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The Nutrition Coach Magnificence Training Feb. 4, 2012.

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1 The Nutrition Coach Magnificence Training Feb. 4, 2012

2 Pro-Sequences The Science Of Going Further Faster Joseph McClendon lll Ph.D.

3 Those of us that dare to dream while the rest are having a nightmare will not only stand to inherit prosperity and abundance. We shall lead the masses to do the same and make the world a much better place.

4 Leading the why Creating and sustaining true internal drive and pull in yourself and your teams

5 How to avoid the... Ready Aim, Ready Aim Syndrome

6 What is a leader? What does he or she really do?

7 A leader is a person with a VISION the inspires and empowers other PEOPLE to willingly take on that vision, make it their own and bring it to fruition. Along with that vision the leader has a definite plan of ACTIVITY for themselves and everyone on his or her team. A leader does his or her part FIRST & LAST Identity of a leader

8 Dreams vs. vision A dream is temporary, extremely flexible, private and changes frequently. A vision is a specific, detailed and definite outcome that is experienced frequently with emotional intensity and shared with others.

9 Vision A vision is a dream that has repeatedly been imbedded into ones nervous system to the point that it becomes an unquestioned belief.

10 What is your vision for you and your team? What is the benefit for them Why are you the best one to follow? What qualifies you to lead them? Is it attached to their ultimate reasons why?

11 Does your vision inspire and empower others? Create a six figure income for each and every member of my team that chooses to step up and do the work. Build a financial wall around my family and provide the vehicle for as many people as possible to do the same for their families and the ones that they love. Significantly change the health and wellness of at least 1,000,000 people while simultaneously creating a team of healthy, happy, loving millionaires.

12 What is your most important and powerful asset to being an outstanding leader


14 Developing internal Pull in your team Drive is temporary and requires constant outside stimulation. Pull comes from the inside, is unconscious in nature and grows exponentially with time. Help the figure out why they want what they want Show them that they are in the right place at the right time.

15 ask them what they want and why they want it Help them find their reasons WHY

16 If you don’t ask them what they want then on some level they know that you don’t know what they want. and when it gets uncomfortable they can feel like you are trying to get them do do something for you and not for themselves.

17 What is your most powerful and important skill as a leader?

18 What is the one thing that you have complete control of and makes the biggest difference in whether you survive or THRIVE?


20 Qualities of a level 10 leader Manages his or her emotional states. Manages his or her team’s emotional states and creates positive expectancy. Consistently growing his or her personal equity. Consistently assisting in the growth of personal development equity in others.

21 emotional mechanics Results are created by action and activity. Activity is created by emotional states Emotional states are created by physical movement, internal and external focus and internal and external dialogue.

22 An action is a task or process done with the intention to produce a specific outcome. Activity is action that is consistently repeated with emotion and intensity until one surpasses their goal or outcome. ACTION VS. ACTIVITY

23 How To Create More Activity Find your PULLING FORCE (Drive, Certainty, Momentum & Why) EMOTIONAL MECHANICS (Find it, Feel it, Deal It!) MAKING IT AUTOMATIC (Contrived Human Nature)

24 THE PULLING FORCE Find And Or Create Your Personal VISION Find And Or Create Your personal WHY Cultivate Confidence, Courage and Pride Establishing Your Powerful IDENTITY Conditioning to make it REAL

25 Life is exactly what you dare to make it and fortune favors the BOLD!

26 Boldly Step UP Life Is Exactly What You Dare To Make It

27 Dare To Make Your Life MAGNIFICENT Life Is Exactly What You Dare To Make It

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