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DATA RESCUE: REGIONAL TO INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES & CHALLENGES Prof. Rob Allan, International ACRE Project Manager, Climate Monitoring and Attribution.

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1 DATA RESCUE: REGIONAL TO INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES & CHALLENGES Prof. Rob Allan, International ACRE Project Manager, Climate Monitoring and Attribution Group, Met Office Hadley Centre, UK

2 GLOBAL INITIATIVES Poorly funded and staffed Many ‘Grass Roots’ - Climate Science Community - support

3 The international Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth (ACRE) initiative

4 6th ACRE Workshop – Portugal 2013

5 Status of Regional Weather Data Recovery, Imaging & Digitisation Foci under ACRE ACRE Chile – initial funding EC FP7 ERA-CLIM ACRE Pacific – via NIWA, NZ; initial French Pacific Fund project ACRE India – British Library-India initiative; AHRC Collaborative Research on the Meteorological and Botanical History of the Indian Ocean, 1600-1900; MoU with Indian Meteorological Department? ACRE Arctic – being developed by the Atmosphere/Climate Working Group (WG) of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) ACRE Africa – link to new Met Office Hadley Centre-UK DfiD Climate Science Research Partnership (CSRP) contract ACRE China – part of the new Met Office MoU with both the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) & Beijing Climate Centre (BCC) plus an AHRC proposal via Bristol University, UK ACRE SE Asia – APN CAPaBLE funding for June 2014 Workshop ACRE Southern Ocean – links to Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) International Project Office (IPO), Tasmania, Australia & Gateway Antarctica, NZ???

6 US-based, independent 501(C)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization established in 2005: ( Our Activities -International Climate Data Rescue (IC-DARE) Inventory -International Data Rescue News (IDRN). Bi-monthly newsletter. -On-site Training - Data Analysis and Visualization -Climate Data Digitization Tools - Alpha-Numeric Data Entry (workstations and crowdsourcing) - Strip Chart Digitization Application

7 IEDRO recovers at-risk climate data from around the globe that enables meteorological and scientific communities to provide a better understanding of climate change and more accurately predict severe weather.


9 Overview: Facilitating creation of multiple independent land surface temperature reconstructions with traceability and robust intercomparison Land Meteorological Databank - data rescue, sharing and provenance - free, traceable to origin - consolidated master database Benchmarking – Station Temperature Test Cases - testing homogenisation algorithm ability - realistic synthetic worlds with different error models Data-product portal - user tools - intercomparison tools - visualisation tools

10 10 Climate Services across borders ICA&D: International Climate Assessment & Data Set and Data Rescue Aryan van Engelen – Netherlands Together with the ECA Team, Albert Klein Tank, Gerard van der Schrier, Else van den Besselaar, Robert Leander 5th ACRE Workshop, Météo-France, Toulouse, 28-30 Nov. 2012 ACRE Europe, SE- Asia, S-America, W-Africa

11 Concept of ICA&D The ICA&D (International Climate Assessment & Dataset) climate services concept successfully combines the work of WMO’s Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI) and WMO’s Data Rescue (DARE) activities ET-DARE ETCCDI

12 The International Comprehensive Ocean- Atmosphere Data Set— ICOADS Scott Woodruff (NOAA/NCDC & CIRES, USA) Eric Freeman (NOAA/NCDC, USA) Steven Worley (NCAR, USA)

13 GLOSS Group of Experts Paris, November 2011 Historic Sea Level Data Rescue Questionnaire Investigate and report on holdings -Names of stations -Time spans -What is recorded (marigram, tabulated?) -Ancillary data (tide staff readings, leveling) -Media (paper, microfiche) -Condition of media (risk of loss?) -Volume of media (how many pages, boxes?) -Where are holdings? (your agency, other?) -Plans for restoration to electronic media? *Report to Deadline April 1, 2012, extended to Aug 1 Sent to - GLOSS national points of contact - International Hydrographic Organization member contacts

14 GLOSS Questionnaire Results - 18 replies from 14 countries - 169 tide gauge stations identified (23 GLOSS sites) - Time spans:1800s-1900s - 4,103 Total years (~3,259 excluding gaps) - If digitized: add 2,824 years to JASL (324 GLOSS sites) Why no NTC response? - much data exists

15 REGIONAL PROJECTS/INITIATIVES 3 - 5 year funding (e.g. EU, ESF) Legacy of data collected, digitised and processed??

16 The MEditerranean DAta REscue (MEDARE) Initiative Climate records being developed under EURO4M effort linked to MEDARE The MEDARE metadata on-line Infrastructure

