offer and that cancels a course they previously accepted Rounds 3 and 4 may mean new offers to a small number of students

32 Random Selection At time of application all applicants are given a random number, like a lottery Applicants are offered places in order of merit according to their points When a number of places are left and the next eligible candidates are all on the same points, the random numbers are used to fill the last places

33 Change of Mind Between May and July students can amend their choices as often as they like either online or on paper and at no extra cost. Advise to use sparingly Restricted Courses cannot be added to their lists after 1 February. Restricted courses are ones for which there are early assessment procedures, e.g. aptitude test, interview, portfolio or performance

34 Resources College Prospectus/websites CAO website – (NB Alert List) Qualifax website – Careersportal – Careersworld – FÁS/Solas – Teagasc-

35 CAO Timetable entry 2014 3 November – Online application facility opens - Change of course choices (free) facility opens 20 January - Early online application date – reduced fee 31 January - Closing date for online change of course choices(free) 1 February - Normal closing 15 February - Statement of course choices sent to paper applicants

36 CAO Timetable continued March/April – Tests/interviews for restricted courses 1 May - Late application closing 2 May - Online change of mind facility opens Before end May – Statement of Application Record sent to all applicants 1 July – Change of Mind closes Mid August - Round 1 Offers Late August - Round 2 Offers

37 Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) A third level admissions scheme for school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds – changing circumstances for some families School leavers who have the ability to benefit from and succeed in higher education and who come from socio economic groups in Irish society that are under-represented in third level. Supplementary form to be completed with CAO application online Information available from Points reduction and other supports while in college. NB – not all colleges.

38 Disability Access Route (DARE) The Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) is a supplementary admissions scheme for school leavers with disabilities which operates on a reduced points basis School leavers who have the ability to benefit from and succeed in higher education but who may not be able to meet the points for their preferred course due to the impact of a disability and Points reduction and other supports while in college. NB Not all colleges

39 HEAR & DARE – continued Indicate on CAO form whether applying or not – By 1 February 2014 Online forms to be completed by 1 March 2014 Extra information in post to reach CAO by 1 April 2014 Be sure to get proof of postage for these documents

40 Colleges outside HEAR & DARE Most colleges that are not in the HEAR & DARE schemes have access programmes of their own Check their websites Supports offered to eligible students and/or reduced points

41 Alternative routes Remember that there are many ways to reach the career of choice If the points needed to do a Level 8 course are not achieved, then one could start at Level 6 or 7, and work one’s way up, - in many careers and courses, but not all

42 Post Leaving Cert Courses Post Leaving Cert Courses (PLCs) are available in many colleges in Dublin and around the country. There are courses in almost everything you could wish for Entry to these courses is based on an application to the college and an interview. Not on Points! Not in CAO! They can be used to improve your prospects of entry to 3 rd. Level Colleges, or to gain a qualification Courses are from 1 – 4 years, with qualification from Level 5 to 8

43 PLC Courses Wide range of courses Some lead to 3 rd level – in some cases into 2 nd or 3 rd year Some Pre-University courses – Arts, Science, Engineering & Business – improve opportunity to gain entry to 3 rd level Portfolio courses Some course lead to employment

44 When to Apply to PLC Colleges After college Open Days,e.g. – from November for Beauty Therapy in Senior College Dun Laoghaire, December 11, 2013 for Senior College Ballyfermot, others as per web sites – up to January/February. Early application recommended as huge pressure on places now. Interviews held from Jan/Feb/March onwards. Offer of places before summer.

45 Financial Assistance/Fees Free Fees Initiative – Free tuition fees in 3 rd level colleges for eligible students on undergraduate courses – minimum of 2 years (does not include payment of college registration, examination and services fee) Eligibility of non-EU nationals, or EU citizens who have lived outside EU, needs to be checked on an individual basis to each college admissions office Grants available see for further

46 Colleges in Northern Ireland/UK UCAS system apply online Some grants available depending on means. UK student loans available Apply from September onwards Deadline 15 January but strongly recommend apply earlier. Deadline for Oxford/Cambridge and Veterinary and Medicine - 15 October

47 Apprenticeships Student must find own employer Employer must register trainee with FÁS or qualifications not valid Apprenticeship usually takes 4 years Some PLC courses good for helping to get apprenticeship

48 FÁS/SOLAS Skills Training Short courses in various skills Trainees are paid allowance while training Suitable for students who can’t find apprenticeship – often helps them make contact with employers Register with FÁS after Leaving Cert – can’t register while still in school Solas replacing Fas-check website

49 Failte Ireland courses For careers in the hotel and catering industry Basic skills courses – usually 13 weeks - apply after Leaving Cert – get an allowance while training – not many of these courses now. Longer courses – apply before 1 February through CAO

50 Remember - There are opportunities for all Over 1300 courses available through CAO PLC courses – apply to each college individually Career Guidance available in school for all. Any queries about applying to college contact

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