17 NOAA Climate Database Modernization Program (CDMP) Data Rescue Activities in Vietnam Daily data keyed for 30 stations covering 1890’s -1920’s - total of 6092 station months. Data will be incorporated into GHCN. ACRE – South China Sea Data Digitisation Mean Sea Level Pressure 1873-1932 (Source: Met Office Archives & NOAA Central Library Scanned images) ACRE SE ASIA: Linking Data Rescue Activities Data feed => the International Surface Pressure Databank (ISPD) => All Reanalyses especially the ACRE-facilitated 20 th Century Reanalysis (20CR) KNMI & BMKG Digitisasi Data Historis (DiDaH) Digitization of high-resolution historical climate data from Indonesia over the period 1850-present Southeast Asian Climate Assessment & Dataset (SACA&D) project aims to be the data portal and climate monitoring tool for the Southeast Asian region. SACA&D is receiving data from 18 participants for 9 countries from this region

18 THE MAURITIUS PROJECT Recovering, imaging, digitising, archiving and preserving of old weather observations extracted from ship logbooks in 188 volumes of Charles Meldrum's 'anemological' journals from 1853 to 1914 and terrestrial weather observations for Mauritius (including data from Colonel Lloyd's Colonial Observatory at Port Louis) from the late 18th to the early years of the 20th century held by the Mauritius Meteorological Services (MMS). National Archives of Mauritius

19 Old weather data records in Mauritius Meteorological Service (MSS)


21 Sir Charles Todd Weather folios covering the 31 year period 1879-1909 Work of the Volunteer Unit (South Australia) Australian Meteorological Association working with the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

22 Weather Data: Clement Wragge’s abstracts from ship logbooks: 1889-1903 (Jan 1892 - Sep 1892) The Australasian United Steam Navigation (AUSN) Company island- trading steamer S.S. Birksgate : Sailed between Sydney, Suva and Noumea [also New Hebrides] The French liner S.S. Australien was one of a quartet of vessels with which the Messageries Maritimes developed its Australian trade in 1889-1891. For 25 years the ship was a regular caller at Australian ports and despite the rivalry of newer vessels kept up her popularity over this long stretch of time. All being scanned for ACRE from hard copies discovered in the Queensland State Archives, Brisbane

23 French Mail Ship S.S. Australien (Mails for Australia, Mauritius, Mahe, Madagascar, Reunion, Seychelles, Aden, Suez, Port Said, France, Mediterranean ports, Continent of Europe and the United Kingdom, via Marseilles) 3/3/1893 – 17/4/1893

24 German Patrol Crusier S.M.S. Sperber: 10/10/1892-29/11/1892 (Built specifically for the German Foreign Service, S.M.S. Sperber was one of the German patrol cruisers on the Australian Station, charged with showing the German flag on routine visits to various ports in the South Pacific, enabling the German administrators to travel their islands territories on law enforcement missions and to be on stand-by for any military conflict)

25 H.I.M.S Austrian Corvette Saida: 15/7/1893-31/7/1893 The Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 3 July 1893, Page 4: ‘An Austrian wooden built corvette launched at Pola in 1878……… making a cruise round the principal ports of India, China, Japan and Australia. Since leaving Pola several months ago she has called at Port Said, Suez, Aden, Bombay, Colombo, Calcutta, Singapore, Bangkok, Batavia, Albany, and Melbourne. She will remain here a few weeks. From Sydney she will proceed to New Zealand Tahiti, HonoIulu, Japan and China, returning to Austria by way of the Suez Canal.’

26 SS Kaikoura 20 Circumnavigations 1885-1893 Oct 1887-Feb 1888 Plymouth – Hobart – Lyttleton - Rio de Janeiro - Plymouth Track of SS Kaikoura through Southern Ocean – Nov-Dec 1887 National Meteorological Archive, Exeter United Kingdom 9-10K marine meteorological Logbooks SOMEOTHERSOUTHERNHEMISPHEREMARINEDATA


28 International ACRE Project Manager Prof. Rob Allan Climate Monitoring and Attribution Group, Met Office Hadley Centre E-mail: Alternative E-mail: ACRE WWW Site: Old Weather WWW Site: Phone: +44 (0)1392 886904 Fax: +44 (0)1392 885681 Address: FitzRoy Road Exeter EX1 3PB

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